Healthy Pudding From Durian by Markus Rothkranz

Markus tackles the bizarre fruit durian, it grows naturally in countries like Thailand and Singapore but can be found in the United States at any sort of specialty Asian market place. Durians are high in the chemical Tryptophan, the chemical that makes everyone sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner, so it’s a great natural and healthy way to cure insomnia or any other sleep issues.

Durian is also high in sulfur which is what causes it to smell like old dirty socks, however, sulfur does wonders for the skin and can help you look younger than your actual age. Just take a look at Cara and Markus. Cutting into a durian may seem challenging but Markus shows us how fairly easy it is. You look for what resembles a sort of bubble because on the inside of the durian there are different pockets that hold the fruit. Once cut open, especially if it’s a ripe durian, you can just pull the fruit apart and scoop out all the goodies.

Markus scoops out the fruit which has a pudding like consistency and shows us that on the inside there is a seed and you can either throw it away or use it later. In a close up of the durian Markus us shows us that there is essentially a seam and reiterates that if the durian is already ripe then you can just use your hands to pull apart the durian to get at the fruit inside. We’re again shown that the each of the pockets has a seed inside and Markus says that he usually just leaves the seeds in because they’re rich in minerals and with the Vitamix they’ll liquefy and break down.

Next Markus tells us that we can just liquefy the durian as is but he likes to add coconut water from a coconut that he’s already cut open, a little bit of sea salt, about a tablespoon of vanilla extract, a bit of lemon juice and you’re ready to blend away. Once mixed Markus places the mixture in a bowl, garnishes with some fresh fruit and cinnamon and you officially have healthy raw vegan pudding.

Malini Saba’s Success in the Business World

Malini Saba is one of the women who have become very successful in the modern times. She is an investor and a great philanthropist who has done a lot to change the society. Malini Saba is also a very influential business woman who is doing her best to prove that women can be successful in the business world.


Malini was born in Australia, but she relocated to the US when she was just nineteen years. When she was moving to the new country to look for greener pastures, Malini Saba did not have any savings. Saba rented a small apartment near the railway station. The house was very close to the university she was attending. Her husband was a student at the same school, and this gave her an opportunity to get her education for free.


Life in the United States was very challenging for the young couple who did not have any savings to start a good business. Both of them were in school, and they did not have time to work. They had to stay in the small apart that would shake when the trained was passing for more than five years. These challenges prepared her for the business world, and this is one of the reasons she is so successful at the moment.

Today, Saba is one a role model to many women in the globe. Her private and career life is imitated by many people from the world. She has invented in several areas, and most of them have turned out to be successful. Most of her investments are in the real estate and technology industries.


The business world is very challenging. It was not easy for Saba to do well. She had to face corrupt individuals on her journey to success, but this motivated her to work harder. These evil personalities did their best to force the young entrepreneur from the industry, but she fought back with a lot of dedication. She lost a lot of money, time and even business in the process.


She partnered with some associates in several ventures. Some of the ventures she started become fruitful, earning her good revenue. Some of these businesses failed, but they motivated her to do well in other areas.


Today, Malini Saba is not struggling like before to make ends meet. She is very wealthy, and she uses some of her money to help women from poor families to become successful. Her charitable organization also helps young people in the society.

UK Vintners’ Hall exquisite Meeting with London’s Lively Companies

UK Vintners’ Society with its establishment in 1363, is one of the twelve great Livery Companies of the City of London. The company consists of over 500 Freemen and Liverymen members. Its main origin is the import, regulation, and sale of wine. Vintner’s Hall has six event spaces including the Livery Hall which can accommodate 250 individuals, Gassiot Room which can accommodate 24 individuals, and the 1911 Boardroom.

UK Vintners’ Company continues to fulfill the mission of the Livery Companies through maintaining trade, social, charitable and educational interests. Through the Vintners’ Foundation, the initial mission of the Livery Companies is accomplished. The company maintains strong links with the UK Wine Trade and offers support to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association.

On September 26, 2016, Vintners’ Hall , home of The Worshipful Company of Vintners’ welcomed more than 120 members of The City of London’s Livery Companies. The event was prepared with the intent of showcasing the venue’s grandeur, service, and its creative catering skills.

