Exquisite Photos for Your Upcoming Wedding: George Street Photography

Two Main Locations

George Street Photo Video’s Corporate Studio is located at 230 W Huron St, Chicago, Illinois. A small business, three friends who grew up on George Street in the City of Indianapolis, Indiana had a passion and talent in capturing the perfect photograph. Currently there are 41 studios dotted across the United States.

Chicago Studio Wedding Photography and Videography

In the age of digital photo and video ability, photography for special occasions have been jettisoned into the future. Imagine a lakeside wedding at sunset; George Street Photo Video photographers have a passion for perfection in posed, candid and memorable video photography, and you can trust their venue guidance.

Redondo Beach Uniquely Memorialized in Photos and Videos

Imagine having a sunset beach-side wedding ceremony, with sand, surf and sparking ocean waves as a back drop! George Street Photo Video Studio are professional indoor and outdoor experts in California culture.