Healthy Pudding From Durian by Markus Rothkranz

Markus tackles the bizarre fruit durian, it grows naturally in countries like Thailand and Singapore but can be found in the United States at any sort of specialty Asian market place. Durians are high in the chemical Tryptophan, the chemical that makes everyone sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner, so it’s a great natural and healthy way to cure insomnia or any other sleep issues.

Durian is also high in sulfur which is what causes it to smell like old dirty socks, however, sulfur does wonders for the skin and can help you look younger than your actual age. Just take a look at Cara and Markus. Cutting into a durian may seem challenging but Markus shows us how fairly easy it is. You look for what resembles a sort of bubble because on the inside of the durian there are different pockets that hold the fruit. Once cut open, especially if it’s a ripe durian, you can just pull the fruit apart and scoop out all the goodies.

Markus scoops out the fruit which has a pudding like consistency and shows us that on the inside there is a seed and you can either throw it away or use it later. In a close up of the durian Markus us shows us that there is essentially a seam and reiterates that if the durian is already ripe then you can just use your hands to pull apart the durian to get at the fruit inside. We’re again shown that the each of the pockets has a seed inside and Markus says that he usually just leaves the seeds in because they’re rich in minerals and with the Vitamix they’ll liquefy and break down.

Next Markus tells us that we can just liquefy the durian as is but he likes to add coconut water from a coconut that he’s already cut open, a little bit of sea salt, about a tablespoon of vanilla extract, a bit of lemon juice and you’re ready to blend away. Once mixed Markus places the mixture in a bowl, garnishes with some fresh fruit and cinnamon and you officially have healthy raw vegan pudding.