Learn More About UK Vintners PLC here.

The guests were wardens and clerks of London’s Livery Companies. The Vintner’s Hall had specially prepared caterers and Searcys to serve its visitors with different types of high-end food. The clerks and wardens were fascinated with unique cuisines such as smoked eel croquettes, prosciutto ham and Tietar cheese, rosemary and goats curd, white chocolate and truffle buttons, a salad of broad bean among much more. With the company’s greatest concern in wine from the United Kingdom, the visitors were welcomed with the drink before choosing the meal of their liking.

The meeting’s aim was to focus on flexibility and quality. Vintner’s and Searcys primary objective is to provide their guest with the most memorable meeting and this year’s meeting was no exception. With their wide range of cuisines and wine, they deliver the perfect balance of flexibility, creativity and balance.

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Through the event, vintners in the UK receive many inquiries and positive feedback. The event turned out to be the best event that they have ever held since its inception. The Searcys were very overwhelmed by the event and are looking forward to welcoming other events in future. The UK Vintners’ Hall is the best place to hold an event as it offers a sense of grandeur and quality service to any meeting.

Markus Rothkranz: Using Wild Foods For Your Breakfast

Markus Rothkranz is a lifestyle guru and motivational speaker who promotes the benefits of an all natural, vegan raw foods diet. In this video,Markus Rothkranz shows you how you can create a healthy pick me up breakfast using ingredients found in your backyard.

In the video, Markus Rothkranz says he begins his day by creating a breakfast with some very uncommon ingredients for a typical breakfast meal. He goes outside to his backyard and munches on some dandelion flowers. According to Markus, they are highly nutritious. You can add the yellow dandelion flowers to salads for color, flavor and nutrition.

Markus continues in the video by gathering up some of the dandelion leaves, also known as dandelion greens. These are packed with nutrients and energy. In addition to the dandelion greens, he gathers up some other wild greens and weeds growing in his backyard. The benefit to this is that these green vegetables are fresh from the ground and they won’t cost you a penny. They are literally growing in front of your house. You may have never realized it, but they are edible and chock full of nutrients.

After gathering some wild weeds for breakfast, Markus emphasizes that you need to wash the weeds or greens as some people prefer to call them with water. Make sure you rinse the greens thoroughly. You want to get rid of any dirt, debris or pesticide residue. Don’t use weeds if you know pesticides are sprayed on them.

After rinsing the weeds, Markus puts the weeds into his Vitamix blender. He says that blending the greens helps break down the cells. This gives your body better access to all the nutrients and vitamins contained in them with little digestion required. He then chops pineapple and throws in a few pitted dates to the blender. This gives you sugar and more vitamins.

The result is an incredibly nutrient dense and energy packed cocktail that uses ingredients found right in your lawn or backyard. Here are some words of caution to consider before using wild greens. Make sure you can identify the weeds. Don’t use any plants you are unfamiliar with. They could be poisonous or have ill side effects. Don’t use plants from sprayed areas either.

Green Park Brands Founder Livio Bisterzo Foresees HIPPEAS Becoming the Next Globally Cherished Snack Brand

A new brand of organic chickpea puffs HIPPEAS has officially launched in the U.S. On a mission to transform the snacking world, this delicious gourmet puff is inviting all snackers to “GivePeasAchance” and give back to the world.

HIPPEAS are vegan, kosher, low-calorie, certified organic, and non-GMO. This millennial owned product with a colorful and smart marketing has 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per single-serve, 1-ounce bag. With these qualities, HIPPEAs comes out on top in nutritional value.

HIPPEAS are available in six flavors, which include Far Out Fajita (cumin puffs, paprika, and a fiery stash of chili), Pepper Power (features a sprinkle of salt and pepper), and Happenin’ Hickory (features garlic with a stack of smokin’ hickory, onion, and sweet tomato). Other flavors of this nutritious product are Maple Haze (syprus sweet puffs with a savory edge, Sriracha Sunshine (paprika puffs and tangy-sweet spicy halapeno), and Vegan White Cheddar.

Livio Bisterzo, the CEO of Green Park Brands, declares that HIPPEAS has everything it takes to become the next globally cherished snack brand. According to this entrepreneur, this new brand embodies every major snacking global trend. Besides, since this product it takes inspiration from and leans towards global flavors and foods, it satisfies the taste of the young American consumer. Given these qualities, it is just a matter of time before HIPPEAS rises to the top.

