Busy Bumble Bee Whitney Wolfe

Women are a force of nature and starting to take over what is often called a “man’s world.” With so many iconic women paving the way a new era is dawning not just in the U.S. but across the world. One woman making headway is Whitney Wolfe Herd, more commonly referred to as Whitney Wolfe.

She is the founder and CEO of Bumble, along with the former Tinder co-founder. Bumble was launched in 2014 as the first and only dating platform where women made the first move. With the company’s success Wolfe added on to the dating app with Bumble BFF in 2016 and Bumble Bizz in 2017. Bumble BFF is a friend finding feature, and Bumble Bizz is for professional networking. The company has grown beyond Wolfe’s wildest dreams with over 35 million users in 144 countries.

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Besides creating the women-first platform of Bumble, Wolfe has also taken it upon herself to create a wonderful work environment for all her employees; with about 85% of them being women. Bumble’s headquarters in Austin, Texas nicknamed “The Hive,” is a honeycomb-yellow space designed to exude confidence and positivity. Every inch of the office is brightly lit with inspirational phrases such as: “Bee Positive” and “Brains Are the New Beauty.” Whitney Wolfe has created a one of a kind business worth about $1 billion that is helping to lead the way in women’s rights. The 29-year-old founder hasn’t just been all business however, she has had some time to find her “perfect match.”

Whitney Wolfe found her swipe right with Michael Herd, although she didn’t meet him on Bumble. He was her prince charming since 2014 and getting married was just meant to be. The couple had a destination wedding in Positano, Italy exchanging vows late 2017. Whitney Wolfe may have found her dream guy, but that hasn’t stopped her from wanting to help others find their match as well. She has no plans of stopping and is determined to change the world with one woman feeling empowered at a time.

George Soros Career Journey as a Hedge Fund Manager

Philanthropy is a term that many people have been using when they achieve in their entire life. It is always through passion that people volunteer to just give out to people to do some errands that would help build a movement. George Soros is one of those guys who have dedicated their resources towards the achievement of his goals. He has been on the frontline working for the success of civil and human rights movements and many other organizations. He happens to be a great philanthropist and has donated more than 18 million dollars to these movement organizations. He has aimed to help the less fortunate in the communities and also people who are oppressed for who they are. George Soros is also a great writer, master trader and also a great investor.

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George Soros was born in the year 1930 in the Kingdom of Hungary in Budapest. This was during a time when the country was facing several wars. During this period, his father used to work as a lawyer but had previously been jailed in Russia during World War 1. When he was released, he ran away and joined his family in Budapest. That was a time when the Nazi Germany was invading their country, and Soros family were also earmarked for demolitions. He was from a Jewish family, and his father didn’t like the Jewish tag. He had to change their family name as a camouflage to protect them from the violent invasion. That is when he was given the name George Soros from the previous George Schwartz. He was very proud of the name because it has great meanings. In the year 1945, the war became serious, and Budapest was attacked. Some people referred to it as the siege of the Budapest, and the family had difficult times because the attackers used to kill the Jews. It was a house to lethal house operation that left no stone unturned. His father decided to look for fake certificates that changed the family’s name from Jews to Christians. All Jews related families used not to be spared, and over 500,000 people including women and children were killed in operation. That was a huge number. Tivadar had done his level best to protect his family and friends and it’s said that he was able to save some few people. Read more about at theatlantic.com.

George Soros in the year 1947 left for England whereby he wanted to quench his thirst for quality education. He joined the famous London School of Economics whereby he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. He had very high aspirations of becoming the next philosopher. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1951 and later joined the institution for a master’s degree. By 1954, he was already done and pursuing higher education. He later left the England and left for New York in the year 1957 whereby he wanted to advance his career in finance. That was when he decided to establish the famous Quantum Fund which used to be called Soros Fund management. Read more at Fortune about George Soros.

Achievement of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar accomplishment in the business sector is because of the commitment and always ensuring that he always follows his values when working. He as well went to Technical Engineering and got bachelor’s degree and also and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. He also takes part in the start of many businesses and ensuring they improve and be the best organization in the world. Through his ability to introduce new ideas in the businesses enabled him to be successful and also be able to help the young upcoming entrepreneur to achieve their objective as well and be successful in life.Through his expertise in the industry of finance, he is able to handle a lot of business. Furthermore his better supervision it enables him to run companies smoothly and make a lot of income and better relationship with his staff members.

