Ladies Love Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz is making heads turn literally because women are looking so great when they use it. You, too, can use Wen By Chaz to see how you will feel confident to go out and about for any reason, and know that your hair is looking great.

Wen By Chaz Is Fantastic

Wen By Chaz is made for easy use. You won’t have to spend hours on your hair. It is one simple step because it is a shampoo and conditioner all in one. Make sure that you add Wen By Chaz to your list so that you can see the difference in your hair as soon as possible.

Is Wen By Chaz For You?

Yes, Wen By Chaz will give you beautiful hair for a fraction of the price of other products on the market. Make sure that you try Wen By Chaz to see for yourself, and you will love it. In no time at all, you will have the hair that you always dreamed of. This product works for all hair types, as is made for you.

Wen By Chaz will make an amazing difference in your hair. In no time, you will be going out with the confidence that you desire to have. Wen By Chaz is a product designed with women like you in mind. You are sure to look great when you use Wen By Chaz. Need Wen? Order on Amazon or Guthy-Renker today.

Equities First Sees Growth In Stock Collateral

The recent turmoil of financial markets has changed the way lenders operate. While lenders previously used real estate as collateral in the past, this is becoming less common as events like the European debt crisis and subprime mortgage crisis take their toll. To counter this many lending firms are turning to the stock market to back their loans. Previously regarded as a novelty, stock collateral is seeing growth as a means of securing debt when other options simply aren’t available. As a global lender with years of experience, Equities First sees this as a growing trend and wants to keep its lead among lenders by pushing it forward as much as possible.


Equity First provides loans backed by stock for clients with both personal and professional needs. Founded in 2002, the company has managed 650 transactions worth $1.4 billion dollars throughout 9 countries. Its winning strategy has allowed the firm to lend at fixed low interest rates at a time when many other lending firms simply cannot claim this.


The advantage that stock based loans have over margin loans is the fact that one does need to qualify for the loan before receiving it. As long as clients have stock they can receive a loan without any problems. This enables those who do not necessarily have the qualifications needed for other loans to receive financial help. The interest rates of these loans tend to hover around 4% and the loan to value ratio is generally between 10% and 50%. This makes these loans perfect for someone who doesn’t have the best credit.


Equity First is a true trail blazer in the world of finance. In today’s unstable financial market investors don’t have as many options as they may have had in the past. It is often difficult for those looking for loans to get the help they need. Stock collateral opens up an entirely new world of opportunities for so many people and Equity First is directly responsible for that. As more lending firms see the success of Equity First, this trend is sure to kick into high gear.


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The Administration, Logistic, and Technical Solutions that IAP Worldwide Provides to its Clients

IAP Worldwide is a highly reputable company that has specialized in the provision of services such as premises administration, state-of-the-art technical services, and logistics solutions across the world. The firm is a multinational corporation that covers approximately 25 countries, and its staff comprises of about 2000 professionals. The solutions that are offered by IAP Worldwide are critical in the dealing with complicated issues that affect its clients who are in the private and public sector. They are primarily meant to solve unexpected problems such as natural calamities. IAP Worldwide as the firm that is highly experienced in serving its customers and the experts that work for it have adequate knowledge in planning, managing, and conducting logistic and technical missions. The company possesses and controls large military programs, public amenities, and portable study facilities on It helps its clients by distributing human resources, technology, and systems that are used in management by the customers who are based in various parts of the globe.

IAP Worldwide utilizes its expertise, highly advanced technology, and ingenuity to ensure that its aim of assisting customers in dealing with complicated issues is achieved. It dedicates itself to achieving the mission of the clients by considering it as the company’s own. The business’ operations are guided by four core competencies, and they are capability, agility, focus, and dedication. IAP Worldwide also has values that facilitate its success, and they are humanity and integrity, the offering of motivating advice, and the formation of affiliations that assist the firm, its clients, and other stakeholders to be successful.

IAP has always been seeking for any suitable chance of making collaborations with distributors, and other companies that are dedicated to assisting clients in dealing with complex issues. According to the company, partnerships are essential in making profits and the firm appreciates the expertise that the associates offer to the clients. IAP Worldwide also understands that the community is a significant participant in its development, and therefore, they have a social responsibility program that is designed to support its development.

Experts who are employed by the company are highly knowledgeable and skilled since they can deal with problems that are affecting various people. They combine their efforts to offer exceptional expertise, knowledge, and experience, and therefore, they form a workforce that is commendable. The company also provides various employment opportunities for professionals in diverse sectors. These areas include engineering, logistics, accounting and finance, management of programs, and general administration.

Raw Vegan Sushi With Markus Rothkranz


This dish, called Nigiri sushi, is amazing. You’d swear it’s fish, even though it’s raw and vegan. It’s slippery like fish and tastes like it, too. But no living creatures are used, and neither is rice.

We’ll start with a nice, gorgeous piece of aloe vera from the garden. You’ll also need some squeezed beet juice. Butterfly the aloe vera, this means slice it into thin strips. Chop off the rough outer layer on each side, then peel the skin. Next, slice up the aloe vera. It’ll feel really slimy, just like fish. Rinse the aloe vera pieces under water for a few minutes. This will remove the gel, along with the bitter flavor. This is a crucial step, as it’s essential to get rid of the bitter aloe vera flavor.

