Career Achievement of Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth Griffin began business from his hostel room at Harvard University back in 1987. Some of the assets he had at that time include a personal computer, fax machine and a telephone. Due to his ambition and humble beginning, Frank Meyer, pioneer of hedge fund and co-founder of Glenwood Partners recognized the potential of Mr. Griffin. Meyer offered Griffin with $1 million for investment and was surprised as Griffin exceeded his expectation making him earn 70 percent ROI. Also, his close friends and relatives including his grandmother supported him financially to raise the first capital of about $265,000.

Griffin formed Citadel LLC in 1990 and is the current Chief Executive Officer. Citadel group has diverse financial institutions including Citadel, a leading expert offering alternative asset management and Citadel Securities one of the most recognized liquidity providers in the U.S. capital market. Also, Citadel Technology is another subsidiary of Citadel group providing investment management technology solutions. Today, Citadel has more than 1,250 professional experts working in different parts of the world.

Ken Griffin has featured several times in Forbes magazine due to his entrepreneurial skills and his achievements. He first appeared on Forbes 400 in the year 2003 as the youngest self made entrepreneur with approximately net worth of $650 million. Fortune magazine recognized him one year later and ranked him eighth among self made individuals in the under forty category. In 2006, Forbes 400 listed him fifth in the category of under forty. Griffin was estimated to have a net worth of $3 billion in 2007, and in 2014, it was estimated to be about $5.5 billion.

Citadel was recognized in March 2015 as among Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Institutions. The survey was conducted and compiled by Great Places to Work Institute. Mr. Griffin was credited by his employees for motivating and implementing inclusive work culture and offering package to staffs like museum tours, free lunch, personal gifts among others. Griffin featured as panelist speaker at the 2015 Milken Institute Global Conference where he talked about building complex institutions by investing in professional employees.

Kenneth Griffin is a member of Capital Markets Regulation Committee. He was elected among the Board of Trustees at the University of Chicago for a period of five years. He is an active member of several organizations like Economic Club of Chicago as well as Commercial Club of Chicago. Also, Griffin embraces artistic work and has been appointed by several cultural institutions to be among the Board of Trustees.

Due to success of his business, Kenneth Griffin has played philanthropic role to offer back to the society. He is very active in supporting educational programs since they are recognized to drive community development. He has contributed more than $250 million in donations to support several initiatives in Chicago and surrounding area. The most notable institutions he has donated to include Lurie Children’s Hospital, University of Chicago and Art Institute. His most recent donation of $150 million to Harvard University was considered the largest gift received by the institution from a single donation.

Yeonmi Park Advocates for Freedom in North Korea

Human rights are basic principles describing particular standards in human behavior recognized as legal rights in local and international law. They are understood as fundamental rights that individuals are entitled simply because they are human beings. These rights are inherent in all human beings without considering their country, where they live, language, ethnic background or religion. Human rights are applicable at any place and time, and are considered to be universal among all people from all walks of the world. All individuals are obligated to respect human rights of others regardless of their social status in the society.

People should not be denied their human rights except where due process of law has been followed on particular circumstances like imprisonment. Today, very many institutions have been established to advocate for human rights all over the world. The doctrine of human rights has taken center stage across international law, religion institutions and global organizations. Human rights are considered to have a common moral objective across the global society. Human rights involves a wide range of rights like fair trail, prohibition of mass killing of people, freedom of speech, prevention of enslavement and right to education for all children.

The need of human rights movement was realized after World War II and the atrocities committed during The Holocaust, which lead to the enactment of Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 through UN General Assembly in Paris. Early people did not similar approach towards human rights as they are recognized today. The foundation of today’s human rights debate emerged over the second half of the 20th century due various acts like genocide, torture, slavery and war crimes that were very common across the world during that time. This realization ensured vulnerable human beings are protected and enabled to live in a just society.

Today many activists have moved forward and spoken openly on the needs to embrace human rights in all nations across the world. Yeonmi Park is a 21-year-old North Korea defector and human rights activist advocating for freedom of North Korean citizens. She was born and brought up in North Korea and her family was privileged until her father was arrested and convicted for engaging in illegal trading. Together with her mother they started a long journey to freedom where they encountered several challenges on the way before settling in South Korea where they enjoyed freedom at last.

Today, Yeonmi Park has become the face and voice of oppressed people back in her native country. She is an inspirational figure to all those freedom loving individuals all over the world. Park together with other human right activists from North Korea are advocating for freedom of oppressed in their home country and this is showing positive changes as leaders are pressured to change their leadership style. Park is living in Seoul, South Korea, where she is also pursuing her university studies. Indeed, human rights should be advocated for across all human beings in order for them to live in a just society.

Bruce Levenson Sells The Atlanta Hawks As The NBA Goes Global

The face of the NBA is changing as the game of basketball becomes increasingly influenced by the players and coaches arriving from international leagues. The changing face of the NBA is also being seen with the arrival of new owners for teams who are looking to build sporting empires from the profits of their own businesses, both of these areas are shown in the rise of the Atlanta Hawks and the franchise’s new ownership. One of the bonuses of the international flavor the NBA is achieving is the fact that the influences are moving in both directions, with major stars heading to international leagues and the NBA being influenced by the style of play teams in other countries have been using.

In recent seasons the NBA has seen the rise of the team after decades of superstar players leading a franchise to glory on the strength of the play of one or two players. Globally, the speed and teamwork of the players on court has always been the major way any team wins their respective matches and overall competitions. The NBA saw the rise of teams when superstar players combined in Miami, but the Atlanta Hawks have been one of the major benefactors of the movement towards a higher level of teamwork. Atlanta has built a strong team under Bruce Levenson on wikipedia, who took control of the franchise in 2004.

Bruce Levenson and the other members of the Atlanta Hawks LLC franchise have not spent their time looking to attract superstar players, but have instead built a team filled with high quality players who combined to reach the number one seed spot in the 2015 playoffs. As one of the innovators of the international style of play, the Hawks under the leadership of Bruce Levenson have progressed from being a bottom of the standings team to the very top of the Eastern Conference. As with his business life, which has seen Bruce Levenson become a major success from the very bottom of the analytics industry Levenson has led the Hawks to success.

Bruce Levenson decided to sell the Atlanta Hawks franchise in the Fall of 2014 and agreed an $830 million deal with Billionaire Tony Ressler. Changes have been made in main areas by Ressler since he took control of the Hawks, but the arrival of front office officials from the San Antonio Spurs shows the movement towards success is continuing.

The Swell Company Aims To Eliminate Plastic Bottle Waste

A group of environmentally conscious organizations teamed up to create an art display that highlights how bad an impact single use plastic bottle waste has on the world’s oceans and marine life. Design firm Cod Steaks from Bristol, England teamed up with Artists Project Earth to create a life-size exhibition of humpback whales swimming through an ocean made out of discarded single use plastic bottles. Funding was provided by the Arts Council of England who viewed the project as artwork that would provide environmental awareness and education to people.

The whales are made from renewable willow branches while the oceans that the whales are emerging from is made from 70,000 plastic bottles that were thrown away during two marathons in the Bristol, England area. The aim of the exhibition is to show how plastic bottle waste affects the worlds oceans and its marine life. It is meant to symbolize the great pacific garbage patch, which is a massive dump of plastic waste found in the Pacific Ocean. It is nearly six times larger than the entire landmass of the United Kingdom. A full article on the exhibition and photos can be seen on TakePart.

The solution to reducing and eventually eliminating the ocean’s great garbage patch is to use reusable water bottles. S’well is an environmentally friendly company that was created to help eliminate plastic waste and bring about a cleaner, greener world. The company creates high quality water bottles constructed out of 18/8 stainless steel. S’well is one of the first reusable water bottle companies to offer reusable water bottles that are actually stylish and cool. It’s water bottles are designed to be fully functional and appealing. The appeal part of the reusable water bottle industry has been overlooked, but now S’well has created many kinds of water bottles that bring style and function together.

Organo Gold Expands into Turkey

OrganoGold has been on a meaningful mission to share knowledge about the amazing well-being properties Chinese herbal remedies offer and extend their herbal enhanced gourmet coffee around the entire globe. This mission is certainly just that and Organo Gold’s CEO and founder, Bernardo Chua, has already made a lot of advancements in that direction by hitting a big milestone recently.

Bernardo Chua has recently opened a new branch of Organo Gold in Turkey for Turkey to enjoy their delicious nutritional gourmet coffee and in effort to continue expanding Organo Gold locations. This newly formed branch in Turkey makes the 39th country Chua has opened one of his global Organo Gold gourmet coffee companies in.

“The opening of our branch in Turkey is a significant operational achievement for Organo Gold,” Bernardo Chua shared. “Turkey unites the Company’s Asian, European and African operations and allows us to better serve our Distributors and Customers.” he continued.

Turkey is historically known for opening the first coffee house in the world during the 15th century and the population’s thirst for good quality coffee in Turkey remains and continues to thrive. Bernardo saw this, and the demand for healthier products, as the perfect promising opportunity to establish an Organo Gold in the area.

“Turkey’s increased interest in an active lifestyle and growing nutraceutical market has expanded the awareness of and demand for Organo Gold products,” Holton Buggs at Organo Gold explains.

About Organo Gold

Organo Gold, a gourmet coffee company that produces high quality gourmet coffee enhanced with ancient Chinese herbal remedies, thrives in Eastern herbal medicine but has been striving toward extending their company. Bernardo Chua, CEO and founder of Organo Gold, intends to spread knowledge of Ganoderma worldwide, promotes well-being and change lives one customer at a time through Chinese herbal remedy knowledge and products. Ganoderma is a hard mushroom, also commonly known as Reishi, that promotes health according to traditional Chinese medicine. Reishi supports the immune system, treats acne and allergies, aids in weight loss, relieves fatigue and is great for treating high blood pressure and cholesterol problems.

Shane Morand, Organo Gold’s Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor, has distributed and sold more Ganoderma infused products than anyone. With his highly intelligent mind set and his undying passion for helping people live a healthier lifestyle, Morand has played a large role in helping to expand Organo Gold into 6 countries so far.

Finding the Right Mobile Wireless Services

When it comes to mobile wireless services, finding the right one for you depends on the features that are needed. This includes hot spots, data plans, talk time, and quality of coverage. Not to mention coverage areas, selection of phones and cost of services. Trying to compare the various services to one another can be exhausting, while at the same time be overwhelming.

Gone are the days where everything was completely unlimited. Most data packages cover up to about 30 gigs, and if you go over your limit, either your connection speed is decreased or you are charged outrageous fees for going over your limit. Unless you have wireless connection, this could break the bank in some cases.

When it comes to data usage, some people tend to get a little confused as to what falls under this category. Typically, it would be your text messaging, web browsing, apps that you may use such as Facebook or YouTube, or data could include use of instant messaging services. Usually if you are doing a lot of streaming or surfing, you will go through plenty of data usage.

Contracts for mobile wireless services has always been another big issue when choosing a service provider. You only had a few options, which included use prepaid services, purchase phone cards, pay a deposit or compare the features of the contracts. Some contracts were 1 or 2 year contracts, with termination fees varying depending on the service provider. Most of the time, people were sucked into contracts due to phone purchases.

With all the competition going around for the right mobile wireless service, how do you choose the best one for you? FreedomPop feels that they are the right company for you. This company offers a wide selection of smartphones, including newly released phones. This company is more than just a mobile wireless service provider, they also offer internet services for the home.

FreedomPop offers unlimited everything, which includes an unlimited data plan. Being that they utilize the Sprint network, accessibility to a wide coverage area is well within their reach. They offer 4G and 3G as well as 4G LTE mobile broadband internet services. Through FreedomPop, you can turn your cellphone into a mobile hotspot in order for other wireless ready devices to connect to the internet. They also allow you to transport your old number and bring your own phone to their services, this saves consumers thousands of dollars annually. In addition there are no contracts, so customers do not have to worry about being locked in to a commitment.

The options of mobile wireless service providers have increased due to enhancements in technology. With these continued advancements, customers are rest assured to receive the services that they desire.

Dating Apps and the Actual Date

One thing that people need to understand is that dating apps is not going to protect them from the actual date and everything that comes with it. While dating apps might make it easier for some to set up a date, it doesn’t protect them from a bad date. Anything that could go wrong without the app could still go wrong even with the app. The app is not going to date for the user. There are certain skills that one is going to have to learn when it comes to dating. Hopefully, the good dating apps will provide advice on how to date.

One thing that the user definitely has a greater need of learning is how to handle a post date rejection. While rejection upon first meeting can sting, when a date says no to the possibility of meeting up for another date, that could hurt even worse. Getting the date does not mean that one is not going to be rejected later on. As a matter of fact, this is only the beginning. This is where one gets to know the other. This is where anything can pop up that gives people second thoughts about dating that person.

Even with the dating app, it is important that one learns how to keep a conversation going or at least keep his date interested. If a date loses interest, then that could result in him going out the door. At the same time, if one could hold a conversation, then he will most likely keep someone interested. If a person loses interest, then it could be because that the person on the date has different interests. It is not necessarily anything against the person that hasn’t kept his date interested. It could be a mismatch of the dating app. It is probably one to revise his profile so that he is better matched. However, mismatches can occur even with a perfectly accurate profile. So it could be the dating app itself. Therefore, it might be better to find a dating app that is better at matching people together.

One such dating app is Skout. Skout makes sure that the profile is filled out and helps users find someone who is compatible. Many people who used the many different features that Skout has to offer have experienced success in not just dating, but in other aspects of their social life.

Using dating apps can be a different world in and of itself. Some dating apps can be quite complex. It is important to learn how to use them so that one does not get mismatched with someone.

OrganoGold’s Founder Is Excited About Their Products

There isn’t much that excites some people more than finding a health food that tastes great. Many people enjoy going out there and trying different products in hopes that they will find the next big thing. They want to eat as healthfully as possible, and in order to do that, they know that they will have to constantly be searching for some new products to try out.

One of the companies whose products those kind of people should try out is OrganoGold. This company has coffees and teas that offer many great health benefits. Everyone who uses these products, already, can’t help but compliment them and say how great they are. Anyone who is wanting to eat as healthy as they can needs to get out there and give this brand a shot. OrganoGold may just be the next big thing in the health food world.

OrganoGold and all that it is doing is all thanks to its founder, Bernardo Chua. Bernardo Chua had a good knowledge of business before he started up the company, from his years of experience in the field, and he had a great love for the Chinese herb, Ganoderma. His passion for spreading the news of the herb to as many people as he could is what prompted him to start up this company.

Anyone who wants to try out a new health food product that they will be able to trust to be good for them should give the brand OrganoGold a chance. This company would not be selling their products if the founder and the others who are working for it did not believe in the health benefits of them, themselves. All of the people who are working for this company are one hundred percent behind it. They love the products that they have created, and they are excited to share them with others.

Sygenta Being Sued For Non Approval of Corn Strains

Genetically modified foods (GMOs) have been in the news recently as scientists, governments, and consumers all do not know what to make of them and whether they pose any harm to individual consumers, ecosystems, and economic markets.

One of the largest products of GMOs, Sygenta, a seed company based in Switzerland, is embroiled in a lawsuit connected with the development of a strain of corn. The strain of corn is known as MIR 162 which is also known as Agrisure Viptera. The major benefit of this strain of corn is that it is disease resistant and is not susceptible to insect damage as much as non-GMO strains of corn. This often leads to increased yields for farmers.

This strain has been approved in the United States for 5 years but has not been accepted in certain other countries, most notably China which is still reviewing the application. In 2013, China refused shipments of corn that contained this strain of corn and the farmers who produced it were significantly damaged as a result, which is the genesis of this lawsuit.

The lawsuit suit, which is led by star lawyer Mikal Watts, a partner in San Antonio based Watts Guerra, alleges that Sygenta misrepresented the ability to export this corn to US farmers that led to significant losses for them. Not only were there farmers impacted, but all corn manufacturers were damaged by it as corn prices moved drastically after the refusal by China to accept this lawsuit.

Mikal Watts has helped to create a class action lawsuit against Sygenta for the damage that the MIR 162 strain has caused to farmers. The lawsuit is not even the first of its kind as Sygenta has already been sued twice for issues relating to the Chinese rejection of the corn including a lawsuit by private competitor Cargill. However, Watts has been instrumental in fighting for class action status for the suit which will benefit a wide range of hard working farmers.

While Sygenta has stated that they believe that the lawsuit is without merit, real damages were done to both producers of the corn and farmers of other strains of corn. Watts indicated that the non export of the MIR 162 corn led to a glut in US markets which impacted the prices of corn, which further damaged farmers. Anyone who produced corn in 2013 or 2014 can ultimately benefit from this lawsuit per Watts.

Eucatex Does More Than Provide Tiles

Eucatex is a Brazilian company that supplies tiles and panels. Most of their products are made from wood, and they make up much of the furniture, construction and flooring industry in Brazil. Their supplying abilities seem to be endless: Not only do they supply these products, but they also make paint, toys and cars. Eucatex was founded in 1951 and set up shop in Salto, Brazil in 1954. The business has been going strong ever since. They have 4 locations, 3 plants and 3 other units. You can also find them in Mexico and Europe. They’ve received many awards like the 10 Best Companies in Corporate Citizenship in Brazil and the Artesp Award.

Their workers are taught to follow their values, which include being creative and respecting everyone as individuals. Eucatex even has their own ethics channel in which people can report potential violations. One such person is Flavio Maluf, the leader of Eucatex. He was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His father is the famous politician Paulo Maluf. The company has grown strong under his leadership. He has upheld their ideals, including their pledge to be committed to the environment.

You might assume that companies who use trees as products are inherently uncaring and not concerned about the environment. Eucatex strives to be environmentally friendly and socially conscious by using the resources they have in the most sustainable way possible. Eucatex helps the growth of new forests, and they also have an excellent recycling program. In fact, they’re recognized by the Forest Stewardship Council in Brazil, receiving their coveted Green Seal of approval. They also hold several certifications which leaves no doubt that they’re doing their share to protect Mother Nature.