Clay Siegall’s Fight Against Cancer

Clay Siegall is the chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Seattle Genetics. Established in 1998 Seattle Genetics is focused on biotechnological research aimed at helping patients. Siegall has trained as a scientist and his specialty is cancer therapies. After earning a Ph.D. in Genetic from the George Washington University, Siegall launched his career at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, where he worked as the senior research investigator. He was later given a promotion to the post of principal scientist and later on moved to become the National Cancer Institute’s staff fellow and biotechnology fellow. It is after moving from here that Siegall help to create Seattle Genetics.

Siegall’s Role in Seattle Genetics

Siegall has guided Seattle Genetics to become leaders in the development of antibody-drug conjugates and in acquiring the 2011 FDA approval of their first ADC product, ADCETRIS. ADCETRIS has partnered with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to form an international brand that is approved in over 65 countries. Seattle Genetics has also advanced a diverse pipeline of ADCs for treating cancer.

Under the leadership of Dr. Siegall, Seattle Genetics has acquired multiple licenses to support its ADC product. These licenses include AbbVie, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and Genentech (Roche). There are over 20 ADCs in the clinical development stage, based on the technology developed by Seattle Genetics. Dr Siegall has also spearheaded Seattle Genetics’ activities of raising capital, and secured over $1.2 billion using private and public financings, including Seattle Genetics IPO, which was launched in 2001.

Dr Siegall’s Contributions to the Cancer Research Community

Siegall has shown visionary leadership and scientific acumen in all of his efforts. The core of Siegall’s contributions has been dedication to research and the implementation of cutting-edge developments. Clay has been guided by the desire to assist his patients and alleviate their suffering. In 2012, Dr Siegall was recognized as the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Siegall currently has 15 patents and is continuously looking for ways to advance his medical research. He has further contributed to the cancer research community by publishing his discoveries and new research extensively. Up to date, he has over 70 scientific articles to his name, and he continues sharing in-depth information with medical and scientific institutions.