Next, slide the aloe vera pieces into the beet juice. leave it there to marinate, this will color it red.

Next, get started on the rice which consists of parsnips. parsnips have a very mild flavor. Slice the parsnips into small pieces. Put the parsnip pieces into the blender and pulse until the pieces are tiny and resemble rice.

After the parsnips have been blended into rice, pour them into a bowl. You should have about a cup of parsnip pieces. Next, drop in a tablespoon of cashew butter. Work the mixture together with a spoon or fork. You need it well combined so that the rice holds together.

Next, take the nori sheets out of their package. Nori sheets are basically toasted seaweed, which is packed with nutrients. Cut up the seaweed into long, thin strips.

Take a tablespoon of rice, mold it together and place it along a nori strip, about an inch from the strip’s base. Next, take the fish-looking aloe vera and pat it dry. Place it on top of the parsnip rice. Fold the nori over, gently yet firmly. Use water and rub a little on the tip of the nori, then close it. it will resemble a work of art. It will definitely fool your friends. They won’t believe that no fish were harmed in the making of your sushi.

Smart Lighting for a More Energy Efficient Home

Gooee Smart Lighting is one of the best energy efficiency technologies to hit the market with millions of people using it in their very own homes and businesses. In fact, a lot of people have been switching to Smart lighting because it allows them to save on energy costs and is exactly what they need when they are dealing with high electric bills every single month. Smart lighting from Gooee ( is exactly what you need because of the fact that it gives you more control over the lights in your home than you have ever had in the past. You will be able to turn the lights in your home on and off even if you are not there by having control over them by your smartphone.

Another wonderful thing that comes when using smart lighting is the fact that the light will actually sense if it needs to be turned off. If the light senses that a room has a lot of natural light in it already, it will actually turn itself off so that you are not wasting money on a light that simply does not need to be used at the current moment. In order for you to switch to Smart lighting, it is simple and quick because you just need to find fixtures that can go into routine lights that you have every single day. This is a quick and easy process that can completely transform the Energy Efficiency of your home without having to actually get an electrician in to do all the work for you.

How Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation have Championed for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen has maintained his deep commitment to fighting for human rights in regions or countries where such rights are deprived. As such, his involvement in the global human rights politics has positioned him at the middle of multiple international conflicts. However, this situation has propelled him into one of the most perplexing and polarizing human activists of this generation. Read more: Troublemaker For Tyrants | Weekly Standard

The Human Rights Foundation has managed to steer campaigns to free political prisoners, fight oppressive regimes, as well as invite journalists and dissents to its annual forum, the Oslo Freedom Forum. Thor Halvorssen has assisted the foundation in combating left-wing populist totalitarianism in Latin nations. Most of the foundation’s money, energy and activities are channeled to its annual forum in Oslo, which also hosts the Nobel Peace Prize awards and Oslo Peace Accords.

Thor Halvorssen represents an ideological throwback to the past days of the anti-Soviet freedom movement, which consisted of various aspects of right as well as the left anti-Communist.

His involvement in the championing for human rights began during the Venezuelan political divide. However, the moment that his father was imprisoned in Caracas marked his defining moment. As such, he mounted a campaign that involved Amnesty International and other human rights entities, which led to the successful release of his father from custody.

Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a prominent human rights activist with Venezuelan and Norwegian origins. He descends from a family of parents with entrenched history in public affairs. As such, his mother is a relative of Cristobal Mendoza and Simon Bolivar, the first Venezuelan presidents.

On the other hand, Thor’s father previously served as the anti-Narcotic Affairs Ambassador. Thor Halvorssen has made human rights activism part of his routine. This has played a role in rebuking or fighting against various threats to humanity such as human trafficking, dictatorship, and slavery.

Apart from founding and steering the Human Rights Foundation, he has served in other key roles such as being the CEO and executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

His tenure in FIRE led to the formation of coalitions, which brought together libertarian and conservative advocacy organizations like the Eagle Forum, Heritage Foundation, and Feminists for Free Expression.

He is also a patron of various organizations such as On Own Feet and Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement. In addition, he has aired his opinions on numerous media platforms such as The Nation, Time Magazine, The New York Times, and The Nation.

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The Many Charitable Works Of Bruce Levenson

Charity can take many forms. Charities often need people who can contribute time as well as money. Raising money is useful but charities need people on hand who can help them determine how best to spend it. One person who has helped demonstrate how best to use charity funds well is philanthropist Bruce Levenson. According to ESPN, Levenson is one of the most successful businessmen in the entire Washington, D.C. area. A native of this region, he has come back here to help give something back to those who really need his help.
The Holocaust Museum

He has been instrumental in helping create and fund a museum in Washington that is devoted to exploring the issue of the holocaust. Under his leadership, the museum helps walk people around the world through this catastrophe and explore how it happened. UCG founder Bruce Levenson has been an active fundraiser the museum. He has also been highly active in helping create programs in the museum dedicated to teaching students and parents about how to help prevent such inhumane deaths.

