Securus Allows My Husband To Know Our Young Daughter

My daughter was too young to remember her father going to prison. It breaks my heart to think that she might grow up without knowing her father. As a single mother, I struggle to support her on my own. And my husband has been sentenced to prison in another state. It is impossible for us to drive out there and back in one day. I simply do not have the money to drive out there, visit him, stay at a hotel, and then drive back.


It has been very difficult communicating with him. Over the last few years, he has been moved to different prisons. Sometimes they move him without even telling me. I have had to deal with many corrupt telephone companies that service those prisons, including Global Tel-Link. These companies charged me a crazy amount for really bad telephone service. And how is my daughter supposed to get to know her father over the telephone?


That is why we were so excited to hear that he had been moved to a new prison serviced by the Securus Technologies telecommunication company. It was easier right off the bat. Creating an account happened all online at their website. They didn’t hit me with all sorts of hidden fees, and I discovered that we could video chat. It is called video visitation. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


Now my husband really knows our daughter. We give her the tablet, and she giggles at the screen. This video visitation service is a real godsend for my husband. He really looks forward to our video visits and I can afford them. They usually cost around three dollars. Now we visit at least once a week. I just hope he stays in a prison that is serviced by Securus Technologies because this company has been nothing but good to us.


The significance of Securus telephones for prisoners

Securus Technologies is large telecommunication company that is based in located in the city of Dallas, Texas. The company is known for providing incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management, and inmate telephones services. The phone services are what has made it known in this market as a top telecommunication provider. The company services about 3,450 correctional facilities with their systems.

Telephone service and video recording have been an extraordinary privilege that many prisoners in the States are allowed to enjoy. Having the prison phones, 24/7 keeps the prisoners updated about their families since they talk more frequently. Those with ongoing cases have a good chance to talk with their attorneys and know how the investigations are going on. The reason why Securus Technologies has enjoyed their network in many prisons is their ability to provide steady and reliable services.

Users can pay for their usage using debit cards and credit cards. Another thing that customers are privileged to enjoy is to call refunds when the call is interrupted. The refunds can go up to some minutes of uncharged calls. This is done using the revenue that is collected from the levies made on phone usage. The company has many customers and has enjoyed enormous revenue of about $404 million. The figures are expected to continue growing. View the company profile on

Many attorneys advise their clients to subscribe to the telephone services provided by this company. Privacy and security measures have been taken by recording and encrypting the calls made from the prison. The database is put away, and only a few persons are authorized to access the information. More improvements are underway to ensure no leaking of stealing of audio calls happens.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.