Eric Pulier: Tech Visionary

Eric Pulier is a legend throughout the industry. Pulier has founded numerous companies and holds many patents.


A few years after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in 1988, Eric Pulier founded the company Digital Evolution. Digital Evolution provided web service and security solutions. After this successful venture, Eric went on to found several other companies including US Interactive, Akana, Media Platform, and more recently vAtomic Systems. Eric is well known for his ability to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for his vast portfolio of companies.


An entrepreneurial prodigy may be a goal for some in Pulier’s shoes, however, it was not enough for him. Eric saw the need to use his financial success for the greater good and dedicated himself to philanthropy. He worked with the Multiple Sclerosis Society to create an education platform for individuals with multiple sclerosis about their condition. In 1995 he teamed up with Stephen Spielberg, Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., and Peter Samuelson to create Starbright World. Starbright World was a platform that allowed children with chronic illnesses to network with each other in an online community.


The XPrize Foundation holds competitions where people come up with solutions to solve the world’s biggest problems. Bill Pulier serves on the board of the XPrize Foundation where he is able to merge his passion for helping people with his technological brilliance.


Former President Bill Clinton became aware of all Eric Pulier’s work and Eric was chosen to run the Bridge to the 21st Century commemoration for the 2nd inauguration of President Clinton.


In 2005, Pulier co-authored “Understanding Enterprise SOA”, which discusses the interdependence between business and technology.


Eric Pulier resides in Los Angeles, California where he embarks on his most challenging and rewarding project: raising his four kids.




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