Waiākea Gives a Legacy of Sustainability

Hawaiians are great lovers of nature. Their desire for a relationship with nature is built into their culture so deep that it simply comes naturally. So it is logical to presume that they would care for the land in a way that a caregiver would do, and their ability to do so is astounding.

One of the most interesting aspects of this relationship is the symbolism that they follow in all aspects of their life. Nature has brought them all things that they need. From food to the clothes that they wear, it is all a gift from the earth. They believe in giving back to the earth as a way of sustainability. Waiākea believes in that to the highest level as well.

It starts with the freshest water that is available today. Then Waiākea makes sure to use only recycled bottles that are RPET approved. Waiākea uses low emission and energy efficient vehicles and ships to ensure this step for sustainability, participating in the best programs across the globe every day.

Around September of 2012, Waiākea became one of the beverages that have been granted the CarbonNeutral certification. It is a rare award for any beverage. It’s little wonder why considering all of the steps that are taken to ensure its sustainability. CarbonNeutral is a leader in the field of ensuring that the emissions are always the lowest possible. Waiākea has always been proud of this award.

All of this is what makes Waiakea Water Sustainability what it is today. It is a company that created a beverage which gives all of the best that Hawaii offers as a legacy. It is good for you. It offers the very best of the earth in a sustainable manner that gives thanks as it should. It even tastes delicious as it helps you to connect to the earth in a way which brings a circle of sustenance. It is sustainable from beginning to end.

Things you should know about Richard Mishaan Design 7/24

Richard Mishaan Design is the world leading company dealing with interior designs. The firm has been creating artistic interiors for over 25 years for hospitality, residential and commercial clients. In many instances, it has been selected to be an Elle Décor A List and AD 100. Richard, its founder, was born in Colombia but later relocated to New York.


The firm has created some of the best residential, retail projects, and hotels around the world for various celebrated clients. Mishaan has also successfully penned two books, “Artfully Modern” and “Modern Luxury” for the Monacelli Press. In one of his books, Richard states that the best interiors are those that are rich and layered. His focus is on creating a connection between the pieces used when designing. The connection should come from texture, tone, or the excitement brought to the client he is working with. Richard Mishaan combines the knowledge of fashion, architecture, cultural roots, and interior designs in his work, which results in quality.


Which are Some of the Projects worked by Richard Mishaan Design?


Some of the project includes Hampton’s summer Home, 93rd street sales, and upper west townhouse, all in New York.


Which project is the favorite?


The Upper Westside Townhouse, which Mishaan Design worked on, is my favorite project. I like the texture used since it gives the house a modern and sleek look. The texture also offers a welcoming feeling in spite of the sleek nature. This is because of the crème and brown colors used with the furniture.


Books Published by the Company “Richard Mishaan Design


From experience in his company “Richard Mishaan Design,” Richard has published two books on interior designs. He published the first book, “Modern Luxury,” in 2009. In this book, he narrates his creative process and discloses the tips used in interior design. The second book was published in 2014. It showcases Richard’s best work from 2009 to 2014. It displays his abilities and talents.



Andrew Rocklage: The Brain Behind Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Andrew Rocklage is a renowned businessman and attorney known for his contribution as the founder and owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Park. By managing his own company, Andrew has portrayed an in-depth understanding of the overall business scene especially in Boston where he is based. As a successful businessman, the rise hasn’t been easy for him. Before launching his own company, Andre had worked for multiple companies before eventually setting up his own business empire.

Professional Career and Achievements

Rocklage began his career as a Public Relations Intern at the Major League Lacrosse in the year 2008. The following year, he joined the Boston Red Sox as a Legal Department Intern and later as a Ticket Service Associate. In the year 2011, he acceded to the Cubist Pharmaceuticals as an intern but later got a job at the same company as a Legal Consultant.

From the year 2012 to the year 2013, Andrew worked for two different companies as a Law Clerk. These companies are Avery, Dooley & Noone, LLP, and the Epirus Biopharmaceuticals. While working for the Epirus Biopharmaceuticals, Andrew was promoted to the Corporate Counsel position, a role he held for over one year.

In the year 2015, Andrew founded the Sky Zone Trampoline Park, a company that brings together a chain of indoor trampoline parks that feature activities such as dodgeball, freestyle bouncing, and fitness programs. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage: https://angel.co/andrew-rocklage and https://vimeo.com/user57298650

Clients visiting Sky Zone Trampoline Park have always expressed their satisfaction with the services offered at the park, and it is not hard to see why. Andrew has a team of highly-skilled workers and workmates who are well-versed in customer care management.

