Beneful and Dog Food Commercials Show Food Importance

Dog food commercials are giving the impression that dog food is healthier. The commercials show dogs that are running more. They show commercials where the dog is feeling like a wild dog or wolf inside. They also are introducing foods from gourmet chefs like Rachel Ray. The dog food industry is assuming new limits. They are beginning to work towards their fortunes by making gourmet foods for finicky pet owners. When reading a recent article about gourmet dog food, I learned on twitter how much the different companies are researching the foods and flavors. It seems that most dog food owners now want their pets to eat like they are eating. This is not to say that the owners are wanting to have the dog at the table with them. Food should be nutritious as well as taste good. When you are reading this article, you will find that each pet food company has a different spin on the new. The article tells us about many unique flavors and ingredients the companies are trying. When reading the article, take the time to find out about the foods they are storing in refrigeration. The article is there, read it and form your opinions before you shop. Beneful by Purina has been on the shelves for a while. It is the go-to food for most pet owners because most pets love the taste. The prices are reasonable. The variety is sufficient to change up every month and still have more types to try. Most dogs either prefer the dry or, the moist. Smaller dog is typically eating moist foods or very small morsel dry foods. This happens because their mouth is tiny. Beneful has the dry and the moisture available. The moist food is in a container that shows off the gravy and meat in the product. Fresh strips of chicken, beef, or turkey look good enough for us to consume. If you get a new puppy, do not forget to start it out right. Buy the puppy a good Beneful puppy formula. The puppy needs more calcium and rice in their diet. Their tummies are distinct from older dogs. Once the puppy is approximately one-year-old, you can switch the food to the adult. Beneful helps you by providing a large variety of choices.

George Soros Gives Insight To Trump’s Immigration Rhetoric

It is an interesting and unpredictable time in American politics, and a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. As the primary season begins to reach its peak, we see which candidates have emerged as front-runners, and the opinions of those knowledgeable about the world of politics as to who is worthy of party nominations and the presidency have started to come to light.

One such opinion is that of respected financier George Soros. When Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Mr. Soros was quoted as saying the Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump was ‘doing the work of Isis’. Mr. Soros has cited Trunp’s statements about immigration and the anti – immigration speeches the candidate has been making of late as the reason for his belief that the candidate is aiding the terrorist group. Mr. Trunp’s words have been credited with creating a climate of hate and fear amongst constituents and making minorities and immigrants feel marginalized and unwelcome. Both groups could easily become hostile and resentful towards one another and such unfriendly sentiments can lead to disillusionment, and Soros poses the idea that policies that discriminate against them could ‘convince the Muslim community that there is no alternative to terrorism”. Forbes

George Soros is no stranger to giving his opinion about matters of politics and finance. He is a sought after mind on both issues and has been for many years. His status as the most successful hedge fund manager in the world makes him an authority on the subject of money management, and his dedication to his charitable foundation and the ideals of the Democratic Party have made him a valuable resource of knowledge and experience on political matters. But it’s his unique experience as an immigrant from a country in the midst of a volatile change in political beliefs that gives him particular insight into the potential consequences of Mr. Trump’s words on immigration: Mr. Soros escaped from Nazi occupied Hungary in his youth. Forbes

What is really best for Fido?

Beneful has been the leading revolution in practical, healthy, and affordable dog food. This article examines the different ways pet owners have come to be opening their wallets for food that can have the same health benefits, but for half the cost with Beneful on amazon.

These new dog food marketers on are marketing on the fact that people love their dogs like their family. Which they should, there is nothing wrong with setting a place at the dinner table for Fido so he can eat and join in the family fun too.

The problem is that this notion, should not be used to take advantage of the pockets of pet owners. Beneful uses quality meat, grain, and vegetable products to produces delectable food for your pet. Beneful quality is highly rate, and the food will give your dog a long healthy life.

Premium dog food sales have moved up to a 10.5 billion dollar industry. Freshpet is one of the industry’s innovators in creating gourmet dog feed. However using fresh meat and chicken is financially unstable. By doing this, Freshpet and their product is over double of what the classic canned dog chow is.

Looking for what is really best for your dog doesn’t always mean you have to “customize their food” or “Have your dog eat how their ancestors ate in the wild.” The best thing you can do for your family member Fido is to be their advocate. Do your research in what active ingredients are the best thing for Fido’s breed. Be an advocate and support Fido with regular vet check ups, as well as plenty of playtime! Throwing money away on overpriced pet food does not make you a good owner, but being a loving pet owner does.

