Does Shampoo Dry or Heal Your Hair?

If anyone has ever gone to a master stylist, they know the level of hair care you can get with one of these guys. Personally, the only master stylist I liked moved to another city, so I was forced to take care of my hair needs on my own. It wasn’t the same.

I’m a dry person. Dry hair, dry skin, the whole nine yards. When I had to make sure my hair didn’t dry out from shampoo, I was in kind of a pickle. We all know that most shampoo strips hair of natural scalp oils which protect the follicle and prevent the hair from being torn, damaged, or dried out. Of course, I had to be work-friendly and, to be honest, family friendly. My hair had to be clean.

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t felt this confident with the slickness shininess of my hair since my master stylist was in town. WEN by Chaz is what I use and it takes care of my whole dryness problem, while keeping me tame and friendly around humans. Okay, so how much do I use and how often do I use it?

It’s okay to use a little more than usual of WEN by Chaz Dean. You don’t have to worry about it drying out your hair, or stripping it too harshly. To be perfectly honest, I like to use a lot to feel extra clean. This is not necessary, though. It cleans your locks very well on its own. How often do I use it? When I’m in my day job, sitting at an air conditioned computer all day, I use it about two or three times a week. However, when I’m running around in my evening job, I get so dirty and sweaty that I wash my hair every single night.

You really can’t overdo it with WEN by Chaz. It’s got perfect chemical control, and it delivers what you are looking for: clean hair, with no dryness added. During winter, when things turn to static cling, I just use a little conditioner in the tips of my hair. Same product, same people. While I still miss my master stylist, I sure miss him a lot less when I’m using this Sephora advertised product.