He as well holds many positions in numerous organization and made the organizations succeed including Dalrada Financial Corporation, Smart-Tek Automated Services. He is the manager at Trucept Incorporated currently whereby he ensures the organization provides better services to their clients.Some of other organization that he has served and attained a lot of o expertise and skills include IBM as the procurement manager and also QMS whereby he controlled over 100 people and was the head of the engineering division in the company. Through working at Adaptec he was able to start Bezier Systems these is due to skills in sales management.Through is commitment and hard work made him be awarded in numerous awards such as Who’s Who in America award which was held in the year 2000 and made him be well-known. His clients are happy with the services that he provides to them and they always go back for more. Trucept has accomplished a lot because of the effort the staff members always show when they working.

A lot of upcoming entrepreneurs have developed their business through Trucept hence their life transform and they achieve their objectives. Trucept also ensures they treat their clients well and also attend to their want and they are satisfied these is what makes them unique.Trucept achievement is also of the best strategies that Brian Bonar always introduces which makes them provide excellent services. Furthermore, the organization ensures their clients abide by the company values which enable them to work swiftly. Through the organization also offering long-term techniques helps their clients to achieve whatever they want. Brian Bonar also ensures that he provides better surroundings to the workers in the company for them to work efficiently. Lastly, Trucept always makes sure they employ a skilled professional who will provide better techniques in the company.

Eric Lefkofksy – Highly Respected Entrepreneur in the United States and Author of “Accelerated Disruption.”

Eric Lefkofsky is a name synonym to innovation and high-impact start-ups in the corporate sector of the United States. His journey, starting from the time he co-founded Groupon and till now, has been inspiring and motivational for the young businessmen and entrepreneurs, who are looking to make it big and transform their idea into a reality.In fact, Eric Lefkofsky also has a venture capital firm by the name of Lightbank Investments that helps and funds the new age entrepreneurs who have lucrative ideas that they need help with transforming into a reality.

Eric Lefkofsky is widely known for his hugely popular startup that is now a well-established company, Groupon Inc. Groupon Inc is estimated to be worth over $2 Billion today, and Eric continues to serve as the Chairman of the enterprise. Groupon became successful because of the innovation it brought to the table in a marketplace that was saturated with the e-commerce businesses. It helped use the idea of electronic commerce platform to make it even more lucrative for both the businesses as well as the end users.

Eric Lefkofsky with the help of Groupon managed to bridge the gap that was widening in the e-commerce platform and worked as an aggregator of cost-effective and attractive deals offered by the companies, vendors, merchants, and other retailers. The company operates on a local level as well, and Groupon partnered with the retailers wherever it served to offer users the deals they just cannot refuse. It helped the companies to market as well as promotes their services and products in a very efficient manner, while also enhancing their turnover at the same time. Groupon proved to be a platform that many merchants rely on today to get the majority of footfall in their business establishments today.Eric Lefkofsky has years of experience in the corporate world today, and he recently released a highly acclaimed book named Accelerated Disruption, authored by him. In the book, Eric mentions about how the companies that have been operating for years in their respective industry should think unconventionally and use the power of technology and innovation to stay ahead in their respective niche.


Alexandre Gama: Choosing A Reliable Advertising Professional

Alexandre Gama specializes in business promotions, marketing and advertising through the use of offline and online platforms and strategies. For many years, Alexandre Gama has catered to businesses of all types and sizes. Based in Brazil, Alexandre Gama has access to a group of marketing and creative media specialists and he can create compelling advertising message to attract the right audience. His clients come from many different industries and they use his expert services to increase sales and profits. Alexandre Gama is also well versed in creating comprehensive media plans and can even set up and manage your ad campaigns for you.

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The Importance of Human Activism in Political Liberation and Freedom

Political freedom has been realized by the existence of different types of human activism around the world. Many people have been made aware of their rights to life and privileges found in their respective constitutions. Freedom comes with a price and many people who fought for freedom and liberation ended up being killed. This was the beginning of human activism that took a positive turn towards ensuring every person around the world is treated equally. This has seen rise to many activists across the world that have fought for liberation among countries.

