Tech Entrepreneur And Futurist Jason Hope Is Interviewed On His Business

He was then asked a followup question which asked him how did he handle his doubts and obstacles early on in his business. Mr. Hope responded by saying that all entrepreneurs have some sense of doubt. It is this “healthy” doubt that keeps an entrepreneur grounded, motivated and focused to succeed to learn more: click here.

He then went on to say that new ideas, products or concepts inherently come with risks. It is just part of the entrepreneurial challenge. The real factor that determines whether an entrepreneur will be successful or not in Jason Hope’s eyes is not whether he has a brilliant idea, but how he will overcome the obstacles in his way and manage them later on.

Jason admits that doubt can have a devastating impact on any would be entrepreneurs. For hope, doubt is a motivating factor that leads himself to push him harder and take calculated risks in his investments. He says that he has always had a strong passion and interest for the tech field. Mr. Hope says he always saw himself working in this sector. He truly believes in the work he is doing highly successful companies with technology and that belief is strong enough to cast aside any doubts he may have in his mind about his business.

Jason Hope says he finds social media to be an extremely effective marketing tool if it it used correctly. The benefits of social media is that it is free and can reach a wide audience almost instantaneously. Twitter for example can let a person or business share new content through feeds that will get them exposure and keep them relevant.

The WIT: A Networking Dream.

The Wessex Intitute of Technology is a research institute that creates an environment where information can be exchanged between the academic and professional communities. They accomplish this through research, conferences and publications.The institute encourages individuals with backgrounds in science and technology to apply. Only the brightest and most talented are considered for a career with the institute. However, for those that make the cut, the opportunities are endless.

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The Institute boasts that it is the perfect place to build a solid business network. The organization hosts dozens of conferences every year which facilitates networking. They also host a job board for their employees which advertises positions with different organizations. Employees are encouraged to branch out. The networking opportunities alone make the Wessex Institute of Technology worth working for.