A Report Highlighting Global Tel Links Integrity Breaches and Wrongdoings

Securus Technologies which is an information technology and service industry has taken a great step to highlight integrity breaches that have been associated with services from GTL. GTL is a known firm which offers prison phone service that gives inmates an opportunity to purchase calling vouchers which are prepaid. This company focuses on providing communication, inmate telephone as well as payment systems. However as published on PR Newswire, according to Securus, Global Tel Link is suspected to engage in unlawful acts which are against the rights of prison inmates. This report was released after a long survey which was carried out by Securus Technologies. GTL activities were investigated, corrected and monitored before this report was released by Securus.

GTL Actions That Raised Attention

According to the report, four practices were noted which summed up to clearly indicate that Louisiana taxpayers were being overcharged by receiving services from Global Tel Link. It was found that GTL was engaged in double billing practice in that a single call was being charged for more than one time. Additionally, it was found that there were add-on programs which contributed to artificially inflate charges paid by customers. Each call made by the customers was charged by an additional amount. The rate of telephone rates per call were also noted to be higher than what is set by the tariffs and the PSC rates.  Most surprisingly, all these practices were being done deliberately with an aim to overcharge customers.

About Securus Technologies

These services are aimed at improving public safety as well as modernizing incarceration experience. They have an A+ rating from the BBB. Many public safety, correction and law enforcement agencies rely on this company for powerful and simple technology solutions that are easy to use and accessible at all times.

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