How Does Cotemar Serve the Oil and Gas Industry?

Cotemar is a company located in Mexico to service the oil and gas industry. For 37 years they have been offering services such as construction and maintenance services, offshore oil fields development, transportation of personnel and other supplies using specific vessels as well as catering and accommodation. Cotemar has successfully been attending to Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) needs and is proud to have been validated and certified by them. The company has been focused on broadening their services throughout the oil industry. Their success comes from integrating great equipment, efficient indicators as well as highly skillful members of staff.

Their Services
1. Construction, Modernization, Maintenance, And Engineering
These are technical services provided by Cotemar using a complex semi-submersible rig that is flexible to be move from one working site to the other. It has derrick cranes which can hold high capacities, working decks for construction purposes as well as storage areas.

In this field of operation, mobile connection appliances are used to collect and store the data gathered in the field. Cotemar use the latest technology systems, and it assists in apt planning. Members of the staff work diligently in this sector to design, construct and adjust structures where necessary for the oil industry.

Their key objectives include: Ensuring they install quality materials on a timely basis, operate within budget, provide a safe working environment and full customer satisfaction. Secondly, supporting and improving the business practices used by their partners and offering them high-value jobs at a reduced costs. Thirdly, ensuring compliance with all environmental requirements to fulfill social responsibility.

2. Accommodation & Catering
On Cotemar’s vessels and rigs, they usually offer catering and accommodation services including laundry, nourishment, bedding services and washing of common spaces. Each cabin can accommodate 2 or 4 persons and are also open to enjoying other facilities such as gyms, cinemas, playing basketball, watch TV and many others. Cotemar also owns a hotel by the name Ciudad del Carmen that that supports the offshore operations as well as housing personnel between crew shifts.

Cotemar can provide accommodation and catering services to over 4,000 persons in any rig or vessel operating offshore. And for all they services they ensure the quality health, cleanliness and hygiene are maintained at all time.

3. Specialized and Maritime Support Vessels
Cotemar has dynamic positioning system in all their vessels for the provision of specialized services during the offshore operations. The system allows the control of the motors through the linkages with the satellite to ensure that all the vessels remain in a particular position.

It also helps in simplification the inspection procedures underlying in the vessels. The vessels help in transportation of materials between the offshore and the hotel Ciudad del Carmen. Their maritime operations follows very strict rules to ensure smooth implementation of their ISO – ISM- ISPS systems.