Ready Anytime, Anywhere for Anything

Losing control will only last as long as IAP is not on the task. Once IAP Worldwide is involved, the impossible and the out of control becomes possible and in control. The scale is also global as it is arranged by the best project managers in the world. The strong task force of over 2000 highly specialized employees can be deployed to more than 25 countries at one time as they are tasked to solve the most challenging problems.

Surprise events are the strong suite of the employees at IAP. Nature’s shocking events or strife and struggle between cultures as in war or other aggression and its fallout are the areas that the men and women of IAP have fielded for years. Supplying, detailing, logistically supporting those who are in the battlefield or those who are setting up temporary airfield for aviation support in military operations, these are just a few of the logistical maneuvers that the specialists at IAP thrive on.

Since emergencies and disasters strike by surprise, the staff at IAP Worldwide specialize in the reaction that must take place during these types of unexpected events. Being prepared for the unexpected, from hurricanes, to floods to war torn battlegrounds, the men and women are trained to set up new power zones, triage units, supply lines and clean up teams for recover and restoration, to rescue and recognizance.

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When disaster strikes such as being flooded, many are in need of the services that are provided by IAP Worldwide. The general area will need the team work of heroes who know how to endure the demanding activities that require the organization and task driven mentality for carrying out searches, rescues, and revival missions. IAP is the company that delivers hope and real action when it comes to liberating those who are trapped by an emergency. The reliability and dependability of the men and women of IAP is comforting and amazing for the people of IAP.

For a period of six decades of service, the reputable background of IAP has been praised in the community of security and safety experts. The severe issues that cause the most stress and difficulty are an integral part of the motto that underlies the goals of those who work for IAP. Becoming a partner with IAP will mean that the ultimate goal of the company, to secure and assist those who have severe rescue and restoration requirements. Staying safe and secure is the goal in common with the team members of IAP.

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The priceless service of Goettl Air Conditioning

Jean Jackson is a ninety-four-year-old woman living on her own in the brutally hot summer of Nevada. She has been relying on two barely functional air conditioners to cool her room. Located on her window, the air conditioners started to wore out and failed. Jackson immediately knew that she was in deep trouble.

Jackson’s initial air conditioner was so old that its manufacturers stopped making it a long time ago. To make the matter worse, her house where she has lived for more than thirty-three years required a new rewiring to be able to support the modern air conditioners. Jackson could not afford the cost of the operation since she lived off her social security money.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that older people find it harder to adjust to the temperature change than young people and are highly likely to develop the chronic medical condition. The Las Vegas’ summer heat is therefore very dangerous to older people without adequate air conditioning.

Jackson has a medical history with heatstroke and paramedics suggested that she should be shifted to a nursing home. Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber reached out to the social service department and was able to fix the whole house.

Goettl Air Conditioning was initially co-founded by Gust and Adam Goettl in mid-1939. They offer brand new units, maintenance of faulty ones and repairing of residential heating ventilation and air conditioning.

The Sunny Plumber provides the best quality plumbing in the whole region. Plumbing problems like leak detection, garbage disposal, drain cleaning and tankless and standard water heater replacement and maintenance are all easily solved.


Universal Fabletics Styles For A Universe Of Active Women

Though Kate Hudson, the queen of all things that are booty-related in the athletic world, is the premier model for Fabletics attire, a closer look will reveal how this clothing really is girl-universal. Many women believe that it takes looking good during a workout, to learn how to look good during a workout. While you are trying to understand this paradox, a closer look at Fabletics attire is needed.

The greatest pitfall for women who choose a new active lifestyle is the illusion of relative sizing. Everyone thinks it. If you aren’t a size 0 or lower, it’s no use buying sexy, functional gear that enhances fitness goals in every way. It’s time to see fitness attire in a new light. Fabletics is the perfect athleisure line to erase old fears, and create new goals.

Construction is the key to looking great and feeling confident when it comes to workout clothing. Let’s look at the incredible Fabletics line of active wear bottoms. Though world class models promote them, they are meant for the most diverse range of women, and here are several reasons why.

