Workville: The Ultimate New York Shared Office Space

Why does co-working spaces help people be more efficient as opposed to regular office spaces? These work spaces are membership based work spaces where freelancers and other professionals share office space. After surveying professionals who use these spaces, they found why these spaces may be more effective.

People who use work spaces feel that their work has more meaning. While they share their space with like minded individuals, they still work for different projects and/ or companies. Coworkers in those spaces work in a culture where it is normal to help each other out. Also, those who work in these environments adhere to an online social contract which states the values of the community.

Job control is one definite advantage. These spaces are available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. If the worker wants to put in the long hours before an imminent deadline, then they can. If they wish to take a break in the middle of the day, then they can. They have control over their working hours, giving them a sense of job satisfaction. However, some workers have found that sharing these spaces provide a sense of structure.

Coworking spaces allow for a sense of community that is stronger than any company or organization. Workers choose how they interact. They are not forced to socialize, but they can if they want to. No one comes around with obligatory birthday cards or forced office parties. Everyone is valued in how they wish to participate.

These lessons can be applied to the corporate world as well. Efficiency is bred within the right type of work environment. Workers need to feel valued, to have control, and to maintain their own identity.

Workville NYC is a community like shared office space located close to Times Square and Bryant Park. They offer many amenities to make the work experience enjoyable and inspiring. Mail service, fast internet, coffee, private phones, and daily cleaning are just a few of the many services offered to make the offices more comfortable. The offices are move-in ready, shared desks, or open offices, so the clients can choose their type of space.