Skin Care While Traveling

There is a morning routine that Wengie tries to follow every day while she’s traveling. She sometimes gets caught up in the beauty of the land instead of focusing on her skin. A travel routine helps to keep the skin from getting stressed while in a different climate.


Start with a beauty pouch that is large enough to hold all of your supplies. Find one that has see-through compartments so that you can easily find all of the components that you need. One with a hook makes it easy to hang the bag in a hotel room. Wengie sometimes carries more beauty products than clothes. She takes a supply of moisturizing masks as the air from hotels can sometimes dry out the skin. Use toner to freshen the skin for the day.


A light sunscreen is a must-have no matter where you travel. A lighter texture can be added under your makeup. It’s easy for the lips to get burnt, so it’s important to protect them with a sunscreen with a higher SPF. Start covering in the center of the face as this is where you will need the most protection. A shine-free blotting powder will keep the skin from getting too shiny. The forehead and nose are areas where the powder will likely be applied most often. Avoid wiping your forehead with your hand as this will only cause the skin to become oilier. Use a toner pad to remove any excess oil and to freshen the skin after a long day of touring your vacation destination.