Thor Halvorssen is a leading and renowned human activist that has been participating in the liberation of oppressed people in the society. He is the founder of Human Rights Foundation that was established in 2005 with its headquarters in New York City. Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela from a powerful family of a government minister and a vocal mother. He started her activism process while in Harvard University where he contributed as an editor of the university publication. Through this process, he garnered a lot of experience and courage that saw her move to become a well-known and famous human rights advocate.

His depute in the world of activism was evident when his father was detained without trial by the Venezuelan company when he was serving as a powerful cabinet secretary. This sparked street protests that were led by Thor Halvorssen where they demanded the release of his father who was innocent of the charges against him. The protest went on until the international communities gave their voices concerning the issue ion Venezuela. After the intervention of Amnesty International, Thor Halvorssen’s father was released and given a position on the Pan-American committee. Thor Halvorssenhas also invested a lot in the film industry. He has produced many films that have hit the global limelight.

Fervent Freedom Fighter’s Fabulous Foundation Turns Tables on Tyrants

When one attempts to define an individual, one often recites history. Scenes and settings are employed as descriptive mechanisms, anecdotes are given to offer personal glimpses. A miniature biography is formed. However, this is no true definition. Determining the dimensions which separate great men from the common ineptitudes of humanity is a tall task. In the case of Thor Halvorssen, this dilemma of definition is exceedingly difficult.

For our human rights hero is not merely a man, rather, he is freedom’s chiseled embodiment. Thor Halvorssen is a maverick, a movement which is ceaseless, furious, and fast. In Buddhist fashion, the freedom fighter found his passion after a crash-course with life’s harsh realities. A turn of events in Venezuela left Halvorssen’s father imprisoned and tortured, this was Thor’s awakening moment. As he watched in helpless horror, Halvorssen empathized with the powerless. As he realized the abyss created by corruption, he felt the pain of millions before him. Thor employed his paradoxically energetic calm, and eventually, he could secure his father’s release.

Since his suddenly formative college-years,Thor Halvorssen has morphed into a symbol. Halvorssen has been around the globe, often under the duress of oppressive authorities. While many human-rights icons like Michelle Obama dictate from the safety of home, Halvorssen jumps directly into the fold. Fearless, he even smuggled a flash drive out of Vietnam hidden in his rectum. He is a true man of action, an agent of change. Witnessing the individualist speak is out of this world, driven by about 35 supplements, he flexes his mental muscle, politely pointing out logical loop-holes in a Fox News segment.Thor thoroughly tackles true tyranny. Besides his direct activism, Thor is president of the Human Rights Foundation. Employing his talents, Halvorssen hammers away at shameful practices of oppression. The organization networks like-minded activists in an epic mobilization attempt. The foundation has funded a few notable ventures. One of which involved Halvorssen and Park Sang-hak sending balloons full of Desperate Housewives and The Interview. Although this event was publicized due to the DPRK’s massive hacking response, the human rights stalwart stands strong.

Fashion Tailored to the Customer

On January 19th, 2014 the online community website “built in Los Angeles” featured an interview with JustFab co-founder Adam Goldenberg. JustFab is an online subscription fashion retailer on nrf.com that offers selections in shoes, handbags, jewelry and denim. The interview is centered around Goldenberg’s conceptual framework needed to build a successful company. He discusses the importance of customer feedback, employee passion and producing quality product. Adam Goldenberg has experienced nothing but success as an entrepreneur since 1999.

At the age of 15, Adam Goldenberg founded Gamers Alliance, his first company. At the age of 18, in 1999, he sold Gamers Alliance to Intermix Media. He then joined Intermix as Vice President of Strategic planning. By the age of 20, Goldenberg became COO of Intermix. In 2006, Adam Goldenberg partnered up with Don Ressler to create an e-commerce brand platform called Intelligent Beauty. They started to merge social media with the latest fashions on vator.tv. They accomplished this by hiring style consultants and building style boards to interact with the customer. In 2010 they launched JustFab, a style community where members select fashion items that are tailored to their taste for $39.95.

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The concept of JustFab is built on getting feedback from the customer. The fashion consultants have to listen to the the customer to deliver their fashion needs. Adam Goldenberg states “We have a team dedicated to understanding our members and use their feedback to guide our product”. Goldenberg and Ressler have both emphasized in previous interviews that the process has to be both engaging and fun for the customer. Their goal is to inspire women by providing tips from fashion leaders.

