Bulletproof Coffee Improves Cognitive Function

It all began oddly enough with a trip to Tibet. It was there that Dave Asprey first drank a yak butter tea. The effects were immediate and noteworthy. Mr. Asprey states that the drink gave him energy and cleared up his “foggy” thinking. He began to wonder if he couldn’t do something similar when he returned home.

Mr. Asprey began to experiment with coffee since that is his preferred drink. Eventually, he developed Bulletproof Coffee. It consists of a low-toxin frothed coffee with 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter and 1-2 Tablespoons of a medium chain triglyceride oil. The oil is derived from coconut oil. He didn’t want to use real coconut as it affected the flavor of the drink. While many are somewhat leery of trying the drink at first as it doesn’t sound that good. However, many who have tried Bulletproof Coffee says that it’s surprisingly good.

Dave Asprey is a biohacker. That means that he uses science and technology to find ways to make his body and brain functions better. He estimates that there are around 100,000 bio-hackers worldwide. Mr. Asprey is the best known. The recipe is free over the internet, but Mr. Asprey is making money from the drink despite that.

In 2009, he posted that followers should replace breakfast with his 460 calorie drink and his followers did just that. Last year his web-site drew over six million unique followers many of them wealthy business persons or celebrities. In December, Mr. Asprey published his Bulletproof Coffee diet book, it swiftly took off. In April, he opened the first Bulletproof Cafe, which not only serves the drink but offers a selection of high-fat foods.

High fat because Mr. Asprey feels that a high-fat diet is healthy. He often quotes from a study done in 2014 in the Annals of Internal Medicine that found saturated fats do not cause coronary disease. Instead, he feels that the more fat eaten, the better, going so far as to say that 70% of the diet should consist of fat. He feels this is the way humans were intended to eat after all our brains are principally fat, and fat is used by many of the bodies functions.

The high fat drink and diet removes cravings, promotes weight loss, and improves cognitive functions. These claims are backed up by Bulletproof Coffee followers who are quick to point out that the drink has significantly improved their thinking and that they have more energy.

Tesla Ready to Take on World’s Electric Power Companies

Elon Musk is no stranger to challenges. The now billionaire and founder of PayPal, was scoffed at when he said he would build the world’s first luxury electric car. While many dabbled in the electric car sector, Musk took the “electric luxury car” sector all to himself and produced a product which rivaled its fossil fueled competition. Musk has now taken a big leap forward and has announced the creation and production of the solar powered personal home battery. He expects first deliveries to begin later this summer and has designed a major production plan in Nevada to mass produce the cells for a wider customer base. His vision is to take every home and business off of the electrical grid and to enable areas which are remote and more rural to be able to join the rest of the world with clean sustaining energy.Tesla Introduces The Solar Powered House Battery

Musk’s vision is not new but until now he has been the only one to fund the research and development of such technology. Major energy and utility companies could have easily under written the bill for such research and development but these companies are still tied to the fossil fuel industry. Marcio Alaor BMG pointed out that it would not be the companies’ current self interest to transfer to cleaner solar power even though it is healthier for the environment and is inevitable that at some point in the future there will need to be a conversion from fossil fuels to solar energy.

Haidar Barbouti Elevates Highland Village to New Heights

The shopping mall has become a staple of American culture. Housing much of what we love in retail, dining, and more, staying current can be a challenge. A shining example of staying ahead of the curve, Haidar Barbouti works to ensure the Highland Village Shopping Center remains a hot commodity in Houston, Texas.

Investor and developer, Barbouti saw significant potential when he purchased the Highland Village Shopping Center in 1991. The historic facility, originally opened in the mid-1940s, was one of the first of its kind in the Houston area. As if in acknowledgement of that fact, Barbouti set upon a path that led to other area firsts within the shopping center. It became the home of the first Starbucks in Houston in 1994. The Apple Store that opened in 2012 was the second location in the country to include a “briefing room,” aimed at targeting business customers.

Through his leadership, the 39,000 square foot Crate & Barrel, with its ambitious architecture, attracted notable attention. Higher end Pottery Barn and William Sonoma also have locations within Highland Village. The total leasing capacity within the shopping center is estimated at over $150 million.

