Raw Vegan Sushi With Markus Rothkranz


This dish, called Nigiri sushi, is amazing. You’d swear it’s fish, even though it’s raw and vegan. It’s slippery like fish and tastes like it, too. But no living creatures are used, and neither is rice.

We’ll start with a nice, gorgeous piece of aloe vera from the garden. You’ll also need some squeezed beet juice. Butterfly the aloe vera, this means slice it into thin strips. Chop off the rough outer layer on each side, then peel the skin. Next, slice up the aloe vera. It’ll feel really slimy, just like fish. Rinse the aloe vera pieces under water for a few minutes. This will remove the gel, along with the bitter flavor. This is a crucial step, as it’s essential to get rid of the bitter aloe vera flavor.

Next, slide the aloe vera pieces into the beet juice. leave it there to marinate, this will color it red.

Next, get started on the rice which consists of parsnips. parsnips have a very mild flavor. Slice the parsnips into small pieces. Put the parsnip pieces into the blender and pulse until the pieces are tiny and resemble rice.

After the parsnips have been blended into rice, pour them into a bowl. You should have about a cup of parsnip pieces. Next, drop in a tablespoon of cashew butter. Work the mixture together with a spoon or fork. You need it well combined so that the rice holds together.

Next, take the nori sheets out of their package. Nori sheets are basically toasted seaweed, which is packed with nutrients. Cut up the seaweed into long, thin strips.

Take a tablespoon of rice, mold it together and place it along a nori strip, about an inch from the strip’s base. Next, take the fish-looking aloe vera and pat it dry. Place it on top of the parsnip rice. Fold the nori over, gently yet firmly. Use water and rub a little on the tip of the nori, then close it. it will resemble a work of art. It will definitely fool your friends. They won’t believe that no fish were harmed in the making of your sushi.