Apart from this, Andrew has an innate talent for finding the best employees to work for him. With such an attribute and a team of employees willing and ready to work with him, Andrew presence in the business world is scheduled to skyrocket.

With an extensive experience in the technological field, Andrew has been in a position to incorporate both his technocrat side of his career and his legal skills to create a platform that brings together people from different walks of life into one place. Apart from this, his experience in both of these fields has enabled him to interact with various people freely and comfortably.

His roots in Boston have enabled him to interact with the best business minded people of his caliber. With his willingness to expand his business empire to different states in the country, the stakes are high as to when or where he will launch his next business venture.


Andrew joined the University of Massachusetts at Amherst – Isenberg School of Management in the year 2005. He graduated four years later with a Bachelor of Science cum laude, Economics, and Sports Management. In the year 2010, he joined the Suffolk University Law School where he graduated with a Juris Doctor in the year 2013.

How Rick Smith has Transformed Securus Technologies for the Better

Rick Smith is the chief executive officer of SECURUS Technologies a position he took up mid-2008. There is no doubt that he was possibly the most suited for this post. Rick came in at a time when the Dallas-based organization needed him. He has a rich educational and career history in management, finance, and information technology and business development among others. Besides his excellent education and career, background, Smith possesses in abundance great leadership skills and high levels of integrity. Going by his job history, his experiences in different organizations speaks volumes about his success in what he starts.Rick Smith has a rich and diversified educational background. Among his academic qualification is an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo. He also holds master’s degrees in two disciplines; one in engineering from the State University of New York and MBA from Simon school.

SECURUS Technologies is an organization that provides a range of services to inmates in correctional facilities, public safety companies and law enforcement throughout North America. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Rick’s leadership has seen the company grow and improve its service delivery. Securus Technologies continues to offer state of the art services in rapid response, communication, monitoring, incident management, biometric capturing and maintenance, investigations and inmate self-service.Part of his career journey (1972-1998) includes chief information officer with Global Crossing North America.In this organization, he rose from junior levels to occupy a senior position in the organization. His promotion was based on merit.Frontier information technologies is another group that Rick worked with. In this company, he was tasked to be the president of the organization a position he effectively held. As the president, Rick handled a range of tasks including and not limited to business development, operations, information technology and financial management.

Rick has a clean record in every organization he has worked for as indicated by his background checks.Later, Rick Smith was sought by Eschelon Telecom Inc. In this organization, he worked as a senior financial officer for three years upon which he was promoted to become the company’s CEO. On assuming this position, the company increased its revenue a hundred fold and became a successful IPO. He continued to serve in the company until 2007 when he left.Rick’s success in Eschelon Telcom earned him a career in Securus Technologies in 2008 where he was recruited as president and CEO of the organization. Early 2009 he became the company’s chairman and this set him at a center stage of competing with his former employer Global Tel Link. The situation meant that Rick had to be smarter to outdo his competitors a task he has successfully executed. Today, Securus enjoys the lead in this line of business.

Read full article : http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-technologies-discusses-future-of-inmate-communications-and-security-300427232.html

What Does Securus Technologies Offer?

In a world where we try to keep everything safe, I find it viable and important that we do whatever we can to help maintain our community’s strong ties in this world. With the right help, I feel like we can make small changes to improve safety issues in the area. Securus Technologies is trying to help create change in many ways more than one. They are the leading provider in the world of criminal justice technology solutions for correction facilities, investigation, and public safety. Used to help prevent potential crimes, they are enforcing proper protection and surveillance and working hard to unite people.


Several people are using their work and technology to solve crimes. One person has updated them about their huge help on assisting them regarding a case where they needed to obtain a search warrant of a corrupted staff member. They eventually got the chance to arrest the right person because of the phone calls and other programs Securus Technologies provided them.


What I love about their phone call investigation technology is that people can find out exactly what is happening and how things are taking place within phone calls made by inmates. One customer had used the phone call service to listen to an inmate phone call with the mother on the outside, alongside a sibling telling the younger sibling exactly what to say when they are asked questions about the shooting. This not only help solve the case, but it can open up the discussion for numerous opportunities to see what is happening behind the scenes.