HIPPEAS is true to its mantra of “Peas, Love $ Giving Back.” HIPPEAS is working with Farm Africa, a charity organization, to empower chickpea farmers in eastern Africa to discover their own way out of poverty. This brand is also environmentally friendly. When chickpea grows, it naturally releases nitrogen into the earth.

About Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo, since attending London’s University of the Arts, has built businesses that range from hospitality to consumer products. This Italian entrepreneur combined his many years of experience with his passion for living a healthy lifestyle and founded Green Park Brands in 2015 with the goal of manufacturing consumer goods that offer healthy options to users that can create positive social impact as well.

After taking his time developing and testing different products, Livio Bisterzo together with his team finally discovered a final product that has all the required qualities. HIPPEAS offers consumers healthy options and has partnered with Farm Africa to support chickpea farmers in developing nations to help them find their way out of abject poverty.

Ladies Love Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz is making heads turn literally because women are looking so great when they use it. You, too, can use Wen By Chaz to see how you will feel confident to go out and about for any reason, and know that your hair is looking great.

Wen By Chaz Is Fantastic

Wen By Chaz is made for easy use. You won’t have to spend hours on your hair. It is one simple step because it is a shampoo and conditioner all in one. Make sure that you add Wen By Chaz to your list so that you can see the difference in your hair as soon as possible.

Is Wen By Chaz For You?

Yes, Wen By Chaz will give you beautiful hair for a fraction of the price of other products on the market. Make sure that you try Wen By Chaz to see for yourself, and you will love it. In no time at all, you will have the hair that you always dreamed of. This product works for all hair types, as is made for you.

Wen By Chaz will make an amazing difference in your hair. In no time, you will be going out with the confidence that you desire to have. Wen By Chaz is a product designed with women like you in mind. You are sure to look great when you use Wen By Chaz. Need Wen? Order on Amazon or Guthy-Renker today.

Equities First Sees Growth In Stock Collateral

The recent turmoil of financial markets has changed the way lenders operate. While lenders previously used real estate as collateral in the past, this is becoming less common as events like the European debt crisis and subprime mortgage crisis take their toll. To counter this many lending firms are turning to the stock market to back their loans. Previously regarded as a novelty, stock collateral is seeing growth as a means of securing debt when other options simply aren’t available. As a global lender with years of experience, Equities First sees this as a growing trend and wants to keep its lead among lenders by pushing it forward as much as possible.


Equity First provides loans backed by stock for clients with both personal and professional needs. Founded in 2002, the company has managed 650 transactions worth $1.4 billion dollars throughout 9 countries. Its winning strategy has allowed the firm to lend at fixed low interest rates at a time when many other lending firms simply cannot claim this.


The advantage that stock based loans have over margin loans is the fact that one does need to qualify for the loan before receiving it. As long as clients have stock they can receive a loan without any problems. This enables those who do not necessarily have the qualifications needed for other loans to receive financial help. The interest rates of these loans tend to hover around 4% and the loan to value ratio is generally between 10% and 50%. This makes these loans perfect for someone who doesn’t have the best credit.


Equity First is a true trail blazer in the world of finance. In today’s unstable financial market investors don’t have as many options as they may have had in the past. It is often difficult for those looking for loans to get the help they need. Stock collateral opens up an entirely new world of opportunities for so many people and Equity First is directly responsible for that. As more lending firms see the success of Equity First, this trend is sure to kick into high gear.


For further information please visit

The Administration, Logistic, and Technical Solutions that IAP Worldwide Provides to its Clients

IAP Worldwide is a highly reputable company that has specialized in the provision of services such as premises administration, state-of-the-art technical services, and logistics solutions across the world. The firm is a multinational corporation that covers approximately 25 countries, and its staff comprises of about 2000 professionals. The solutions that are offered by IAP Worldwide are critical in the dealing with complicated issues that affect its clients who are in the private and public sector. They are primarily meant to solve unexpected problems such as natural calamities. IAP Worldwide as the firm that is highly experienced in serving its customers and the experts that work for it have adequate knowledge in planning, managing, and conducting logistic and technical missions. The company possesses and controls large military programs, public amenities, and portable study facilities on It helps its clients by distributing human resources, technology, and systems that are used in management by the customers who are based in various parts of the globe.

