Busy Bumble Bee Whitney Wolfe

Women are a force of nature and starting to take over what is often called a “man’s world.” With so many iconic women paving the way a new era is dawning not just in the U.S. but across the world. One woman making headway is Whitney Wolfe Herd, more commonly referred to as Whitney Wolfe.

She is the founder and CEO of Bumble, along with the former Tinder co-founder. Bumble was launched in 2014 as the first and only dating platform where women made the first move. With the company’s success Wolfe added on to the dating app with Bumble BFF in 2016 and Bumble Bizz in 2017. Bumble BFF is a friend finding feature, and Bumble Bizz is for professional networking. The company has grown beyond Wolfe’s wildest dreams with over 35 million users in 144 countries.

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Besides creating the women-first platform of Bumble, Wolfe has also taken it upon herself to create a wonderful work environment for all her employees; with about 85% of them being women. Bumble’s headquarters in Austin, Texas nicknamed “The Hive,” is a honeycomb-yellow space designed to exude confidence and positivity. Every inch of the office is brightly lit with inspirational phrases such as: “Bee Positive” and “Brains Are the New Beauty.” Whitney Wolfe has created a one of a kind business worth about $1 billion that is helping to lead the way in women’s rights. The 29-year-old founder hasn’t just been all business however, she has had some time to find her “perfect match.”

Whitney Wolfe found her swipe right with Michael Herd, although she didn’t meet him on Bumble. He was her prince charming since 2014 and getting married was just meant to be. The couple had a destination wedding in Positano, Italy exchanging vows late 2017. Whitney Wolfe may have found her dream guy, but that hasn’t stopped her from wanting to help others find their match as well. She has no plans of stopping and is determined to change the world with one woman feeling empowered at a time.

The Historic Career Of JeanMarie Guenot

There are few women that are changing the world of medicine and science the way JeanMarie Guenot has in the past several years. JeanMarie Guenot has over 20 years of biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience. She has worked at private companies and public, in all stages of their business. JeanMarie Guenot has worked mostly in pharmaceutical research and development, business development, commercial and corporate development, venture capital and project and alliance management. Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot has extensive experience in building and rebuilding companies. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc is a company that develops bifunctional antibody therapies for various types of cancer. Prior to being the Chief Executive Officer and President of Amphivena Therapeutics, Ms. Guenot was the founder of SKS Ocular. She built SKS Ocular from the ground up. SKS Ocular started as an ophthalmic company incubator. The company specialized in sustained release ocular drug delivery technology, therapy for glaucoma, and additional therapies for ocular inflammation and macular degeneration.

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At Hoffmann-La Roche, Dr. Guenot was an advisor for their Shanghai and Basel offices. She was the Vice President of a company called PDL Bio Pharma, where she was in charge of corporate and business development on takeda.com. At PDL Bio Pharma, she was also in charge of the licensing, alliance management, mergers and acquisitions, and product portfolios. Dr. Guenot is trained in medical and physical chemistry and she focuses on semi-empirical and quantum mechanical methods.

Dr. Guenot’s career in business began at Atlas Venture. At Atlas Venture, she was responsible for venture capital investments and life science companies at http://amphivena.com/amphivena_leaders/jeanmarie-guenot-ph-d/. As a scientist, she started her career at Hoffmann-La Roche in Preclinical Research and Development. She was the principal scientist at the company. Dr. Guenot received her Ph.D. from the University of California – San Francisco. She also received her Master’s from The Wharton School.

Rona Borre Success in the Tech World

Rona Borre, Enterprising Woman of Rona Borre
Rona Borre, Enterprising Woman of  the Year

A graduate of the respected University of Arizona, Rona Borre has made a major name for herself in the financial world. Rona Borre founded the tech staffing firm instantalliance.com, formerly known as Instant Technology. She created the organization right from her Chicago condo back in the early 2000’s. Borre and her company have become Nationally known for their success. This is a woman owned business that continues to make more each year.


Rona Borre is a passionate woman when it comes to her work. She has held a number of influential positions throughout her career. These positions include being a leader in the Chicago Community, and sitting on the board of the Economic Club of Chicago. In addition to these positions she has involved with the Chicago Network and the Young Presidents Organization. Continue reading in related site, thechicagonetwork.org.


Borre has had her worked featured by some well known companies. This list include CBS, CNN, Today and CNBC. Recently she was recognized as an Influential Woman in Business by The Business Ledger. Around this time she also was recognized as the

by Enterprising Women Magazine. These very respected awards are all in addition to the awards and recognition her company has received.


Rona Borre success roots in humble beginnings. She once sat in her Bed Bath & Beyond chair wondering about how successful she would become. She got up everyday, put on her suit and worked hard to reach her goals. Today she has reached her goals and much much more.

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