Francisco Domenech breakthrough in his career

Francisco J. Domenech was born on April 29, 1978, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is widely known for his political roles. He was the chief campaigner of Hillary Clinton back in 2008. Also, his active role as the managing director of Politank, a Firm connected to government affairs has made him an influential figure. He garnered great fame when he was the chief campaigner of democratic figures such as Hillary Clinton as well as Jennifer Gonzalez. Apart from his political engagements; Francisco Domenech is also a dedicated and passionate philanthropist who has been known to use Politank to support various initiatives.

He has always combined the roles in politics and legal professionals to emerge as an icon worth reckoning. The main reason why he has mainly become an influential figure is through the success of most of his endeavors. He graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a bachelor of arts in political science. He also got a Juris doctor from the school of law in the same university. Concerning his political involvements, he has worked with a number of democratic aspirants and other election-related activities. Domenech has been involved in voter registration, canvassing, fundraising, policy development, and political research. Visit to learn more about Domenech.

Between 2003 in 2004, he was actively involved in Pedro Roselle’s gubernatorial campaigns. He actually did a lot of volunteering where he worked on the platform strategy through opposition research and field organization. In 2004 up to 2012, Domenech fostered multiple voter registrations in the Florida I-4 corridor where he targeted potential Puerto Rican voters.

In the same period, he also operated in presidential campaigns in New Hampshire and Texas. During his political involvements, he was appointed as the director in the office of legislative services. In this professional career, this office was mandated with legal research service, translations and the most important one was the drafting of the legislative bill to the members of the legislative assembly of Puerto Rico.

In 2008 and 2016, he was the co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Hill blazers as well as Clinton’s successful primary campaign in Puerto Rico. Due to his efforts as a chief campaigner, Hillary won by 68-32magin over Senator Barack Obama. Before serving as the lead counsel for Senate president in Purto Rico, he represented the Senate’s interest in court and supervised counsel work and also federal activists.

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