Don Sorensen’s Guide to Small Business Online Reputation Management

Recently featured on Forbes was an in-depth look at what entrepreneurs can do on their own to manage their online reputations. Information compiled came from Don Sorensen, the owner of Big Blue Robots, who has over thirteen years of experience in the field of online reputation management. He directed his comments towards small businesses and what they can do without professional help.
Sorensen first states that a business must be proactive in their online reputation. The majority of those who are suffering of serious Online reputation issues are not aware until after the fact. Following this, Sorensen suggests setting up social media accounts in the business’ name and getting an online Reputation Defender will be huge help. Whether or not the business wants to take advantage of connecting with their customers through social media, it is safer for a business to own their name to stop any unwanted activity that customers would assume came from the company. In addition, he also urges businesses to purchase domains similar to their business. Doing so can allow for these company owned websites to appear in the top of the charts, rather than websites that are loose cannons.
A fourth important step is making sure all content produced is search engine optimized. If a business wants to secure the top search results for their company with their content, then it is important to provide content that search engines and customers find important and related to the topic. While doing this, Sorensen states that a fifth step is staying updated on social media and websites. Doing so will result in keeping a business’ sites at the top of search results. To keep these updates flowing, Sorensen suggests signing up for IFTTT, which will keep a company’s social media accounts updated based on events that happen, such as a YouTube video being posted.
Sorensen’s last three pieces of advice cover reviews, which he urges companies to control. Companies should strive to have all positive press coverage released and work at managing negative reviews.
In all, Don Sorensen uses his nine tips on managing online reputation to guide small businesses to success.

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