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The Investor Who Wears Many Hats

Timothy D. Armour (Tim) is certainly a force to reckon with in the American business world. This is a man who wears many hats.

Timothy D.Armour educational background

The investment giant attended Middlebury College where he attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

Timothy D. Armour’s career

The investor is the Director and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company. He is also the company’s Chairman and Chairman of Management Committee and Manager of Equity Portfolio at The Capital Group Companies.

Timothy Armour has been working at The Capital Group Companies since 1983. The investor has also worked as an Analyst at Equity Investment for the same company. His career at Capital was launched when he took part in The Associates Program.

He was named Chairman of The Capital Group in 2015 when James Rothenberg who was the previous chairman passed away. The assets manager predicted a shift in the market when President Trump was voted in as the president of the U.S in the 2016 elections.

The investor also stated that there would be more shifts ahead especially with unpredictable policies which are most likely to be implemented by the new government. However, he revealed that the change in the market is not happening in America alone.

The Investment chairman is also affiliated with The New Economy Fund, SMALLCAP World Fund, Inc-SMALLCAP World Fund, Capital World Growth and Income Fund, AMCAP Fund, Capital Research, and Management Company, Capital International Funds-Global Discovery Fund, American Funds Target Date-Retirement Series-American Funds 2010 Target Date Retirement Fund and Scotia Global Opportunities Fund.

More and More Acquisitions and Mergers by Goettl Air Condition

In order to remain competitive at the highest level in any industry, a company must consistently expand regarding both infrastructure and human resource. In a move to expand its services and client base, Goettl Air Conditioning Company has been acquiring or merging with smaller competitor companies in Las Vegas, the latest merger being with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air. As part of the acquisition deal, Goettl inherited commercial clients from Paradise Air and residential clientele from Las Vegas Air and more than 20 staff members. With that strategic move, the company has confirmed its place as the leader in the region’s air conditioning industry.

Mutual Benefits

For the longest time, The Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air did not have the necessary equipment and skills to offer plumbing services. The two companies, therefore, have been offering HVAC services only. Thanks to the merger, these companies will get the equipment and skills from Goettl to start handling plumbing jobs. Goettl, on the other hand, will greatly benefit from the two companies. For the first time in its history, it will service commercial clients, such as strip malls and multi-family properties.

Las Vegas Office Reopening

Besides merging and acquiring new companies, Goettl put its commitment to taking over the Las Vegas market beyond any reasonable doubt by reopening its office in the region in mid last year. This office had been closed for eight years. The office will be serving the larger Las Vegas area, offering services, such as HVAC management, installation, and air conditioner repair.

About Goettl

For the last 78 years, Goettl Air Conditioning has been focusing on helping its clients live in good environmental conditions by offering them quality air solutions.

Goettl’s main areas of specialization are HVAC services and plumbing, but since acquiring its affiliate company, The Sunny Plumber, Goettl now offers drain services