A Personal Connection

He has chosen to work on this endeavor because he has a personal connection to this issue. His mother-in-law is a survivor of this catastrophe. As a result of her experiences, Bruce Levenson has been personally motivated to do what he can to help tell people in America and all those who seek out information about this event. His personal connections have helped him provide a personal touch to this project and helped provide guidance for those seeking to learn how best to convey the museum’s ongoing message and important mission. Read more about him on


Sacred Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah is one of the oldest sources of spiritual knowledge. It consists of several teachings that explain and define the importance of the Jewish rites. The Kabbalah culture holds the key to the mysterious segments of life. The science helps individuals learn more about the Creator, the nature of the universe, the universe and the purpose of human beings on earth.

Individuals who follow the Kabbalistic culture experience mysterious powers and blessings and some of the followers say that they are protected from the evil eye. There is special jewelry used in the Kabbalah culture, and the ornaments reflect spiritualism and esoteric powers in them.

The Kabbalah jewelry has become very common in the modern times, and they give a lot of positive energy to the individual wearing them. The Kabbalah jewelry has helped people in different parts of the world overcome some of the toughest times in life. For example, people like purchasing the Kabbalah rings because they are known for their virtue of prosperity and health. The special rings are carved in different encryptions, and they will protect the owner depending the ring chosen.

These special bracelets are used together with pedants. These pedants increase the meaning and value of the bracelets. There are necklaces and other jewelry in the Kabbalah culture, and each of them has different meanings.

Most of the jewelry from the Kabbalistic culture has special writings on them that increase their power. Some of these are names of God, prayers, and Psalms. The prayers protect the wearer in different situations. When purchasing your jewelry from the Kabbalah culture, it is important to ensure that it suits your needs. Some of the ornament will give good health and prosperity while others will protect the wearer from evil people.

The is a popular non-profit making organization that spreads the Kabbalah teachings all over the world. The center was started by Philip Berg many years ago, and it offers courses online and in its centers.

Doing Real Estate Right With Town Residential

The people, the attractions, the lights, the experiences are just some of the reasons why New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. People from all over the globe come to this city because they want to experience everything that it has to offer and more. Because of the draw that New York City has and all the people that want to be in that city, the real estate market can be a tough market to get into. The housing market can be a huge hurdle but with the help of Town Residential, the perfect real estate property can be found.

New York City is a hugely diverse city offering many neighborhoods that are completely different and unique from one another. Without the right guidance and assistance, navigating the New York City real estate market can be overwhelming. Town Residential has a team of quality professionals that are knowledgeable about the neighborhoods and can assist in setting the search in the right direction right from the start. The team is smart and driven and they know how to get the best property at the best prices.

Town Residential was founded in 2010 and they strive for excellence. From the top down, the team has the best leadership and the experience to assist their clients and meet all their needs. Town Residential offers services in buying, selling and leasing real estate as well as property management. Guides have been created for all of these areas so each client knows exactly what to expect out of their real estate experience.

Town Residential is a well-known and well-respected firm in the real estate market. They take pride in assisting their clients in all areas of the real estate process. From finding the right neighborhood, to finding the right property to signing on the dotted line once the deal is done, Town Residential will be there every step of the way ensuring all clients have the best experience possible.

Ready Anytime, Anywhere for Anything

Losing control will only last as long as IAP is not on the task. Once IAP Worldwide is involved, the impossible and the out of control becomes possible and in control. The scale is also global as it is arranged by the best project managers in the world. The strong task force of over 2000 highly specialized employees can be deployed to more than 25 countries at one time as they are tasked to solve the most challenging problems.

Surprise events are the strong suite of the employees at IAP. Nature’s shocking events or strife and struggle between cultures as in war or other aggression and its fallout are the areas that the men and women of IAP have fielded for years. Supplying, detailing, logistically supporting those who are in the battlefield or those who are setting up temporary airfield for aviation support in military operations, these are just a few of the logistical maneuvers that the specialists at IAP thrive on.

Since emergencies and disasters strike by surprise, the staff at IAP Worldwide specialize in the reaction that must take place during these types of unexpected events. Being prepared for the unexpected, from hurricanes, to floods to war torn battlegrounds, the men and women are trained to set up new power zones, triage units, supply lines and clean up teams for recover and restoration, to rescue and recognizance.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Employer Salary, Average Salaries

When disaster strikes such as being flooded, many are in need of the services that are provided by IAP Worldwide. The general area will need the team work of heroes who know how to endure the demanding activities that require the organization and task driven mentality for carrying out searches, rescues, and revival missions. IAP is the company that delivers hope and real action when it comes to liberating those who are trapped by an emergency. The reliability and dependability of the men and women of IAP is comforting and amazing for the people of IAP.

For a period of six decades of service, the reputable background of IAP has been praised in the community of security and safety experts. The severe issues that cause the most stress and difficulty are an integral part of the motto that underlies the goals of those who work for IAP. Becoming a partner with IAP will mean that the ultimate goal of the company, to secure and assist those who have severe rescue and restoration requirements. Staying safe and secure is the goal in common with the team members of IAP.

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