The significance of Securus telephones for prisoners

Securus Technologies is large telecommunication company that is based in located in the city of Dallas, Texas. The company is known for providing incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management, and inmate telephones services. The phone services are what has made it known in this market as a top telecommunication provider. The company services about 3,450 correctional facilities with their systems.

Telephone service and video recording have been an extraordinary privilege that many prisoners in the States are allowed to enjoy. Having the prison phones, 24/7 keeps the prisoners updated about their families since they talk more frequently. Those with ongoing cases have a good chance to talk with their attorneys and know how the investigations are going on. The reason why Securus Technologies has enjoyed their network in many prisons is their ability to provide steady and reliable services.

Users can pay for their usage using debit cards and credit cards. Another thing that customers are privileged to enjoy is to call refunds when the call is interrupted. The refunds can go up to some minutes of uncharged calls. This is done using the revenue that is collected from the levies made on phone usage. The company has many customers and has enjoyed enormous revenue of about $404 million. The figures are expected to continue growing. View the company profile on

Many attorneys advise their clients to subscribe to the telephone services provided by this company. Privacy and security measures have been taken by recording and encrypting the calls made from the prison. The database is put away, and only a few persons are authorized to access the information. More improvements are underway to ensure no leaking of stealing of audio calls happens.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Don Ressler: Changing the Perspective of The Public

If you ask me, stereotypes need to go away and they need to go away as soon as possible. Today, it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your background is, you can do anything that you set your mind to if you have the right attitude, mentality, and work ethic. That is most definitely the case with Don Ressler, an entrepreneur that is a jack-of-all-trades and able to do a little bit of everything. He has made it a habit to be as well-versed and talented as possible when it comes to his life. He is not afraid to take chances, put himself out there, and try something that might be a little different.

When people heard Don Ressler was going to be co-CEO of JustFab Inc, & CEO of Fabletics, they did a double take. However, when you have the business knowledge and wisdom that Don Ressler has, anything is possible. He is also wise to surround himself with people that are like-minded and work just as hard as him. That way, they can bounce ideas off each other and see what sticks and what they like. Don Ressler’s partnership with Adam Goldenberg has been incredibly successful for JustFab. They bring out the best in each other.

The great thing about today’s Internet age is what you don’t know, chances are you can find it somewhere on the Internet. It is out there if you are willing to look for it, search for it, and find it. You might not start out as an expert in a particular field, but you hire people that can handle the stuff that might not be your forte. It is all about surrounding yourself with a quality team.  Ressler will be the first to say that he is not an expert in everything.

That’s the key to being a good Co-CEO, it means you aren’t afraid to ask for help, ask questions, and learn more. You have a curious mind and either you take the time to learn something or you surround yourself with experts. That is why all of his businesses are doing so well and having such success. Everyone works together, hand-in-hand, to make it run smoothly. This is not his first rodeo nor will it be his last. This is only the begging for him and that is what is exciting. He is young, hungry, and ready for whatever is next in his career.




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Amaze Your Friends With Slyce’s New Online Shopping App


Have you ever heard of a smart phone technology that makes life easier by helping you find your products online without going through the harsh detective motions of keyword searches? It used to take me hours to find exactly what I wanted to purchase online. I am not really a picky shopper. I know what I want to purchase online, and I will not settle for less, so I make sure I find the right thing every time before I purchase it online. It would be a waste of money to settle for less than what I want to purchase. Plus, the new technology makes me pretty popular when I show my friends.

My friends are always showing me their smart phones and their apps. I think this new technology will blow theirs out of the water. I can actually take a picture of anything I see and buy it! That means that every time I see my friends buy something that I want to have for myself, I can simply take a picture of it, and my phone does the rest of the work for me. This technology is really impressive, so I will be sure to show them the next time we are together, and I might even end up buying some of their clothes online right in front of them!

Slyce Makes Online Shopping New Again

Before Slyce product recognition came along into the picture of online shopping, I was growing tired of the old ways. I would type in my keywords, and I would never be satisfied with the results. Slyce actually devoted time and energy into creating, designing and engineering a software for our smart phones that searches for any item that you can take a picture of when you see it. The technology uses artificial intelligence to generate a comprehensive search result that is more accurate than ever before.

In addition to the comprehensive search that Slyce’s AI conducts when users plug into Slyce, Slyce also employs a team of customer care representatives to double check what the computer system is generating when it creates the results. The team is actually available to chat with users at the click of a button, so users will have backup support when they are having trouble finding an item on the web or on Slyce’s system. Slyce works with major retailers, like the Home Depot and Tilly’s.

White Shark Media Facilitates AdWords Evaluation

White Shark Media Review is one of the leading digital marketing companies in the globe. Information on their website shows that in the past year, they have managed approximately $36 million in ads. In the same period, the company sent out more than 35,000 reports in addition to over 300,000 emails.

The company has simplified the process of requesting for a free AdWords evaluation. Through the company’s trained specialist, the clients are shown how to increase traffic to their websites courtesy of the power of AdWords. AdWord certified specialists perform all the evaluations through the platform. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

Through the screen, clients are able to see all what the specialist is doing and even ask questions on areas that they do not understand. The specialists have been doing a good job of ensuring that clients walk away more resourceful than they started. At the end of the evaluation process, clients have one of two options.

The clients can either take the knowledge that they have acquired and utilize the same to enhance traffic to their website or they can hire White Shark Media to administer their campaigns. Either way, the client will walk away a winner.

Besides AdWords management, White Shark Media offers their clients with search engine optimization services and search engine marketing services. By using these two services, clients are guaranteed of enhanced rankings in the search engines, thus driving more traffic to their websites.

How White Shark Media Handles Complaints

The company has received many compliments and complaints. However, White Shark Media has learned to use the complaints to improve its service offing. In the past, the company received complaints from small business owners saying that they were losing touch with their AdWords campaign.

White Shark Media realized that its reporting procedure was not enough to allow small business owners to review the reports. To this end, the company started to improve its communication channels besides supporting its clients. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

In order to enhance its communication channel, White Shark Media planned for monthly status calls through the Go To Meeting platform. In addition, the firm made it possible for clients to call their contact persons directly.

Moreover, the White Shark Media ensures that only the experienced supervisors provide feedback besides overseeing all the management plans of the campaigns.