In the interview, Goldenberg stresses the need for passion in his employees. Employee passion is essential if you want the customer to engage with the product. He goes on to say JustFab will only keep class “A” employees and pay a great deal of attention to mentoring their top performers. He also emphasizes their focus on creating a great product. Goldenberg expands on this point by stating ” our website could look great, our commercials could be catchy….but if customers don’t like the product, they won’t shop with us.”

There have been some changes since this article came out in 2014. In August 2016, Goldenberg and Ressler changed the name of the company to TechStyle Fashion Group. In a CNBC interview, Goldenberg states, “that we are going to maximize the use of technology to produce new products that will be more tailored to our customers.”

Anthony Pratello: Being The CEO The Company Needs

It’s a sheer fact that the number of CEO’s in America exceeded the number of selfies a millennial can take in a day, but only a few stand out among the heaps of company leaders out there. The few that stand out always show exemplary skill in the field along with expertise and ability to lead their teams efficiently. One such CEO is Anthony Petrello of Nabors Industries.

Nabors, founded in 1968 is one of the largest oil, natural gas, and geothermal drilling operations in America. Currently, with its headquarters in Houston, Texas, Narbos is a provider of on and offshore services for oil and petroleum gaining operations. Currently, their operations take place in areas within the Middle East and Africa. The company boasts of the largest collection of oil rig fleets and vessels in the United States and currently has over five hundred oil rigs all over the world.

The company’s CEO, Tony, as the employees and other executives refer to him as is one of the driving successes of the company currently. The tasks of carrying out the roles of CEO, president, and chairman are all performed by solely one man.

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Pratello hasn’t spent his entire career in the oil business. He landed on the board of directors of this oil giant right from Baker and McKenzie, a firm that deals with giving individuals and large industries legal solutions. Due to his expertise on corporate structures, Tony was able to draft up a model for Narbos, helping the company expand to international borders.

Tony has been climbing the ranks of Narbos pretty quickly. Right from the time he started on their board of directors, his valuable information and insight on various corporate matters led the company in the direction it has taken on today.

Pratello assisted the former CEO, Eugene Iseberg in various company matters which made him the perfect candidate for succeeding Eugene. Tony was appointed as the CEO of Narbos in 2011 and subsequently went on to add more and more titles within the company to his name.

Since naming Tony Petrello, Nabors has seen an exponential increase in its share rate – amounting to an increase of almost 180%. Tony attained a degree in law from the prestigious Harvard Law School and a B.S and M.S in Mathematics from Yale.

When not managing the workings of his company, Pratello focuses his energy on his various philanthropic endeavors. Currently, he is a trustee for the Texas Children’s Hospital and regularly supports endeavors that are geared towards research of neurological ailments.

Dental Sleep Masters and Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aid Sleep Apnea Research and Treatments Advancement

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, founder of Dental Sleep Masters, works to aid research and treatment of sleep apnea and other dental-related sleep disorders.


For those who aren’t aware, sleep apnea is a serious, often-undiagnosed condition correlated to other serious conditions, like diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Most people – up to 90% – who have sleep apnea are unaware that they have the condition.


Dr. Weisfogel and his team at Dental Sleep Masters hope to change this, however, and shine a light on the disorder by raising awareness and changing treatment methods. Dr. Weisfogel has devised a more efficient model for treating sleep apnea patients.


Under Dr. Weisfogel’s model, primary and secondary care physicians work with certified sleep physicians and sleep labs to provide all-inclusive care and treatment. By working on the full picture, the doctor hopes to provide better and more efficient treatment for sleep apnea sufferers.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s interest in dental-related sleep disorders began while practicing at his first clinic, Old Bridge Dental Care, which was founded in 1999. Over the next fifteen years, the doctor would invest his time in research relating to sleep disorders and dental care as it related to them. He would also found several companies in the dental-related sleep disorder care industry before founding Dental Sleep Masters in 2014.


Treatment for sleep apnea has been evolving, and Dental Sleep Masters seeks to advance dentists in the field of sleep disorder care through the use of oral appliances.


Prior to recent advancements in the medical field, sleep apnea was treated with bulky and noisy machines and masks. For many patients, these treatments were uncomfortable and invasive; however, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved upper respiratory stimulation in 2014. The FDA also recently approved THN Sleep Therapy device by ImThera Medical.


The doctor hopes to continue to improve upon these advancements in the future.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel attained a BA in biology and psychology at Rutgers University and a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry.