Eric Pulier: Tech Visionary

Eric Pulier is a legend throughout the industry. Pulier has founded numerous companies and holds many patents.


A few years after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in 1988, Eric Pulier founded the company Digital Evolution. Digital Evolution provided web service and security solutions. After this successful venture, Eric went on to found several other companies including US Interactive, Akana, Media Platform, and more recently vAtomic Systems. Eric is well known for his ability to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for his vast portfolio of companies.


An entrepreneurial prodigy may be a goal for some in Pulier’s shoes, however, it was not enough for him. Eric saw the need to use his financial success for the greater good and dedicated himself to philanthropy. He worked with the Multiple Sclerosis Society to create an education platform for individuals with multiple sclerosis about their condition. In 1995 he teamed up with Stephen Spielberg, Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., and Peter Samuelson to create Starbright World. Starbright World was a platform that allowed children with chronic illnesses to network with each other in an online community.


The XPrize Foundation holds competitions where people come up with solutions to solve the world’s biggest problems. Bill Pulier serves on the board of the XPrize Foundation where he is able to merge his passion for helping people with his technological brilliance.


Former President Bill Clinton became aware of all Eric Pulier’s work and Eric was chosen to run the Bridge to the 21st Century commemoration for the 2nd inauguration of President Clinton.


In 2005, Pulier co-authored “Understanding Enterprise SOA”, which discusses the interdependence between business and technology.


Eric Pulier resides in Los Angeles, California where he embarks on his most challenging and rewarding project: raising his four kids.




Securus Technologies video visitation saves families money while preventing crime

One of the most exciting developments in the U.S. prison system over the last 10 years has been the development of video visitation system. These systems allow inmates to stay in nearly constant, face to face contact with family members, at prices that are often times less than what they would have previously paid for collect calls.


But that isn’t the only benefit of video visitation. One of the chief ways in which the new system helps inmates and their family members is by eliminating the costs associated with in-person visitation. In times past, family members would often have to drive hundreds of miles to the prison in order to attend an in-person visitation with their loved ones. This often entailed gigantic cost, including fuel lodging and food. These trips could oftentimes run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars, presenting an unmanageable cost to families who are oftentimes themselves living below the poverty line.


But simply saving families money is not the only benefit of video visitation. The system has also generated a proven track record of reducing crime within prisons and also reducing recidivism in inmates who have access to it. The mechanisms for this reduction and adverse outcomes are largely due to the positive psychological benefits that inmates enjoy who are able to stay in consistent contact with their loved ones.


The ability of inmates to maintain socialization with law-abiding citizens has long been recognized as a crucial element in the rehabilitative process. Inmates who are not able to maintain meaningful relationships with those on the outside of prison oftentimes fall into a state of isolation, where their only interactions are with fellow criminals. This creates a natural habituation to criminal standards and norms. This is a major contributing factor to what penologists often refer to as institutionalization, the process by which an inmate becomes unable to function outside of the setting of a penal facility.

Alexandre Gama: Choosing A Reliable Advertising Professional

Alexandre Gama specializes in business promotions, marketing and advertising through the use of offline and online platforms and strategies. For many years, Alexandre Gama has catered to businesses of all types and sizes. Based in Brazil, Alexandre Gama has access to a group of marketing and creative media specialists and he can create compelling advertising message to attract the right audience. His clients come from many different industries and they use his expert services to increase sales and profits. Alexandre Gama is also well versed in creating comprehensive media plans and can even set up and manage your ad campaigns for you.

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NuoDB Will Save You Time And Money

NuoDB is not your ordinary relational database management system. One of the best features of NuoDB is it’s scalability when you want it. NuoDB in fact not like any database you have seen. Unlike NoSQL, NewSQL, and Cloud databases you do not have to compromise any of your wants. NuoDB addresses everything these are missing. You get on-demand scalability, SQL database management from within the layer database, the performance to outlast any NewSQL, and Superior flexibility that is needed from a cloud.

NuoDB can save you money in so many ways. It allows you to lower your total cost by reducing the costs for license fees, and hardware. It will also save you time because you can reuse existing application code. Customers will see the difference with fewer outages with the better performance of the application. You will be able to adapt quickly to new customer requirements which will increase income.

Delighting Your Dog With Beneful Prepared Meals

When you’re looking for a bulk supply of Beneful prepared meals, the best place to start is online. You can compare prices on Amazon and the Beneful website so that you get the best deal possible on delicious and healthy meals for your pet. Another option would be to place a large order at a pet store or at a retail store that sells the meals.

An advantage of getting the Beneful prepared meals is that they are very affordable for every budget. You can normally find the small meals for less than $2 each and at a lower price if you have a coupon. There are several flavors available with real pieces or meat and vegetables. When you open the container, you can see the pieces of vegetables instead of guessing as to what’s included in the meal for your pet.

Beneful meals are prepared with gravy that makes it easier for dogs to enjoy the food instead of eating a meal that is dry food. You can get special meals for holidays, such as turkey and sweet potatoes. The lid on top of the container makes it easy to save the food that the pet doesn’t eat, allowing the pet to enjoy it at a later time as long as the container is kept in the refrigerator. As soon as you open the container, the dog will be able to smell the aroma from the fresh ingredients. It’s a meal that is ideal for one dog or two to share.