When the addition of a third story on the East wing of the shopping center appeared perfect for a restaurant location, after unsuccessfully locating a tenant that fit his vision, Barbouti opened his own restaurant, Up. To ensure the customers are having the best experience, Barbouti regularly dines at the restaurant when he is in the Houston area. Focusing on quality food, and an upscale atmosphere, Up serves a mix of classic American dishes with a few international favorites.

A former student of Columbia University, Barbouti has taken his skills across the country from his Houston-based start to managing commercial properties in New York City. Through Barbouti’s leadership, he had the Highland Village Shopping Center donated the retail space and utilities to run the Highland Village Adoption Center, an adoption center for pets, that opened in 2008.

Clooney Teams Up With T.G.I. Fridays For Some Excellent Cocktails

Celebrities have wised up in the past decade, they have figured out that they will need a source of income when their fame fades and the limelight disappears. Jessica Alba created Honest Diaper Company which sells natural baby and cleaning products. Drew Barrymore owns a winery. Pharrell Williams owns multiple clothing and shoes lines. George Clooney owns a brand of tequila named “Casamigos“, or house of friends in English. These pricey bottle sell for a whopping $45 each and are about to become much more popular. Christian Broda has recently learned that Clooney is teaming up with T.G.I. Fridays to sell his product through them. His top-notch spirits will be available in cocktails and in shot form. This is sure to be a money making venture for the famous actor and, most likely, Fridays as well. Let’s just say that he won’t be hurting whenever he ends up retiring, matter of fact, it will probably a pretty darn luxurious retirement. Surely more celebrities will begin thinking of long term strategies for success. Some may possibly open their own small business because popularity in Hollywood is constantly shifting and very fickle.

Mount Everest May Not be Open for Climbing Season

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world and hundreds visit each year to try and scale it. However, this year, the mountain may not be ready for the climbers it normally sees every year.

Just a few short weeks ago, the country of Nepal suffered from a devastating earthquake. Thousands have died and it triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest. Due to the avalanche, 18 people died, base camps were destroyed, and the paths that the sherpas worked so hard to forge have disappeared. The Nepalese sherpas, who are key to getting climbers to the top, have refused to rebuild the paths on the mountain at this time. They have told Nepal’s Mountaineering Department that the conditions are just not right to rebuild at this time.

According to the story on BuzzFeed.com, some climbers have said that they plan on climbing this season no matter what and are hoping to talk sherpas into going with them. An experienced British mountaineer, Kenton Cool, has spoken out in support of the sherpas decision. As he pointed out, many of these people just lost their homes and families. Interested people at Boraie Development have learned that they are not concerned with getting a foreigner to the top at this time.

If the mountain stays closed this year it will be the second year in a row that it was not open for climbers. Last year there was an avalanche on the mountain that killed 16 Nepalese sherpas.

MillerCoors Is Accused of Falsed Advertising

Blue Moon is an American beer famous for garnishing each glass with a fresh slice of orange. The brand has brand has grown in popularity in recent years and is generally considered a household name for beer. The brand is marketed by MillerCoors as a craft beer, created in small batches for quality assurance. One man is tired of the false marketing antics and he has announced on freedompop review a class action lawsuit against MillerCoors citing false advertising. For those who are not beer connoisseurs, craft beers cost most because of the extra quality ingredients and time invested in each batch and are often small companies. So basically MillerCoors has been charging extra money for a beer that they make the same way that they make any other, in large quantities. MillerCoors has yet to release a formal comment in regard to the lawsuit. The answer could be as simple as Blue Moon beer being moved away from craft beers in grocery store coolers and over to other MillerCoors products. The question at hand it whether or not false advertising led consumers to purchase Blue Moon over other selections and if it will win a huge law suit.

Polluted Air Affected Many

Everyone loves to breathe the clear, clean country air that is out there somewhere. Everyone likes having the chance to take a deep breath of pure air and feel it run through their body. What people don’t like is all of the times when they have to breathe in a whole different kind of air. Christian Broda agrees that polluted air is not fun to breathe in. Polluted air is not good for the body. Polluted air does not feel good when breathed in. But, polluted air is affecting many.

