Benefits of a Stock Secured Loan

Over the past decade, the turbulent financial markets and credit markets have had a lot of impact on many different areas of the economy. One area in which they have had a direct impact is in the area of consumer loans. Today, getting a personal loan is harder than ever before.

For those that are looking for a personal loan, it is still possible to get consumer financing through a specialty finance provider. One company that is still willing to provide loans to consumers is Equities First. This company provides a unique type of consumer debt that is secured by a stock investment portfolio. When providing a new loan, Equities First will take out a collateral position on a bar wars stock portfolio. In the event that the loan goes into default, the lender will be able to liquidate the stock to pay off the loan. This level of liquidity allows the lender to provide low interest loans.

The powers of a loan that is secured by a stock portfolio can benefit in more ways than just the low cost financing option. The main benefit is that it allows the bar were to liquidate their stock portfolio without actually selling it. One situation when this is advantageous is when they can help to avoid higher taxes. Depending on how long you been owned the stock, you could end up being charged a very high tax rate by selling at a gain. By taking out a loan, and delaying the sale, you could end up saving a lot of money through reduced taxes.

Those that take out a stock secured loan can also benefit by not having to alter their investment strategy. If you believe that the stock will increase in value in coming years, it would make much more sense to delay the sale. Taking out a loan will allow the borrower to delay the sale.

George Soros Re-Emerges into America’s Political Sphere

At the ripe age of eighty-six, George Soros is once again at the forefront of the revolution against the economic and ideological trials currently being faced by America. He is among the many investors who have surfaced as a leading investor for the Democratic Party during the 2016 Presidential elections.

Soros is no stranger to investing large sums of money into political parties. In 2004, George Soros allegedly spent a whopping $27 million in light of the efforts of trying to defeat later elected President George W. Bush.

One of his other endeavors has Soros investing a total of two million USD to a group in Arizona that is currently working towards defeating Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff who has been charged with several offenses on Time, some of which revolve around allegations of misuse of power, unlawful enforcement of laws dealing with immigrants and violations of election law. Their efforts have now paid off, since, as of January 7th, 2017, Arpaio will no longer be serving as the Maricopa County Sheriff at His position will be taken over by Paul Penzone, a Democrat member, who with the help of Soros was able to secure the position as the Sheriff of Maricopa County.

In 2016, George Soros was a major contributor towards supporting the Democratic Party. He donated a total of $25million towards Hillary Clinton and other candidates to boost them and help the Democratic Party win the elections. In addition, he also donated towards numerous causes supported by the Democratic Party.

A native from Hungary, Soros attended university at the London School of Economics. He rounded up a fortune of an estimated $24 billion, which he earned through numerous risky currency trades on Biography.

Even though reports suggested that Soros decided to refrain from making any huge political investments after 2004, he decided to invest immensely in the party in 2016, owing to his boundless faith in a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

One of the few other reasons for Soros’ comeback into the political scene would be for the genuine concern of the American future owing to the Democratic Party’s opposition Donald Trump. The immense dedication and engagement in the elections this year mainly dealt with the values and causes that Soros believed in and supported, which the opposition strongly suggested it was against.

The struggles he had faced throughout his life under the pro-Nazi Hungarian Regime before he escaped to London and eventually America, have led him to firmly stand by the values that he believes in. He is an avid supporter of various organizations and movements such as Black Lives Matter. Owing to the recent win of Donald Trump, Soros plans to stand to lead the movement against the newly elected president with an effort to oppose to his reign on the White House.

When Soros isn’t on the forefront of American political movements, he spends his valuable time in Europe closely monitoring the market situations, through his vast network of the Open Society Foundation, which presently is operational in more than a hundred companies worldwide.

Todd Lubar Shows How Investments Should Go

When it comes to making a name for oneself in the Realty and investment markets, there is one person who might not be on the tip of everyone’s tongue but should definitely be counted as an up and comer. Lubar has managed to grow his company, TDL Global Ventures into a venture that is truly global, becoming one of the top-earning firms in its sector in the last few years.

TDL has long been the dream of Lubar but that isn’t the first company that he has launched and worked hard to find success. He first got into the real estate business in 1995 with his first firm, which was known as Crestar Mortgage Corporation.

Because he was getting in on the ground floor, Lubar had to figure out how to build relationships that could last. This means that he wasn’t able to go the Donald Trump route, where he could lean on the relationships his family forged. Instead he had to make sure that all the relationships he built were strong on their own merits.