1. The designs are fun and flattering no matter the shape and size.
2. Fabletics bottoms convey strong femininity whether they are worn low, or on a higher waist.
3. Features like control top waistbands are slimming and comfortable during workouts.
4. The materials are strong enough to provide support, yet fashion-forward enough to be sexy.
5. Designs are available each month so your workout never becomes boring.
6. The color and pattern schemes are guaranteed to be trendy.

You’re probably now wondering if you really can begin a workout schedule wearing Fabletics bottoms on The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Women who find themselves searching for clothing on a popular site like Fabletics already have what it takes to wear the items they are searching for.

Workout bottoms are especially difficult to choose because every girl is self-conscious of her body. Fabletics doesn’t guarantee that wearing featured items will make you look like Ms. Hudson. They will however, provide a comfortable, functional, and aesthetically appropriate garment that any woman can wear.

There’s no need to worry about design because everything from Fabletics is considered trendy. Sizing and fitting is taken care-of with the best fabric blends and construction features on

Bottom line–Fabletics is perhaps, the only truly universal workout clothing line for the largest spectrum of women who require trendiness, uncompromising comfort, flattering features, and availability. These styles promote a great workout, and help every woman look great on the road to fitness. Reference:

Workville: The Ultimate New York Shared Office Space

Why does co-working spaces help people be more efficient as opposed to regular office spaces? These work spaces are membership based work spaces where freelancers and other professionals share office space. After surveying professionals who use these spaces, they found why these spaces may be more effective.

People who use work spaces feel that their work has more meaning. While they share their space with like minded individuals, they still work for different projects and/ or companies. Coworkers in those spaces work in a culture where it is normal to help each other out. Also, those who work in these environments adhere to an online social contract which states the values of the community.

Job control is one definite advantage. These spaces are available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. If the worker wants to put in the long hours before an imminent deadline, then they can. If they wish to take a break in the middle of the day, then they can. They have control over their working hours, giving them a sense of job satisfaction. However, some workers have found that sharing these spaces provide a sense of structure.

Coworking spaces allow for a sense of community that is stronger than any company or organization. Workers choose how they interact. They are not forced to socialize, but they can if they want to. No one comes around with obligatory birthday cards or forced office parties. Everyone is valued in how they wish to participate.

These lessons can be applied to the corporate world as well. Efficiency is bred within the right type of work environment. Workers need to feel valued, to have control, and to maintain their own identity.

Workville NYC is a community like shared office space located close to Times Square and Bryant Park. They offer many amenities to make the work experience enjoyable and inspiring. Mail service, fast internet, coffee, private phones, and daily cleaning are just a few of the many services offered to make the offices more comfortable. The offices are move-in ready, shared desks, or open offices, so the clients can choose their type of space.

Multi-level Marketing Sensation Bernardo Chua Still Ahead Of The Game

Independent distributor and multi-level marketing sensation Bernardo Chua is a self-made success, but the real story is Chua’s healthy beverage and how he built his empire. Just eight years ago, Organo Gold began as a start-up company in Vancouver, British Columbia. Hard work, opportunism and skilled market analysis bucket all the market trends, and today Organo Gold has flourished into a multi-million dollar giant. With an eye and vision for healthy living, Bernardo Chua calculated just how he could blend the most celebrated drink in the world [coffee] with an infusion of nutraceuticals.

Opportunity knocked and Bernardo Chua opened the door which has led him to expand Organo Gold to a full line of beverages including robust coffees, teas, and hot chocolate. “I recognized that there was an opportunity to create and deliver a healthier drink that everyone already loved,” and “It’s gratifying to see my vision come to fruition,” says Chua on his Twitter account.

Under the leadership of Chua, the company embarked on pioneering research that helped create the model for using Ganoderma, also known as or reishi mushroom spores that contain anti-oxidative potency. Early recognition of these mushrooms were founded centuries ago in Asia and used as part of Chinese medicine. Chua’s innovation has made Organo Gold one the world’s hottest brands but also created an entirely new market for a healthy coffee beverage.