The Importance of Human Activism in Political Liberation and Freedom

Political freedom has been realized by the existence of different types of human activism around the world. Many people have been made aware of their rights to life and privileges found in their respective constitutions. Freedom comes with a price and many people who fought for freedom and liberation ended up being killed. This was the beginning of human activism that took a positive turn towards ensuring every person around the world is treated equally. This has seen rise to many activists across the world that have fought for liberation among countries.

Thor Halvorssen is a leading and renowned human activist that has been participating in the liberation of oppressed people in the society. He is the founder of Human Rights Foundation that was established in 2005 with its headquarters in New York City. Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela from a powerful family of a government minister and a vocal mother. He started her activism process while in Harvard University where he contributed as an editor of the university publication. Through this process, he garnered a lot of experience and courage that saw her move to become a well-known and famous human rights advocate.

His depute in the world of activism was evident when his father was detained without trial by the Venezuelan company when he was serving as a powerful cabinet secretary. This sparked street protests that were led by Thor Halvorssen where they demanded the release of his father who was innocent of the charges against him. The protest went on until the international communities gave their voices concerning the issue ion Venezuela. After the intervention of Amnesty International, Thor Halvorssen’s father was released and given a position on the Pan-American committee. Thor Halvorssenhas also invested a lot in the film industry. He has produced many films that have hit the global limelight.

The Historic Career Of JeanMarie Guenot

There are few women that are changing the world of medicine and science the way JeanMarie Guenot has in the past several years. JeanMarie Guenot has over 20 years of biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience. She has worked at private companies and public, in all stages of their business. JeanMarie Guenot has worked mostly in pharmaceutical research and development, business development, commercial and corporate development, venture capital and project and alliance management. Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot has extensive experience in building and rebuilding companies. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc is a company that develops bifunctional antibody therapies for various types of cancer. Prior to being the Chief Executive Officer and President of Amphivena Therapeutics, Ms. Guenot was the founder of SKS Ocular. She built SKS Ocular from the ground up. SKS Ocular started as an ophthalmic company incubator. The company specialized in sustained release ocular drug delivery technology, therapy for glaucoma, and additional therapies for ocular inflammation and macular degeneration.

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At Hoffmann-La Roche, Dr. Guenot was an advisor for their Shanghai and Basel offices. She was the Vice President of a company called PDL Bio Pharma, where she was in charge of corporate and business development on At PDL Bio Pharma, she was also in charge of the licensing, alliance management, mergers and acquisitions, and product portfolios. Dr. Guenot is trained in medical and physical chemistry and she focuses on semi-empirical and quantum mechanical methods.

Dr. Guenot’s career in business began at Atlas Venture. At Atlas Venture, she was responsible for venture capital investments and life science companies at As a scientist, she started her career at Hoffmann-La Roche in Preclinical Research and Development. She was the principal scientist at the company. Dr. Guenot received her Ph.D. from the University of California – San Francisco. She also received her Master’s from The Wharton School.

Fervent Freedom Fighter’s Fabulous Foundation Turns Tables on Tyrants

When one attempts to define an individual, one often recites history. Scenes and settings are employed as descriptive mechanisms, anecdotes are given to offer personal glimpses. A miniature biography is formed. However, this is no true definition. Determining the dimensions which separate great men from the common ineptitudes of humanity is a tall task. In the case of Thor Halvorssen, this dilemma of definition is exceedingly difficult.

For our human rights hero is not merely a man, rather, he is freedom’s chiseled embodiment. Thor Halvorssen is a maverick, a movement which is ceaseless, furious, and fast. In Buddhist fashion, the freedom fighter found his passion after a crash-course with life’s harsh realities. A turn of events in Venezuela left Halvorssen’s father imprisoned and tortured, this was Thor’s awakening moment. As he watched in helpless horror, Halvorssen empathized with the powerless. As he realized the abyss created by corruption, he felt the pain of millions before him. Thor employed his paradoxically energetic calm, and eventually, he could secure his father’s release.

Since his suddenly formative college-years,Thor Halvorssen has morphed into a symbol. Halvorssen has been around the globe, often under the duress of oppressive authorities. While many human-rights icons like Michelle Obama dictate from the safety of home, Halvorssen jumps directly into the fold. Fearless, he even smuggled a flash drive out of Vietnam hidden in his rectum. He is a true man of action, an agent of change. Witnessing the individualist speak is out of this world, driven by about 35 supplements, he flexes his mental muscle, politely pointing out logical loop-holes in a Fox News segment.Thor thoroughly tackles true tyranny. Besides his direct activism, Thor is president of the Human Rights Foundation. Employing his talents, Halvorssen hammers away at shameful practices of oppression. The organization networks like-minded activists in an epic mobilization attempt. The foundation has funded a few notable ventures. One of which involved Halvorssen and Park Sang-hak sending balloons full of Desperate Housewives and The Interview. Although this event was publicized due to the DPRK’s massive hacking response, the human rights stalwart stands strong.