Alex Hern Talks the Secrets to his Success

For over 25 years, Alex Hern has worked as an entrepreneur, focusing primarily on investing in companies during their infant stages, one of the earliest, being, Yesmail, which started as a high-traffic web directory and quickly blossomed into a profitable business. Merely ten months after going public, Yesmail sold to ModusLink Global Solutions (CMGI) for $650 million. Visit to know more. He is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tsunami XR, a which specializes in utilizing VR for the creation of a more efficient work environment. Recently Alex Hern sat down to discuss his successes as an entrepreneur throughout his 25-year career, as well as the daily rituals that keep him motivated.


While many people champion the ability to multitask, Alex Hern believes that it is his ability to focus his attention on one thing that will affect the whole of the company in a progressive manner, that has driven his success, and by his estimation, multitasking is, in fact, counterproductive. Mr. Hern’s ability to focus, approaching each work day with a consistent attitude, while also aligning himself with sound decision makers, has been a key aspect in his ability to continue flourishing as an entrepreneur. Many of his brightest ideas are created at night when he is less subject to distractions. During this time he focuses on the latest technologies and finding innovative ways to implement them into his company. The advances regarding artificial intelligence, as well as machine learning, are budding techs that have recently caught Mr. Hern’s attention. Read more about Alex Hern at