It seems that polluted air affects four out of every ten Americans. Forty percent of the population is forced to breathe in air that is polluted and to do that on a regular basis. Those who enjoy the fresh country air do not always get to control what they are breathing in and sometimes they are left breathing in something that is not so great. Polluted air is a problem.

Nepal Death Toll Rises in Wake of Major Earthquake

The death toll in Nepal following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Saturday continues to rise. The death toll now stands at just over 5,000 people, with over 10,000 injuries being reported. The quake hit at noon, local time, just south of Kathmandu. Kathmandu is Nepal’s capital and its most populous city. An aftershock that measured a 6.7 on the Richter scale occurred about 24 hours later.

The earthquake has leveled many homes and businesses, leaving hundreds of thousands without power, running water or access to medical help. Mark Ahn (wikipedia.com) has learned that the earthquake also triggered a series of avalanches on Mount Everest. Late April and early May are the busiest times on the mountain. Several expedition teams were at base camps when the earthquake and subsequent avalanches took place. 17 people were killed on Mount Everest as a result.

While the quake was centered around Kathmandu, there are several remote villages that were also leveled by the quake, and accessing them remains a major challenge. Until those villages can be accessed there is no telling how high the death toll could potentially rise.

The Nepalese government is asking for international help and is currently in a state of emergency. There is no telling how many more people are trapped beneath the ruble, and medical help is needed urgently. There is no word on the type of aid that is currently being offered.

China’s Controversial Great Green Wall Contributes to Carbon Reduction

China has been working to expand the Great Green Wall along the northern edge of its country for decades, and scientists are now saying that this project has contributed the most to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Started in 1978, the Chinese government originally started the project as a way to stop the Gobi Desert from spreading further into the continent. However, the project has many critics who do not agree with the aggressive planting scheme, the use of valuable resources and the walls overall effectiveness.

While scientists and environmentalists continue debating the project, researchers are now pointing out that China is the leader, by far, in pulling out amounts of CO2 from the air. In addition, it is the only country to do so through a manned project or any kind of intervention what so ever. While most countries are facing a loss of vegetation, there are a few exceptions on account of higher than normal rainfall. While this increased vegetation in areas around the globe contributes to carbon uptake, it is nothing when compared to the massive amounts of vegetation seen in China.

Mark Ahn (epodcastnetwork.com) has learned that the forestation project is so massive that it is estimated to set off half of the carbon loss in tropical forest regions where the rain forest were cut down with abandon. Up until this point it was uncertain whether we could reverse the loss felt in tropic regions.

Full Of Goodness

Our beloved pets are often more than just animals, they are part of the family, and their nutrition is extremely important. Pet owners the world over stress about what brand to feed their pet to keep them at their healthiest. Beneful is one of the best dog food brands out on the market right now. Introduced in 2001, Beneful has been producing dry food, wet food, and treats for our beloved furry friends the world over. In 2012 the brand was even considered the fourth most popular dog food brand. Even their name suggests health and nutrition, meaning full of goodness.

Beneful is a dedicated dog food brand, whose intentions reach far beyond that of just feeding dogs healthier food. Often, they host annual dog competitions for dog park renovations so that our furry fellows have a safe environment to play. Exercise and a healthy diet are both extremely important to a happier best friend. The healthier our canine companions are, the happier they will be, and the longer they will be with us.

To keep our pets in the peak of health, Beneful makes sure that quality and safety remain their top priorities. Suppliers must meet strict standards for not only ingredients, but also product safety, sanitation, and manufacturing practices. They also have strict processing standards, to ensure that their high quality is maintained so that your pet gets the most out of their dog food. To be sure your pet gets the best, they even work with the FDA, USDA, and the AAFCO to make sure that every morsel is safe before the smell even reaches a dogs nose.

When it comes to our pet’s health, it is important to make sure that they get the very best. Beneful makes sure that every dog who enjoys their dog food is getting a healthy and safe option. Along with providing good nutrition for our furry friends, they also help to make animal friendly places better with their generosity. I think that even the dogs would agree that Beneful really is – full of goodness.