Securus is here to help give the chance for ordinary people to see what is happening and what they can do to help keep their city safe and away from danger. Preventing and solving a crime is what their goals mainly are.


A Look At Some Of the Organizations Defending People’s Rights In The US

There are a large number of organizations in the world that advocate for the rights of humans, including migrants, as well as civil rights. Among the most well-known are Amnesty International USA, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. There are also a huge number of smaller nonprofit organizations doing their part to make sure people are able to live their lives free of oppression. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/

The organization that is one of the largest and oldest is the ACLU. They have chapters in every state in the United States which seeks to defend the civil rights of those who live there.

This organization was established almost 100 years ago and has become well-known for working in courts as well as legislatures and communities to preserve the individual rights that the Constitution of the United States gives to every citizen as well as all of the rights that have been passed as laws over the years. The ACLU has over 2 million supporters and has received a lot of support since the election of Donald Trump as President in particular. Read more: Phoenix New Time

Sometimes the ACLU is wrongly criticized for defending some groups of people that most people think are indefensible. This can include members of the Ku Klux Klan and other fringe groups. The ACLU defends these types of people and organizations not because they agree with them but because they have the right to free assembly and free expression.

If the government can prevent these types of groups from exercising their rights there would be nothing stopping the government from using those same powers on everyone else.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is a nonprofit in Arizona which is involved in defending civil, migrant, and human rights. It was started by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey in the aftermath of their legal victory over Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They won a $3.75 million judgment which they use to fund other nonprofits that defend people’s rights.

The case started on October 18, 2007, when both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were awoken in the middle of the night by sheriff’s deputies, arrested, and brought to prison.

This was done because they wanted to know how these two reporters had gotten hold of grand jury proceedings in a case that involved Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The sheriff’s even sought to find out the identity of every person that read their article on the online New Times website. Lacey and Larkin sued the county and ultimately won the case in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Over the years the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund has provided money to a great number of Arizona nonprofits who defend people’s rights. This includes migrant causes, such as the American Immigration Council and the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition.

Lacey and Larkin also support general human rights causes such as Justice that Works and the ACLU of Arizona. Additionally, the have supported organizations that defend the rights of gay and transgender people such as Trans Queer Pueblo.

Achievement of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar accomplishment in the business sector is because of the commitment and always ensuring that he always follows his values when working. He as well went to Technical Engineering and got bachelor’s degree and also and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. He also takes part in the start of many businesses and ensuring they improve and be the best organization in the world. Through his ability to introduce new ideas in the businesses enabled him to be successful and also be able to help the young upcoming entrepreneur to achieve their objective as well and be successful in life.Through his expertise in the industry of finance, he is able to handle a lot of business. Furthermore his better supervision it enables him to run companies smoothly and make a lot of income and better relationship with his staff members.

He as well holds many positions in numerous organization and made the organizations succeed including Dalrada Financial Corporation, Smart-Tek Automated Services. He is the manager at Trucept Incorporated currently whereby he ensures the organization provides better services to their clients.Some of other organization that he has served and attained a lot of o expertise and skills include IBM as the procurement manager and also QMS whereby he controlled over 100 people and was the head of the engineering division in the company. Through working at Adaptec he was able to start Bezier Systems these is due to skills in sales management.Through is commitment and hard work made him be awarded in numerous awards such as Who’s Who in America award which was held in the year 2000 and made him be well-known. His clients are happy with the services that he provides to them and they always go back for more. Trucept has accomplished a lot because of the effort the staff members always show when they working.

A lot of upcoming entrepreneurs have developed their business through Trucept hence their life transform and they achieve their objectives. Trucept also ensures they treat their clients well and also attend to their want and they are satisfied these is what makes them unique.Trucept achievement is also of the best strategies that Brian Bonar always introduces which makes them provide excellent services. Furthermore, the organization ensures their clients abide by the company values which enable them to work swiftly. Through the organization also offering long-term techniques helps their clients to achieve whatever they want. Brian Bonar also ensures that he provides better surroundings to the workers in the company for them to work efficiently. Lastly, Trucept always makes sure they employ a skilled professional who will provide better techniques in the company.

