Freedom checks are the required cash payments that are made to stakeholders, and they are operated by Matt Badiali, who is an editor and a real wealth strategist. They are considered as an online investment scheme. The investments are provided by natural resources’ companies known as the MLP’s. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

What inspired Matt Badiali to come up with freedom checks?

Matt Badiali came up with this idea after examining mines and oil wells and interviewing CEO’s, and he discovered that the master limited partnership companies were issue freedom checks. Since then, there has a decrease in the amount of oil being released from the Middle East countries, but a high increase in the production of gas and oil in the United States.

Is freedom check considered as an investment?

Investment analysts have confirmed that freedom checks are an investment. This is because they can be twice or thrice larger than the average monthly job payments, and there is no limitation of age, or income, to collect the checks. They can be invested through one’s online account. This freedom checks are not government programs and are not IRA or 401(K).

The law that made freedom checks to be considered as an investment

Investment analyst termed the name “freedom checks” as an attractive and creative business name, termed it as an investment and entirely legitimate. The law that termed them as investments is a statue known as 26-F, which was enacted by Congress in 1987. Up to date, over 550 companies operate under that law and are entitled to issue freedom checks. Watch this video at Youtube.

What MLP’S are and what they do

The freedom checks are distributed to the investors by companies known as the “master limited partnership”. These companies are the producers, processors and transporters of oil and gas. Currently, over 6000 companies are offering the freedom checks in monthly or quarterly payments.

Requirements for companies to operate tax-free

The Master limited companies, which distribute the freedom checks, can operate tax-free but only under certain conditions. One, 90% of their revenue from gas and oil production must come from their activities which are processing, storage and transportation, and two, that they must agree to pay freedom checks stakeholders and to pay their investors.

Investors who are waiting to collect their payments don’t have to open a special account since they can receive their distribution through the mail or direct deposit to their accounts making it an ideal investment opportunity.


Jeff Yastine: Pushing The Dream

Every company that is out on the market has a dream or goal that they want to achieve. Some are selfish and only seek monetary gain and others are all bout service to the people. Regardless they all hope to achieve something. Many companies end without ever reaching the scope they had hoped to capture. But others thrive and succeed and fulfill the purpose of its creators. That is what Banyan Hill Publishing has done, realized the dreams of its makers. Watch this video on Youtube.

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