George Soros: European Union Comprehensive Plan

by George Soros


The EU must accept this one fact that they are lacking a common refugee policy that has now transformed the growing numbers of asylum seekers into a political crisis from a manageable problem. Every member state is selfishly focusing on their interests rather than the common people interests. This panic is now precipitating in the panic among the law and order makers, the general; public as well as the refugees. The worst hit members are the asylum seekers.


The European Union must accept also that they need a comprehensive plan for it to vividly respond to the crises so that they can occur in a manner that is orderly, safe as well as at a pace reflecting capacity for Europe to absorb them. It is much less expensive and disruptive to maintain the refugees closer to their borders.


The crisis that is currently hitting the European Union has its origin in Syria. The Syrian population fate is to be given the first priority in tackling. Other refugees must never be forgotten just because the Syrian population will be given the first priority. But other migrants and refugees must also be never forgotten. The European plan must also be facilitated by a global response, under the United Nations Authority. The Syrian burden will therefore make a distribution to the numerous states and establish the standards for future problem dealings that occur of the same gravity as well as an establishment for dealing with migration problems.


The Comprehensive Plan


The European Union must incorporate a million asylum seekers within their locations every single year. For the EU to be able to do that, equal sharing of the burden is effective. Adequate financing is also one other factor that they need to carefully consider. The European Union must provide a minimum of amount of euros for every refugee in the first two years to help them to cover their housing, healthcare as well as educational costs and also making the process of accepting the asylum seekers a better and appealing process to all the member states. Long term bonds can be issued and this can be done in its AAA capacity to borrow. This will also have such kind of benefit to the European Economy.


It is also important that they allow all the asylum seekers and the states to express their own individual references using coercion. The refugees will be placed in that location that they are wanted as well as the place they would like to settle.


The second step under the comprehensive plan is that the European Union to lead the efforts of the world in providing funding to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan and support the millions of refugees that live in the countries. That is just a fraction of the needed financing as well as for basic care. If training, education, and other essentials are included, the yearly costs can be up to five thousand euros for every single refugee. t


summary via MarketWatch.


Kyle Bass’s Rollercoaster Career in Hedge Fund

Kyle Bass founded Hayman Capital Management in 2006 as Wikipedia shows. It is a hedge fund company located in Dallas,Texas. He became a star by successfully predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. People thought that he was a genius, but that was then.

Bass has made a few bad investment choices during his career, all of which outlined by UsefulStooges. One major flop was an investment advice that he had given to Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, a lawyer and politician in Argentina. The country defaulted on sovereign debt two times. Critics had very unkind words for him based on his judgment calls and the people with whom he has associated. Another poor investment decision Bass made was with General Motors. The car company’s defective airbags had killed some passengers, which tremendously affected their stocks

Kyle Bass is still doling out advice despite his track record. Even Bass has admitted to having a bad year. An interview with Bass is set to air tomorrow on Wall Street week, in addition to the recent article by ZeroHedge. Bass is insisting that there will be an enormous opportunity in the energy sector even though his previous predictions for 2015 was off. His rationale for this prediction is that the U.S. has shown only a minor decline of 400 thousand barrels per day from 9.6 million barrels per day to 9.2 million BPD. The underlying philosophy of Bass’s forecast is that demand will continue to rise while assuming GDP remains in the black.

According to Bass, there is no margin of error at the well, but records have shown that it took the United States $100 crude to add a million barrels per day five years in a row. It is now down to a million barrels per day for the next twelve months, which could result in a deficit. Bass was wrong. Russia seems to be the one that is filling the U.S. shale void, in that Russia hit an all-time high in oil output last month. Additionally, small to mid-sized energy companies have stepped up at the pump despite the fall of crude prices. Costs are low because of rouble devaluation and Moscow’s refusal to give into OPEC. As a result, oil producers are taking advantage.

Bass seems to think that it is best to invest in the energy sector over the next six months if a company is planning to set aside capital for the next three to five years, but his critics seem to disagree. According to Bass, the energy rebound is synonymous with the housing rebound after 2009. Studies have shown that the oil rebound was not as high as one might have predicted. The rebound was due to a shortage of inventory, foreign capital, and Wall Street investment in devalued properties. One will have to wait another year to find out if Bass’s predictions are indeed correct.