Aloha Construction, Inc: Your local trusted contractor

There is always a debate about having a proper roofing and siding contractor; one needs a reliable, trustworthy contractor who not only provides quality services but also has the experience in doing the work required. Aloha Construction fits this description perfectly, founded in 2008 as a family-owned company, it has grown to North Chicago’s trusted and local general contractor. Aloha Construction specializes in all roofing, specifically Cedar Shake, seamless gutters, all types of siding, windows and screen replacements. Aloha Construction provides its services for all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. They Also provide for people in Lake McHenry, Cook and DuPage counties via their Lake Zurich location and Champaign Counties via their Bloomington Office.
With eighteen thousand plus projects, Aloha Construction has gained the trust and experience needed to be a top-notch local contractor. In a recent press release, the following was said pertaining Aloha Construction, Inc. Aloha Construction was looking forward to another roofing and siding season with areas in Northern Illinois having dealt with extremely high winds, dangerous hail and storms. Now serving all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, Aloha Construction, Inc seeks to fulfill the promise of making better and quality homes in a launch of restoration service to be done in early May.
Their President/CEO Mr. David A. Farbaky said that in 2013 they were ecstatic of having completed seven thousand projects, but this year they had broken twenty thousand. He said the current year was about making life easier for the residents of the Midwest. Their growth has been centered around making people feel more secure in their homes. He added that they were proud to announce a new branch of the Aloha Builds network which would be in the early May with an office in their Lake Zurich Headquarters. From Mr. David’s speech and their new website it is certain that the bonded and trusted Aloha Construction, Inc will fulfill all their promises.



Finding a Great Banking Option

When it comes to finding a great bank, it can be frustrating to weed through the hundreds that are available to you. Ideally, you’d like a bank that has great customer service and no minimums on any of the available accounts. This is exactly what you will find when utilizing Nexbank. Nexbank offers a range of banking options that will fit the needs of just about anyone looking to do business with them.

Nexbank is a trusted bank located in Texas. They have been in business for over a decade and are headquartered in Dallas. They have branches all throughout the state, making it effortless to find a bank close to your home so that it is convenient to deposit checks and make use of other banking features.

This bank offers both personal and commercial accounts, making it easy for clients of all kinds to find the right option for them. Their personal bank accounts do not have minimums, which makes it easy to withdraw any amount of money without being hit with a penalty fee. While Nexbank specializes in commercial accounts, they also cater to individuals and families of all needs.

Along with their bank accounts, Nexbank offers both mortgages and investment options. This makes it easy for you to get the financial banking that you need in order to purchase property. Investing is ideal for business owners and individuals who want to grow their money while being able to keep a close eye on changes.

Nexbank has online banking available to those who cannot make it to the branch often in order to check their accounts and withdraw money. Their online banking features enable customers to transfer funds from one account to another without needing to pay a fee in order to do this. Nexbank is a top banking institution in the Texas area and is used by tens of thousands of people each year.


Paul Mampilly And Compiling A Portfolio

While the way most people invest in stocks and mutual funds is to have a manager or broker administrate their funds, Paul Mampilly has shown a better way through his newsletters “Profits Unlimited” and “True Momentum.” Mampilly shared his ideas with Ideamensch on how he invests and helps and others with it.

Mampilly says the top trends to look for in investing are the “internet of things” and products that millennials like. Mampilly also said that sometimes you have to look at where you could be wrong instead of only looking at your own narrow viewpoint because you can learn from others. He said the most important thing about investing and business is always to put the customer ahead of money made.

Mampilly began investing after he achieved his bachelor’s degree from Fordham University. It wasn’t easy getting there and Mampilly at one time worked long hours at a gas station in order to stay in school. But he got his opportunity at Deutsche Bank when he became a research assistant. He started managing portfolios for more important clients at ING and Bankers Trust in the future and even moved into senior roles at the Royal Bank of Scotland and a private Swiss bank. In 2006 Mampilly joined the hedge fund markets when he became a manager at Kinetics International Fund and in less than a year he had grown the assets under management at the fund by $19 billion. Barron’s magazine named Kinetics International as the fastest-growing firm of its day.

Follow Paul Mampilly on LinkedIn

Mampilly showed his savvyness best in 2008 when he made a big investment as part of the Templeton Foundation’s competition. That investment netted a 76% profit in the midst of the economic recession of late 2008 and early 2009. Paul Mampilly had made a lot of money that in just a few years he retired from Wall Street and decided to make investing about helping others. As part of his newsletters he’s made his portfolio available for subscribers to see and has shown them how to turn small stocks into big gains. “Profits Unlimited” has had many subscribers expressing their excitement about investments that have worked, and in less than a year it had 60,000 subscribers.

Read: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/paul-mampilly