Lacey And Larkin Being Accused Of Serious Federal Crime

The night of 6th April had brought in some bad news with it for Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Lacey and Larkin were arrested from their homes at the middle of the night for involvement in a government censorship act.

Michael Lacey is a former veteran newspaperman. He had moved to the west in 1960 to study in the Arizona State University but had dropped out before completing the course. Read more: Jim Larkin | Facebook and Michael Lacey | Twitter
He and a group of other students published a newspaper Phoenix New Times which featured campus protests for anti-wars. On the night of his eviction, he was celebrating his marriage anniversary with his wife and family when the armed forces invaded in his house and arrested him.

They searched Lacey’s house up and down almost like if it was some kind of drug invasion and finally arrested him and hence Lacey was detained by the law enforcement officers. The FBI agents even drew away all of Michael Lacey’s possessions during the process. However Michael Lacey wasn’t the only victim of the raid.

The FBI also raided the house of Lacey’s business partner, Jim Larkin, and arrested him under the same accusation as Lacey. Lacey and Larkin were joint partners of their flagship newspaper Phoenix New Times and went to the same university. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The case was made against one of the websites they owned known as “Backpage” and was charged with the act of government censorship and the site was seized. The company was charged to be an “online brothel” and also charged with severe allegations of trafficking. The owners fought for years to remove the accusations and claimed that all of it was a plot to trap them.

In the year 2015 Larkin and Lacey sold their share and interest in the company Backpage to its Chief Executive Director Carl Ferrar. The entire indictment consisted of seven other individual who were detained however on Larkin and Lacey’s names were brought up in the media and public limelight.

Larkin and Lacey found the “Front Page Confidential” in order to provide analysis of the first amendment matters regarding the arrest and the government’s step to demolish them and their websites with such serious accusation.

Lacey’s criminal defence lawyer Paul Cambria informed the Front Page Confidential that Michael Lacey was scheduled to be presented in front of the judge for hearing on the following Wednesday. On the other hand Jim Larkin was to be presented before the magistrate on the coming Monday.

They were both released finally after fighting long and pleaded “not guilty” of all the accusations and charges. They were being framed for being vocal about some government confidential matter and the Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was considered to be the mastermind behind the entire plot.

Not only Lacey and Larkin were released as “not guilty” but also were handed a settlement amount for the case. With the aid of that they opened up the Frontera Fund that would give the immigrants the right and support they deserved.