Clearly, those relationships were plenty strong as his companies continued to have success as the years unfolded. As the years did indeed roll by, Todd Lubar was able to grow his business success by opening Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. this has become one of the largest privately held mortgage firms in the country. In 2013, he opened TDL Global Ventures, in order to take advantage of a marketplace he knew like the back of his hand after eight years in the business world.

As the 21st century continues to roll on, Lubar is making sure his business ventures continue to be among the most lucrative in the United States and the world. His most recent moves have indeed made him a global power when it comes to his slice of the business world.

The EOS Lip Balm Strategy Works

The Evolution Of Smooth is the name of one of the leading lip balms displayed on the shelves in local drug stores across the country. However, most people know the brand by the name EOS. The fact is that EOS has only been around for several years. Still, their current sales have surpassed the big brand lip balms like Chapstick and Burt’s Bees. Even several high profile celebrities speak highly of the brand. Of course, many wonder about the EOS back story. How did such a little startup gain such high momentum in the lip balm market. Well, it is all about the right marketing strategy and much more.

EOS Responsible For New Growth In The Industry

A marketing survey demonstrated the powerful effect that EOS had on the lip balm market. Kline research states that EOS lip balm has helped to drive the sales in the industry up. The research also predicted that the sales for the product would continue to increase in the future. Predictably, it is their insight on marketing and the behavior of the consumer that helped to drive their sales up and reach the number two spot in sales on Amazon. Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder states that in the beginning the startup was focused on sales, Facebook and other social marketing, and a way to shake up the industry. However, their strategy has changed over the years. Now, the company is focused on sharing their story about their initial beginnings with the public.

What Makes EOS Lip Balm Different

Well, the most obvious difference is the round container. However, the co-founders were also engaged with focusing on women consumers. Statistics show that women purchase more lip balm than their male counterparts. Of course, they decided that a pretty container would attract more women. In addition, they decided on a unique concept that engaged all the senses. Women like the products that they are able to touch, taste, feel, smell, and gaze upon positively.


Enjoying UK Vintners Wine

What are the best wines for the holidays?

When you want to be sure that you are able to get everything that you need out of your holiday enjoyment, one of the best things you can do is make sure you invest in some quality wines. There are a lot of wines that you can shop for which will get you through the holidays. In order to do this, there are a lot of choices that you can consider, so take advantage of these points below and use them in order to buy wine online, which will allow you to enjoy fresh tastes throughout the entire 2016 holiday season.

Here are the top wines recommended by the fine wine consultants at UK Vintners:

#1: Beychevelle 2008

When you would like to enjoy a great wine, this one is sweet and delicious. It has a number of different flavors which will be useful to you, including honey, sweet pears with some spice hints, cranberry and raspberry. By enjoying this flavorful wine, you will get plenty out of it.

#2: Ducru Beaucaillou

This one is excellent if you would like to enjoy it during the holiday season. The reason for this is that it is a wine that features a dark purple hue and allows you to enjoying the aged flavor that comes with the territory. This particular wine was bottled in the year 2005 and has allowed you the privilege and distinction to enjoy every hint that you will enjoy every step of the way.

Click here to buy wine from the United Kingdom.

#3: Pichon Baron 1998

This wine which is a 1998 Vantage is excellent because it mixes dark flavorful hints with a sweet toasty oak. It also features flavorful black currants and charcoal flavors. It is a medium bodied wine that is comparable to Cabernet Sauvignon.

#4: Montrose 1998

This particular offering is wonderful whether you would like to enjoy it for a Christmas Eve party, with Christmas dinner or for a New Year’s Eve party. You will enjoy the dark flavorful hints of plum and Merlot grapes, along with black cherries.

When you would like to enjoy a beautiful wine offering for your holiday season, it does not get better than UK Vintners. This is a company which will allow you to enjoy plenty of flavorful wine packs which can be accumulated and you for any sort of special occasion that you are looking for. You will also be able to purchase wine glasses and other accompaniments which will take your party or other gathering to the next level. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful wine offerings offered in this article, so that you can get all that you need out of the process.

So take advantage of the tips explained in this piece so that you are best able to enjoy any sort of flavor that you are looking for. Customers enjoy a lot that this particular company has to offer and you will be among their next satisfied customers which enjoy everything that they can provide. You will also be able to touch base with UK Vintner’s wine consultants which will give you the opportunity to select a bottle that you will enjoy if you are confused about which type of wine would be best for you.