An aggressive visionary, Chua is also a committed philanthropist, providing financial support to OG Cares Foundation. He has generated a motivating spirit that enriches the lives of individuals and encourages leadership. Recognized as one of the most successful businessmen in the multi-marketing direct selling industry, Chua has been honored with several awards including Outstanding Global Entrepreneur, two People’s Choice Awards, and a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient.

Born in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua is a long time advocate of Chinese medicines, often singing the praises on Facebook. He developed a strong stellar reputation for his emphasis and respect for herbal medicines. Utilizing a global drink [coffee] helped him break into international markets thus making customer interest much easier. The holy grail of Organo Gold has been to develop products that present a real practical way towards healthy living and balance the body with beverages everyone loves.

Don Sorensen’s Guide to Small Business Online Reputation Management

Recently featured on Forbes was an in-depth look at what entrepreneurs can do on their own to manage their online reputations. Information compiled came from Don Sorensen, the owner of Big Blue Robots, who has over thirteen years of experience in the field of online reputation management. He directed his comments towards small businesses and what they can do without professional help.
Sorensen first states that a business must be proactive in their online reputation. The majority of those who are suffering of serious Online reputation issues are not aware until after the fact. Following this, Sorensen suggests setting up social media accounts in the business’ name and getting an online Reputation Defender will be huge help. Whether or not the business wants to take advantage of connecting with their customers through social media, it is safer for a business to own their name to stop any unwanted activity that customers would assume came from the company. In addition, he also urges businesses to purchase domains similar to their business. Doing so can allow for these company owned websites to appear in the top of the charts, rather than websites that are loose cannons.
A fourth important step is making sure all content produced is search engine optimized. If a business wants to secure the top search results for their company with their content, then it is important to provide content that search engines and customers find important and related to the topic. While doing this, Sorensen states that a fifth step is staying updated on social media and websites. Doing so will result in keeping a business’ sites at the top of search results. To keep these updates flowing, Sorensen suggests signing up for IFTTT, which will keep a company’s social media accounts updated based on events that happen, such as a YouTube video being posted.
Sorensen’s last three pieces of advice cover reviews, which he urges companies to control. Companies should strive to have all positive press coverage released and work at managing negative reviews.
In all, Don Sorensen uses his nine tips on managing online reputation to guide small businesses to success.

Andy Wirth takes ski resorts to another level

Andy Wirth is CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has been since 2010. Recently he was appointed to be the chairman for Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Mr. Wirth helps make decisions with the developments that are planned for ski resorts and hotels that will go up in the future for Squaw Valley.

Mr. Andy Wirth was born in Germany in 1963, and graduated from the Colorado State University with a science degree. During his career is has been in the ski resort business in some sort of fashion and has even been involved in send off celebrations involving American Olympic teams as they make their way to the official Olympics.

He has served on many boards throughout his career including ones such as, National Ski Areas Board of Directors, Tahoe Fund Board of Directors and countless others that he has served on or is still may be serving on.

Andy Wirth is a man who knows what it’s like to face adversity and considers it a challenge when it happens either in his professional or personal life. In 2013 due to a near fatal skydiving accident he had to have his arm reattached that included several surgeries and a long stay in the hospital, but due to his nature he was back to work and soon after co-founded an Ironman team, which raises money for Navy Seals Foundation.

He has even gone so far as to appear on the TV show Undercover Boss and worked at the resort just to make sure things were running at the company’s highest level possible. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth has a list of awards to his name, including the Chairman’s Outstanding Award and he has also been given the Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA for his work with his Ironman team.

The significance of Securus telephones for prisoners

Securus Technologies is large telecommunication company that is based in located in the city of Dallas, Texas. The company is known for providing incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management, and inmate telephones services. The phone services are what has made it known in this market as a top telecommunication provider. The company services about 3,450 correctional facilities with their systems.

Telephone service and video recording have been an extraordinary privilege that many prisoners in the States are allowed to enjoy. Having the prison phones, 24/7 keeps the prisoners updated about their families since they talk more frequently. Those with ongoing cases have a good chance to talk with their attorneys and know how the investigations are going on. The reason why Securus Technologies has enjoyed their network in many prisons is their ability to provide steady and reliable services.

