Hippeas, a Healthy Snack Alternative

A brand new snack food has emerged onto the scene this year and is slowly gaining ground and fame across the nation. Hippeas is a rising star into the snack food industry that’s recently found its way into America and is becoming a new way to sate hunger while staying healthy. The image of Hippeas harkens back to the Hippie sub-culture that had once been prominent decades ago within America and there are several specific reasons that this image was chosen for the product. An aesthetic reason for this is that one of the slogans Hippeas carries with it is “Good Vibes” a phrase that is often attributed to the Hippie sub-culture that Hippeas is attaching itself too.

Another reason for the attachment is that Hippeas is a Chickpea made food that is healthy. Made from Non-GMO and completely organic Chickpeas, the product has 3gm of Fiber, 4gm of Protein, and is entirely gluten free. Hippeas comes in two bag sizes currently; a small bag that only contains a single serving that has 91 calories and a large bag that contains multiple servings, which has 455 calories altogether. A food product such as this is one that the Hippie sub-culture would partake in eating, as well as people who have a vegan diet. So far Hippeas has six flavors available for purchase and consumption: Far Out Fajita, Sriracha Sunrise, Vegan White Cheddar, Maple Haze, Pepper Power, and Happenin’ Hickory.

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A third reason lies in the environmental impact of the product as Hippies were usually attributed to being very environmentally aware. Chickpea plants have been proven to naturally release nitrogen into the soil they’re in thus refreshing the ground’s supply of a vital nutrient. In addition the producers of Hippeas have teamed up with Farm Africa, a recently opening charity that reaches out to farmers in the sub-Saharan areas of Africa to help them become more productive and efficient as well as becoming environmentally friendly. So not only are you purchasing and eating a healthy snack, but your money is also going towards African farmers becoming better at their careers.

The Man Behind Hippeas

Livio Bisterzo (@liviobisterzo) is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to making healthy brand food and drink products. He founded his company Green Park Holdings back in 2015 and his company has now released Hippeas this year.

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