U.S. Money Reserve Improves its Online Face by Developing New Website

It is extremely important for companies to improve their websites from time to time. This is why the U.S. Money Reserve announced that it had improved the online appearance of its website, UsMoneyReserve.com.

The new appearance of the site is a reflection of their leading position in the field of precious metal. Apart from the appearance, new features have been added to signify the firm’s core values of commitment and honest, leading to outstanding service delivery. There is an impressive image of the firm’s President Phil N. Diehl, who formerly was U.S. Mint Director. In addition, there are more photos of new coins hence improving the appearance of the website.

Educating Consumers

The redesigned site is supposed to inform consumers on the importance of owning state-issued bullion, and therefore simplifying the process of buying precious metals using gold coins.

According to the company’s VP of Brand Creative, Ryan Buchanan, they have a fully responsive system providing an avenue for generating high quality content on all platforms. He added that through this new website, they are able to offer high quality precious metals, and also interacting with their clients. Mr. Buchanan was in charge of the redesigning process, including addition of new applications and features with the objective of informing consumers and ensuring it is easy to purchase bullion.

The new website has a signup portal, which enables clients to register and contact U.S. Money Reserve representatives for consultations. In addition, clients can access several other services like buying assistance, offline releases and offline transactions. The firm’s BuyBack Guarantee offers one of the best returns on the market. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-president-philip-diehl-named-chairman-of-the-industry-council-for-tangible-assets-icta-300322159.html

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is a leading distributor of government-issued coin in the United States. The company is committed to providing excellent services to its clients, in addition to dealing in high quality gold coins. For many years, customers buying precious metals have trusted U.S. Money Reserve, and for that reason their portfolios are now generating profits. The team of professionals at the firm is the most trusted in the industry.

U.S. Money Reserve has helped many investors make appropriate decision when choosing gold, silver and platinum. The U.S. Money Reserve’s professionals have created excellent relationship with their clients, helping them to serve more than 400,000 individuals.

The company has coin researchers and numismatic experts who understand the market and the industry very well. U.S. Money Reserve offices are located in Austin, Texas.