Multi-level Marketing Sensation Bernardo Chua Still Ahead Of The Game

Independent distributor and multi-level marketing sensation Bernardo Chua is a self-made success, but the real story is Chua’s healthy beverage and how he built his empire. Just eight years ago, Organo Gold began as a start-up company in Vancouver, British Columbia. Hard work, opportunism and skilled market analysis bucket all the market trends, and today Organo Gold has flourished into a multi-million dollar giant. With an eye and vision for healthy living, Bernardo Chua calculated just how he could blend the most celebrated drink in the world [coffee] with an infusion of nutraceuticals.

Opportunity knocked and Bernardo Chua opened the door which has led him to expand Organo Gold to a full line of beverages including robust coffees, teas, and hot chocolate. “I recognized that there was an opportunity to create and deliver a healthier drink that everyone already loved,” and “It’s gratifying to see my vision come to fruition,” says Chua on his Twitter account.

Under the leadership of Chua, the company embarked on pioneering research that helped create the model for using Ganoderma, also known as or reishi mushroom spores that contain anti-oxidative potency. Early recognition of these mushrooms were founded centuries ago in Asia and used as part of Chinese medicine. Chua’s innovation has made Organo Gold one the world’s hottest brands but also created an entirely new market for a healthy coffee beverage.

An aggressive visionary, Chua is also a committed philanthropist, providing financial support to OG Cares Foundation. He has generated a motivating spirit that enriches the lives of individuals and encourages leadership. Recognized as one of the most successful businessmen in the multi-marketing direct selling industry, Chua has been honored with several awards including Outstanding Global Entrepreneur, two People’s Choice Awards, and a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient.

Born in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua is a long time advocate of Chinese medicines, often singing the praises on Facebook. He developed a strong stellar reputation for his emphasis and respect for herbal medicines. Utilizing a global drink [coffee] helped him break into international markets thus making customer interest much easier. The holy grail of Organo Gold has been to develop products that present a real practical way towards healthy living and balance the body with beverages everyone loves.

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  1. I am still in the dark as to why more of the chinese are involved in the business of direct marketing on average. Maybe superiorpapers has the secret as nothing can really be in the dark these days. The interest in this has to be reviewed if that perception is truly the fact or not.

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