Nobilis Healthcare Giving Low Cost Healthcare that Counts

Nobilis Healthcare specialized in ambulatory and acute care facility healthcare services. This company has been improving care and accessibility for patients through its emphasis on non-invasive procedures that pass on low costs to patients, whether in an in patient or outpatient setting. In addition to the conscientious decision to focuse on reasonably priced procedures, patient education and involvement is encouraged by Nobilis. Their use of a marketing and technologies centers lets patients feel active in their healthcare decisions by reviewing relevant information and news related to the latest heallthcare findings. It is also a company with a successfuly investment and financial history. Nobilis Health has done well as a publicly traded company, and investors seems to have confidence in this operation. As both a healthcare development and management company it has hired the best medical professionals avaialable that have shown enormous leadership experience. The development and management of over 100 surgical centers has kept healthcare offered at a superior standard, and kept Nobilis as a recognized innovator and leader in the industry. Most of the company’s surgery and ambulatory services are uniform through each location of the hospitals, which makes talent transfer and remote management an added strength for operations. Nobilis made headlines in the investment world in 2014, when it quarterly earnings tripled. Starting with $12.1 million in 2014 the company went on to earn $33 million and $35 million in 2015, stating that the growth was partly due to marketing efforts after an acquisition of Athas Health LLC, a Dallas-based healthcare company. Nobilis states that it will continue to focuse on operating high quality ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals across the United States, and feels that any more growth will likely be organic, as customers will chose a healthcare facility with the best possible service and reputation. It seems as if Nobilis will also experience increased interest from investors, who only have positive things to say regarding the company, and as a result of the past M&A success of the company, will likely keep an eye on the company, which has more than enough capital to acquire a few more healthcare facilities if so desired. Analysts seem to believe that although the company is valuable player in healthcare, it is not always seens as such. Nobilis has been low on the radar in comparison to some of the bigger names in healthcare. An increasing demand for surgical procedures from The US’s aging population paired with an obesity epidemic and other rising illnesses make Nobilis a company to watch in 2016.

Sell Your Really Fast Home With The 990 Company

Selling a house is a prolonged process that can take a great deal of time. Getting the house in good shape to put on the market after you’ve been living in it may take months. Then you need to figure out the kind of price the house should sell for as well as the best way to make sure that potential buyers will see it. All of this effort can take a weeks and even multiple months. Many homeowners do not have such time. They may need to move as soon as possible because they have a job offer in a different city or would like to have a smaller mortgage.

This is where a professionals such as Gregory D. Hague. Hague is a highly skilled real estate professional with many years of experience in the field of buying and selling houses. His work here has included assisting homeowners of all backgrounds who wish to find the right home for their needs. He has also worked hard to help master the selling market and provide sellers the kind of prompt service they need for their house to sell as soon as humanly possible.

Hague is a native of Ohio where he honed his craft. His entire family was involved in the real estate field here, learning how best to work with buyers and sellers. It was during this time that Hague learned how to help his sellers meet with his potential buyers to the satisfaction of both parties. His work in this area taught him how to work well with people of all backgrounds.

Since that time, Hague has started a widely respected real estate company that is fully able to provide customers with the best possible service. The 990 sells homes on offers customers the chance to work with real estate professionals even if the seller has a smaller budget. As a result, many sellers have found a great deal of satisfaction when working with company officials.

The emphasis at the company is on meeting the needs of clients and selling a house as soon as possible. Those who are able to do so and work closely with the company are often deeply pleased at the results. Buyers can expect to find properties listed here that are ideal for their needs. Sellers can expect the attention of a full service broker that allows them to be able to help locate potential clients who can buy their homes as soon as possible and at a price that is right for their needs. The company fully vets all of their buyers to help them figure out which properties are in their price range and will be best for their specific needs and budget.

Wearing Lime Crime Make Up Helps You Gain Confidence

If you want to gain more respect for yourself, the trust and affection of those around you and make your co-workers feel at ease, wearing makeup can help. Lime Crime is a makeup that isn’t afraid to show some color. A recent study showed that makeup apparently can help you gain the likability of other people. A woman’s competence and even her trustworthiness are often judged by her makeup, according to this study.

They say that a women’s cosmetics can boost her attractiveness. That is important and so is that fact that makeup can be a great way for girls to express the way they feel inside and out. Competence does come out in your personal choice of makeup. The largest problem in the cosmetic industry as a whole is there have been a choice of limiting colors and products before Doe Deere founded Lime Crime makeup. With a few hundred dollars and a very large dream, Doe Deere changed the way makeup is used and allowed better color choices and products that are just rocking. Doe offered colors that are true to life and that allow for the freedom of expression that women everywhere wanted, but, makeup developers were not providing.

It does not matter what these studies say, the reality of it is, women everywhere feel better about themselves when they are allowed to express their views and project their image to the world. Lime Crime makeup allows them to do this using brilliant colors and some of the most popular makeup in the world.

