Anthony Pratello: Being The CEO The Company Needs

It’s a sheer fact that the number of CEO’s in America exceeded the number of selfies a millennial can take in a day, but only a few stand out among the heaps of company leaders out there. The few that stand out always show exemplary skill in the field along with expertise and ability to lead their teams efficiently. One such CEO is Anthony Petrello of Nabors Industries.

Nabors, founded in 1968 is one of the largest oil, natural gas, and geothermal drilling operations in America. Currently, with its headquarters in Houston, Texas, Narbos is a provider of on and offshore services for oil and petroleum gaining operations. Currently, their operations take place in areas within the Middle East and Africa. The company boasts of the largest collection of oil rig fleets and vessels in the United States and currently has over five hundred oil rigs all over the world.

The company’s CEO, Tony, as the employees and other executives refer to him as is one of the driving successes of the company currently. The tasks of carrying out the roles of CEO, president, and chairman are all performed by solely one man.

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Pratello hasn’t spent his entire career in the oil business. He landed on the board of directors of this oil giant right from Baker and McKenzie, a firm that deals with giving individuals and large industries legal solutions. Due to his expertise on corporate structures, Tony was able to draft up a model for Narbos, helping the company expand to international borders.

Tony has been climbing the ranks of Narbos pretty quickly. Right from the time he started on their board of directors, his valuable information and insight on various corporate matters led the company in the direction it has taken on today.

Pratello assisted the former CEO, Eugene Iseberg in various company matters which made him the perfect candidate for succeeding Eugene. Tony was appointed as the CEO of Narbos in 2011 and subsequently went on to add more and more titles within the company to his name.

Since naming Tony Petrello, Nabors has seen an exponential increase in its share rate – amounting to an increase of almost 180%. Tony attained a degree in law from the prestigious Harvard Law School and a B.S and M.S in Mathematics from Yale.

When not managing the workings of his company, Pratello focuses his energy on his various philanthropic endeavors. Currently, he is a trustee for the Texas Children’s Hospital and regularly supports endeavors that are geared towards research of neurological ailments.

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