IAP Worldwide utilizes its expertise, highly advanced technology, and ingenuity to ensure that its aim of assisting customers in dealing with complicated issues is achieved. It dedicates itself to achieving the mission of the clients by considering it as the company’s own. The business’ operations are guided by four core competencies, and they are capability, agility, focus, and dedication. IAP Worldwide also has values that facilitate its success, and they are humanity and integrity, the offering of motivating advice, and the formation of affiliations that assist the firm, its clients, and other stakeholders to be successful.

IAP has always been seeking for any suitable chance of making collaborations with distributors, and other companies that are dedicated to assisting clients in dealing with complex issues. According to the company, partnerships are essential in making profits and the firm appreciates the expertise that the associates offer to the clients. IAP Worldwide also understands that the community is a significant participant in its development, and therefore, they have a social responsibility program that is designed to support its development.

Experts who are employed by the company are highly knowledgeable and skilled since they can deal with problems that are affecting various people. They combine their efforts to offer exceptional expertise, knowledge, and experience, and therefore, they form a workforce that is commendable. The company also provides various employment opportunities for professionals in diverse sectors. These areas include engineering, logistics, accounting and finance, management of programs, and general administration.

Raw Vegan Sushi With Markus Rothkranz


This dish, called Nigiri sushi, is amazing. You’d swear it’s fish, even though it’s raw and vegan. It’s slippery like fish and tastes like it, too. But no living creatures are used, and neither is rice.

We’ll start with a nice, gorgeous piece of aloe vera from the garden. You’ll also need some squeezed beet juice. Butterfly the aloe vera, this means slice it into thin strips. Chop off the rough outer layer on each side, then peel the skin. Next, slice up the aloe vera. It’ll feel really slimy, just like fish. Rinse the aloe vera pieces under water for a few minutes. This will remove the gel, along with the bitter flavor. This is a crucial step, as it’s essential to get rid of the bitter aloe vera flavor.

Next, slide the aloe vera pieces into the beet juice. leave it there to marinate, this will color it red.

Next, get started on the rice which consists of parsnips. parsnips have a very mild flavor. Slice the parsnips into small pieces. Put the parsnip pieces into the blender and pulse until the pieces are tiny and resemble rice.

After the parsnips have been blended into rice, pour them into a bowl. You should have about a cup of parsnip pieces. Next, drop in a tablespoon of cashew butter. Work the mixture together with a spoon or fork. You need it well combined so that the rice holds together.

Next, take the nori sheets out of their package. Nori sheets are basically toasted seaweed, which is packed with nutrients. Cut up the seaweed into long, thin strips.

Take a tablespoon of rice, mold it together and place it along a nori strip, about an inch from the strip’s base. Next, take the fish-looking aloe vera and pat it dry. Place it on top of the parsnip rice. Fold the nori over, gently yet firmly. Use water and rub a little on the tip of the nori, then close it. it will resemble a work of art. It will definitely fool your friends. They won’t believe that no fish were harmed in the making of your sushi.

Smart Lighting for a More Energy Efficient Home

Gooee Smart Lighting is one of the best energy efficiency technologies to hit the market with millions of people using it in their very own homes and businesses. In fact, a lot of people have been switching to Smart lighting because it allows them to save on energy costs and is exactly what they need when they are dealing with high electric bills every single month. Smart lighting from Gooee ( is exactly what you need because of the fact that it gives you more control over the lights in your home than you have ever had in the past. You will be able to turn the lights in your home on and off even if you are not there by having control over them by your smartphone.

Another wonderful thing that comes when using smart lighting is the fact that the light will actually sense if it needs to be turned off. If the light senses that a room has a lot of natural light in it already, it will actually turn itself off so that you are not wasting money on a light that simply does not need to be used at the current moment. In order for you to switch to Smart lighting, it is simple and quick because you just need to find fixtures that can go into routine lights that you have every single day. This is a quick and easy process that can completely transform the Energy Efficiency of your home without having to actually get an electrician in to do all the work for you.