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Securus Allows My Husband To Know Our Young Daughter

My daughter was too young to remember her father going to prison. It breaks my heart to think that she might grow up without knowing her father. As a single mother, I struggle to support her on my own. And my husband has been sentenced to prison in another state. It is impossible for us to drive out there and back in one day. I simply do not have the money to drive out there, visit him, stay at a hotel, and then drive back.


It has been very difficult communicating with him. Over the last few years, he has been moved to different prisons. Sometimes they move him without even telling me. I have had to deal with many corrupt telephone companies that service those prisons, including Global Tel-Link. These companies charged me a crazy amount for really bad telephone service. And how is my daughter supposed to get to know her father over the telephone?


That is why we were so excited to hear that he had been moved to a new prison serviced by the Securus Technologies telecommunication company. It was easier right off the bat. Creating an account happened all online at their website. They didn’t hit me with all sorts of hidden fees, and I discovered that we could video chat. It is called video visitation. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


Now my husband really knows our daughter. We give her the tablet, and she giggles at the screen. This video visitation service is a real godsend for my husband. He really looks forward to our video visits and I can afford them. They usually cost around three dollars. Now we visit at least once a week. I just hope he stays in a prison that is serviced by Securus Technologies because this company has been nothing but good to us.


How Does Cotemar Serve the Oil and Gas Industry?

Cotemar is a company located in Mexico to service the oil and gas industry. For 37 years they have been offering services such as construction and maintenance services, offshore oil fields development, transportation of personnel and other supplies using specific vessels as well as catering and accommodation. Cotemar has successfully been attending to Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) needs and is proud to have been validated and certified by them. The company has been focused on broadening their services throughout the oil industry. Their success comes from integrating great equipment, efficient indicators as well as highly skillful members of staff.

Their Services
1. Construction, Modernization, Maintenance, And Engineering
These are technical services provided by Cotemar using a complex semi-submersible rig that is flexible to be move from one working site to the other. It has derrick cranes which can hold high capacities, working decks for construction purposes as well as storage areas.

In this field of operation, mobile connection appliances are used to collect and store the data gathered in the field. Cotemar use the latest technology systems, and it assists in apt planning. Members of the staff work diligently in this sector to design, construct and adjust structures where necessary for the oil industry.

Their key objectives include: Ensuring they install quality materials on a timely basis, operate within budget, provide a safe working environment and full customer satisfaction. Secondly, supporting and improving the business practices used by their partners and offering them high-value jobs at a reduced costs. Thirdly, ensuring compliance with all environmental requirements to fulfill social responsibility.

2. Accommodation & Catering
On Cotemar’s vessels and rigs, they usually offer catering and accommodation services including laundry, nourishment, bedding services and washing of common spaces. Each cabin can accommodate 2 or 4 persons and are also open to enjoying other facilities such as gyms, cinemas, playing basketball, watch TV and many others. Cotemar also owns a hotel by the name Ciudad del Carmen that that supports the offshore operations as well as housing personnel between crew shifts.

Cotemar can provide accommodation and catering services to over 4,000 persons in any rig or vessel operating offshore. And for all they services they ensure the quality health, cleanliness and hygiene are maintained at all time.

3. Specialized and Maritime Support Vessels
Cotemar has dynamic positioning system in all their vessels for the provision of specialized services during the offshore operations. The system allows the control of the motors through the linkages with the satellite to ensure that all the vessels remain in a particular position.

It also helps in simplification the inspection procedures underlying in the vessels. The vessels help in transportation of materials between the offshore and the hotel Ciudad del Carmen. Their maritime operations follows very strict rules to ensure smooth implementation of their ISO – ISM- ISPS systems.


Does Shampoo Dry or Heal Your Hair?

If anyone has ever gone to a master stylist, they know the level of hair care you can get with one of these guys. Personally, the only master stylist I liked moved to another city, so I was forced to take care of my hair needs on my own. It wasn’t the same.

I’m a dry person. Dry hair, dry skin, the whole nine yards. When I had to make sure my hair didn’t dry out from shampoo, I was in kind of a pickle. We all know that most shampoo strips hair of natural scalp oils which protect the follicle and prevent the hair from being torn, damaged, or dried out. Of course, I had to be work-friendly and, to be honest, family friendly. My hair had to be clean.

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t felt this confident with the slickness shininess of my hair since my master stylist was in town. WEN by Chaz is what I use and it takes care of my whole dryness problem, while keeping me tame and friendly around humans. Okay, so how much do I use and how often do I use it?

It’s okay to use a little more than usual of WEN by Chaz Dean. You don’t have to worry about it drying out your hair, or stripping it too harshly. To be perfectly honest, I like to use a lot to feel extra clean. This is not necessary, though. It cleans your locks very well on its own. How often do I use it? When I’m in my day job, sitting at an air conditioned computer all day, I use it about two or three times a week. However, when I’m running around in my evening job, I get so dirty and sweaty that I wash my hair every single night.

You really can’t overdo it with WEN by Chaz. It’s got perfect chemical control, and it delivers what you are looking for: clean hair, with no dryness added. During winter, when things turn to static cling, I just use a little conditioner in the tips of my hair. Same product, same people. While I still miss my master stylist, I sure miss him a lot less when I’m using this Sephora advertised product.

Growing Up OSI

In 1909, a meat processing company called Otto & Sons was established by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant from Germany. In 1955, Otto & Sons became the primary meat supplier for McDonalds when they opened their first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. The popular fast food chain would become Otto & Sons primary business for several years. The company would grow into one of the largest U.S. suppliers for fast food restaurants and in 1975, they changed their name to OSI Group. Today OSI supplies to various fast food chains around the world, such as KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks to name a few.

Today, OSI holds a regular spot on the list of Forbes 100 Largest American Companies, but it would not have gotten there without the aid of current CEO & Chairman, Sheldon Lavin. His journey with OSI began in 1970 and he had full control by 2000. In the same year that the company had changed its name, Lavin joined partnership with the two Kolschowsky sons that had inherited the company from their father. With the financial genius in tow, the company had expanded not only through North America and Europe but also began expanding in few Asian countries like Taiwan. By the 1980’s, China, Japan, South Africa and even Brazil were now benefiting from the large meat supply company. OSI Group, LLC does not supply just hamburger meat but hot dogs, pizza, and even vegetables. This is why it is so successful.

In 2016, the company was found to have a total revenue of $6.1 billion and ranked as the fifty-eighth largest company in America. Its increased revenue could be due in large part to their recent acquiring of Baho Foods, a convenience food and snack food distributor. Although, Sheldon Lavin is now eighty-five, he has continued goals to keep expanding OSI through Europe and Asia. His ultimate goal is to have OSI become the largest, most successful food supply company. They now offer all breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, desserts, and snacks. There is no shortage of what they can provide.

Next time you are enjoying a Big Mac or an extra large supreme from Papa John’s, you can thank Otto Kolschowsky and his successful relationship with McDonalds CEO Ray Kroc. Kroc’s faith and trust in Otto & Sons helped make the now OSI Group the success it is today.

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Hippeas, a Healthy Snack Alternative

A brand new snack food has emerged onto the scene this year and is slowly gaining ground and fame across the nation. Hippeas is a rising star into the snack food industry that’s recently found its way into America and is becoming a new way to sate hunger while staying healthy. The image of Hippeas harkens back to the Hippie sub-culture that had once been prominent decades ago within America and there are several specific reasons that this image was chosen for the product. An aesthetic reason for this is that one of the slogans Hippeas carries with it is “Good Vibes” a phrase that is often attributed to the Hippie sub-culture that Hippeas is attaching itself too.

Another reason for the attachment is that Hippeas is a Chickpea made food that is healthy. Made from Non-GMO and completely organic Chickpeas, the product has 3gm of Fiber, 4gm of Protein, and is entirely gluten free. Hippeas comes in two bag sizes currently; a small bag that only contains a single serving that has 91 calories and a large bag that contains multiple servings, which has 455 calories altogether. A food product such as this is one that the Hippie sub-culture would partake in eating, as well as people who have a vegan diet. So far Hippeas has six flavors available for purchase and consumption: Far Out Fajita, Sriracha Sunrise, Vegan White Cheddar, Maple Haze, Pepper Power, and Happenin’ Hickory.

Follow Hippeas on Twitter – @hippeas_snacks

A third reason lies in the environmental impact of the product as Hippies were usually attributed to being very environmentally aware. Chickpea plants have been proven to naturally release nitrogen into the soil they’re in thus refreshing the ground’s supply of a vital nutrient. In addition the producers of Hippeas have teamed up with Farm Africa, a recently opening charity that reaches out to farmers in the sub-Saharan areas of Africa to help them become more productive and efficient as well as becoming environmentally friendly. So not only are you purchasing and eating a healthy snack, but your money is also going towards African farmers becoming better at their careers.

The Man Behind Hippeas

Livio Bisterzo (@liviobisterzo) is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to making healthy brand food and drink products. He founded his company Green Park Holdings back in 2015 and his company has now released Hippeas this year.

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