Do you want to show off your luscious lips or your mirror of the soul eyes? You can use Lime Crime’s lip care and eye care to do it. When you have your eyes done and have had your fill of eyeliners and eye shadows, lip liners and lipsticks are available to make the freedom of expression pop. After all is said and done with that amazing facial makeup, you can use the Lime Crime nail care to complete the look. What could be better? We know, what about something for the hair? Why use something from Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Gallery selection? Using a hair color to express yourself takes confidence and that is what Lime Crime is all about. You can know, like and trust this brand. You will be happy that you took the time to select and try their products.

It does not matter if you want to tone down the style for work at your nine to five job or pump the color up for the next party, Lime Crime makeup can help you meet your goals in both your business and personal life. If you wear makeup, you owe it to yourself to try Lime Crime Makeup.

Beneful Nutrition for Furry Friends

Beneful is a company that makes both wet and dry food. They are under the name of Purina and are able to produce high quality foods for people who think of their dogs just like they would a member of their own family. Beneful has several different options to choose from in both the wet and dry varieties. These foods are targeted specifically for a type of dog that they are made to fit and are able to work well with what the dog has been doing. Dogs who eat Beneful are able to truly enjoy their food. The wet food made by Beneful comes in several varieties. These varieties are made for active dogs, puppies, dogs who do not get a lot of activity, dogs who have no special needs and dogs who have owners that want them to have just a little more than the average food. Purina store’s Beneful has made foods that are tailored specifically to fit the needs of each of these dogs. For example, a dog who does not get a lot of activity would want to try the healthy weight variety of food. This food would not be good for a very active dog because it would not provide the necessary nutrients. Wet dog food made by Beneful comes in more variety than the dry food. There are two main types: medleys and chopped blends. The chopped blends come with different varieties and flavors. They have chicken, beef and pork flavors. All of these are made only depending on a dog’s specific taste. There is no one that is better than the other. The medleys come in Tuscan, Romana and Mediterranean flavors. These, like the others, are only dependent on the dog’s taste and do not have nutritional differences between the three varieties. This dog food company also makes treats for your dog. They have healthy smile treats, baked treats and original treats. These are able to do different things. The healthy smile treats help your dog achieve a better smile through use of nutrients and unique patented formation of the treats. The baked treats are great because they are made to taste delicious to your dog, but they are not ridiculously unhealthy for the dog. Original treats are just that. They do not do anything special, but your dog will enjoy the flavors that come from eating the treats and getting one as a special.

Urbana Seeks A Cleaner And Greener Earth

One of the most important things we can do for our environment is to become knowledgeable about all of the problems that are plaguing it. When we become knowledgeable, we can begin to come up with solutions. Unfortunately, it generally seems that only the older generations of people are the ones that care. It’s hard to get young people passionate about the environment because a lot of times they don’t see it as something that directly affects them.

As you’ll see when you look at his Facebook page, a man by the name of Jon Urbana understands the importance of getting today’s youth involved. That’s why he has a GoFundMe set up to raise money for Earth Force. Earth Force is an organization that is working to get young people excited about the environment.

With Earth Force’s help, Urbana is using Twitter to mobilize groups of teenagers and young adults to work together on Websta to improve their local environments. It’s a way to get people excited about the natural beauty of the earth and to come together to come up with creative solutions on how to embrace it.

Urbana has experience in marketing, as he runs a successful blog. He is one of the founders of a Lacrosse camp for young players. Every summer, Jon teaches the campers that come to him the skills that they need to be successful in the sport. He helps them discover their true talents on the field with coaching from his website.

Urbana is especially good at lacrosse because he used to play the sport professionally. His days of professional Lacrosse are over with. Therefore, he is now writing for The Verge and trying to pass along his insights to other people. Jon also writes for Diply, one of the web’s fastest-growing sites.

Urbana has a lengthy bio on Crunchbase, as he is also a very successful businessman. He is the head of business at Ellipse USA. He received his Bachelor Degree from Villanova in Economics and is a proud member of the FAA Airmen Certification Database.

His accomplishments go beyond his career, as he also has some insightful Slideshare presentations and makes music when he has time (MTV profile). He is known for working hard to help out causes. That is why he has been the driving force behind Earth Force and the catalyst for some impressive press from Bloomberg and others.

Jon has also done other charitable work in the Denver area. Urbana is also known for his fundraising efforts for a no-kill shelter for cats. Right now, his focus is on the environment. He wants to help make this earth a cleaner and more green place for all living here