Markus Rothkranz: Using Wild Foods For Your Breakfast

Markus Rothkranz is a lifestyle guru and motivational speaker who promotes the benefits of an all natural, vegan raw foods diet. In this video,Markus Rothkranz shows you how you can create a healthy pick me up breakfast using ingredients found in your backyard.

In the video, Markus Rothkranz says he begins his day by creating a breakfast with some very uncommon ingredients for a typical breakfast meal. He goes outside to his backyard and munches on some dandelion flowers. According to Markus, they are highly nutritious. You can add the yellow dandelion flowers to salads for color, flavor and nutrition.

Markus continues in the video by gathering up some of the dandelion leaves, also known as dandelion greens. These are packed with nutrients and energy. In addition to the dandelion greens, he gathers up some other wild greens and weeds growing in his backyard. The benefit to this is that these green vegetables are fresh from the ground and they won’t cost you a penny. They are literally growing in front of your house. You may have never realized it, but they are edible and chock full of nutrients.

After gathering some wild weeds for breakfast, Markus emphasizes that you need to wash the weeds or greens as some people prefer to call them with water. Make sure you rinse the greens thoroughly. You want to get rid of any dirt, debris or pesticide residue. Don’t use weeds if you know pesticides are sprayed on them.

After rinsing the weeds, Markus puts the weeds into his Vitamix blender. He says that blending the greens helps break down the cells. This gives your body better access to all the nutrients and vitamins contained in them with little digestion required. He then chops pineapple and throws in a few pitted dates to the blender. This gives you sugar and more vitamins.

The result is an incredibly nutrient dense and energy packed cocktail that uses ingredients found right in your lawn or backyard. Here are some words of caution to consider before using wild greens. Make sure you can identify the weeds. Don’t use any plants you are unfamiliar with. They could be poisonous or have ill side effects. Don’t use plants from sprayed areas either.