Users can pay for their usage using debit cards and credit cards. Another thing that customers are privileged to enjoy is to call refunds when the call is interrupted. The refunds can go up to some minutes of uncharged calls. This is done using the revenue that is collected from the levies made on phone usage. The company has many customers and has enjoyed enormous revenue of about $404 million. The figures are expected to continue growing. View the company profile on

Many attorneys advise their clients to subscribe to the telephone services provided by this company. Privacy and security measures have been taken by recording and encrypting the calls made from the prison. The database is put away, and only a few persons are authorized to access the information. More improvements are underway to ensure no leaking of stealing of audio calls happens.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Don Ressler: Changing the Perspective of The Public

If you ask me, stereotypes need to go away and they need to go away as soon as possible. Today, it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your background is, you can do anything that you set your mind to if you have the right attitude, mentality, and work ethic. That is most definitely the case with Don Ressler, an entrepreneur that is a jack-of-all-trades and able to do a little bit of everything. He has made it a habit to be as well-versed and talented as possible when it comes to his life. He is not afraid to take chances, put himself out there, and try something that might be a little different.

When people heard Don Ressler was going to be co-CEO of JustFab Inc, & CEO of Fabletics, they did a double take. However, when you have the business knowledge and wisdom that Don Ressler has, anything is possible. He is also wise to surround himself with people that are like-minded and work just as hard as him. That way, they can bounce ideas off each other and see what sticks and what they like. Don Ressler’s partnership with Adam Goldenberg has been incredibly successful for JustFab. They bring out the best in each other.

The great thing about today’s Internet age is what you don’t know, chances are you can find it somewhere on the Internet. It is out there if you are willing to look for it, search for it, and find it. You might not start out as an expert in a particular field, but you hire people that can handle the stuff that might not be your forte. It is all about surrounding yourself with a quality team.  Ressler will be the first to say that he is not an expert in everything.

That’s the key to being a good Co-CEO, it means you aren’t afraid to ask for help, ask questions, and learn more. You have a curious mind and either you take the time to learn something or you surround yourself with experts. That is why all of his businesses are doing so well and having such success. Everyone works together, hand-in-hand, to make it run smoothly. This is not his first rodeo nor will it be his last. This is only the begging for him and that is what is exciting. He is young, hungry, and ready for whatever is next in his career.




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Amaze Your Friends With Slyce’s New Online Shopping App


Have you ever heard of a smart phone technology that makes life easier by helping you find your products online without going through the harsh detective motions of keyword searches? It used to take me hours to find exactly what I wanted to purchase online. I am not really a picky shopper. I know what I want to purchase online, and I will not settle for less, so I make sure I find the right thing every time before I purchase it online. It would be a waste of money to settle for less than what I want to purchase. Plus, the new technology makes me pretty popular when I show my friends.

My friends are always showing me their smart phones and their apps. I think this new technology will blow theirs out of the water. I can actually take a picture of anything I see and buy it! That means that every time I see my friends buy something that I want to have for myself, I can simply take a picture of it, and my phone does the rest of the work for me. This technology is really impressive, so I will be sure to show them the next time we are together, and I might even end up buying some of their clothes online right in front of them!

Slyce Makes Online Shopping New Again

Before Slyce product recognition came along into the picture of online shopping, I was growing tired of the old ways. I would type in my keywords, and I would never be satisfied with the results. Slyce actually devoted time and energy into creating, designing and engineering a software for our smart phones that searches for any item that you can take a picture of when you see it. The technology uses artificial intelligence to generate a comprehensive search result that is more accurate than ever before.

In addition to the comprehensive search that Slyce’s AI conducts when users plug into Slyce, Slyce also employs a team of customer care representatives to double check what the computer system is generating when it creates the results. The team is actually available to chat with users at the click of a button, so users will have backup support when they are having trouble finding an item on the web or on Slyce’s system. Slyce works with major retailers, like the Home Depot and Tilly’s.